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  1. Thanks again Bruce, Please find attached the file. Jon APPFM11.zip
  2. This is amazing!!! and it LOOKS much easier to get my head around. Thanks Bruce. One last thing then. I realise that I'm so dependent on you and others. Where should I start to try getting my head around FM? I've looked for a dummies guide to FM11 (none available as yet), but are there any other recommendations? Thanks again. Jon
  3. FM11!! I've just downloaded the trial version. So would upgrade if it made life easier! The 14 comes from the fact that Maths has 14 Assessment Focuses (Goals) so... The COURSE Maths has 8 levels - level 1 for 6 yr old kids through to level 8 for 14 yr olds. Each level has many goals - Maths has 14, science 5, ICT 3, English is split into writing 8, reading 7 and Speaking and listening 4 Each of these goals has a maximum of 4 objectives. These objectives are the same for every child. The teacher will assess these objectives by clicking onto Yes,No or WT(Working Towards) fo
  4. Sorry, I'm getting carried away here now that things are beginning to work without having the 1000 field issues! I'll try to describe in data terminology as clearly as possible. There are 4 courses (Maths, English, Science and ICT; and each course has 8 levels; and each level has a set of 4 objectives. When a student takes a course at a particular level, Yes/No/WT is recorded for each objective. If the print option is selected then the content of the NOTE field (Objective) can be printed. The NOTE fields are the same for all the students. All students need to be assessed on t
  5. I'm almost there!! Thanks so much for your help Bruce. I now have all the subjects that show all assessment focus (AF) I would like, please, to be able to have the assessment focus (AF) descriptions in the notes area, rather than being able to type a note, it needs to have the skills( I can turn on the computer, I can do relationships, etc) There are 4 of these per Assessment focus (AF) Again, any push in the right direction would help please. Thanks, Jon APP2.zip
  6. Yes, of course, I'm slipping into my bad ways!!! In the attached file level3 to level8, in AF1, AF2 and AF3 there are level descriptions. These 4 areas describe the skills necessary to achieve the Assessment Focus (AF), hence the Yes, No or WT (working towards) I think this was why I went down the multiple fields route the first time, oh, and the fact I had no idea how relationships work!!! Jon APP.zip
  7. Thanks Bruce, Those are all working now. My next problem is how can I put the 4 descriptions into the note sections of each subject. I looked at the portals but it seems to be pointing to the note area from GOAL_ICT1,2 or 3 Will I need to create new fields, GOAL_ICT1a,b,c,d and then have the level descriptors in the data field, like my first attempt? If so, when adding the other subjects, will I need to make additional tables - GOAL_SC1, GOAL_SC2, etc Do I make any sense?? Thanks, Jon
  8. Hi Bruce, Thanks for all your help so far. I have been trying to work my way through your version of the database. Wow and thanks again. I've attached what I have done, but can you please give me a pointer to show me how to start adding the other subjects. I have added data into COURSE_GOAL_ASSESSMENT, COURSE GOALS and COURSES. I'm now trying to add tables and relationships when defining the database. I started with science (SC) and then decided to contact you first!! Any help would be gratefully recived, I realise this might now be becoming a pain!! Thanks, Jon APP2.zip
  9. Thanks again Bruce. AF stands for assessment focus and as you stated, major objectives. There are normally 4 objectives, no more, of these to gain and yes are therefore properties of AF and not the student record. There are many courses ( Maths, English, Science and ICT These are the only subjects being assessed this way in the UK at present)) and each course has several levels, AF1, AF2, AF3 (Maths has 14 of these!) etc and each level has several objectives, normally 4. When a student takes a course at a particular level, Yes/No/WT (working towards) is recorded for each objective
  10. This is an older file but shows in Level 3 - 8 what I mean. Thanks APP.zip
  11. Sorry, looking at the file I sent you I'm not surprised. It didn't have the additional information needed!!! Every Assessment focus, AF1, AF2, AF3 is made up of 4 skills. These 4 skills were pre written in the fields data area, so that these can be seen as soon as the user goes to the subject to be assessed. The teacher then just checks to see if the child had achieved the skill, marks it as achieved or not. Does this make anymore sense? Thanks, Jon
  12. WOW!! Thank you so much. I now need to spend sometime working out how you did it!! Where should I start? where did you start? The only other problem I had initially was that each student has the same level descriptors. so where you wrote comments all students would have the same skills/comment ( I can turn on the computer etc) This is where I put these level descriptors in the data area in the field. I would do the same on the database you have created but couldn't find where to write them!! Thanks again. Jon
  13. Thanks for the replies. You are right..I know very little about relational databases and yes, I don't need to have them laid out as tabs. It would be good to see the levels for a particular Assessment focus (AF) on one side but tabs aren't necessary. So.. What would you advise. Where should I start? Could I use a drop down menu and be taken to the correct subject and then correct AF? Any help would be gratefully recieved. Thanks, Jon
  14. Unfortunatley I wanted the database to be laid out so the teacher could view all the AF (assessment focuses) at the same time. They could then write notes about the assessment (N) assess whether they had met the grade (A) or print the specific assessment (P) thanks The ICT isn't too bad!! Its the other subjects that are the nightmare, maths having 14 assessment focuses that need to be printed, assessed or have notes written about them for the 8 levels of attainment!! Any help would be good though. Thanks again
  15. Thanks for the offer of help..... Its a big one!!! So here goes.... Its database for my school. I want to be able to have a list of students, click on a button beside their name and be able to assess a subject, either Maths, English, science or IT. Not too bad!! However, I want to be able to click onto a button and colour the skills in those subjects to say they are either working towards a skill, have acquired the skill, or not. Then, as a teacher I want to be able to choose 3 skills for the child to work towards and print these out onto a sticker to put in their planner!! Easy
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