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  1. need some help troubleshooting this. when I open up the site assistant it will not find the filemaker Server we have the database hosted on. even if I run site assistant from the machine server is hosted on. any thoughts on things to look at?
  2. Hi all I'm trying to create a solution where we have multiple tracks hosted on Soundcloud and then host a database of our albums/tracks via IWP and use the web viewer to view to the soundcloud widget. Soundcloud offers an embeddable code similar to youtube videos and other hosting sites, but I'm not sure how to impliment this through IWP. it works great on the client but this site will be used by people across the country. has anyone had success using any embed codes like this with IWP?
  3. I'm sure I'm missing something here but when I launch the Site Assistant it loads up fine and when I check to create a new site it displays the server address, but when I go to connect it says the server isn't found. Our IT guy is no longer here so I've had the "priveledge" of taking on all the server work myself and I'm a total newbie... I have no problem opening up the DB through the client and our IWP works perfect. All the privileges and boxes are checked to allow PHP. I need help and the documentation so far is terrible...
  4. Thanks, I found a quick solution for our users to set the compatibility view in IE8 and that renders everything correctly... still a pain though to have to tell everyone that. any knowledge of fixes, updates etc? if not I'll just have to go for some Custom web publishing
  5. Why not do it? It is mainly for ease of use for the people using the database. since it is online I want it to actually act like a website. And if I had the time and web development skills I would just use the Custom web publishing, but I don't. I don't like being limited to the 25 records in list view or 50 records in Table view. my least favorite option is to switch to table view but in that case you can't run any buttons or scripts (that I'm aware of) to jump to a detail layout. Plus it's a pain and confusing to the users when in table view and you click on a field it automatically
  6. Hey all, anyone know of others having problems with IE8 rending the webpages through IWP on server 10 advanced? I've come to the conclusion that it is DEFINITLY something with the browers as I have tried Firefox, Chrome, and even IE7 and all work fine. It seems like IE8 doesn't always want to read the HTML file Server puts out. I get everything either shifted or scrunched over to the left and nothing is centered. if anyone knows any fixes or issues to be aware of please let me know. Thanks! Bill
  7. Greetings, I'm trying to beef up my current solution and can't seem to figure a good way to do it. currently I've got a Database hosted on server advanced where people access it through IWP. I have a results layout with a self-join relationship that shows the results of any search in that portal. The user then just clicks on the portal and it takes them to a details page for that record. This works great for searches but when I want the user to see all the records (5000+) it takes such a drain on the server to populate the entire list that it takes for ever and most people will want t
  8. A Mac Guy? I've heard of those...you mean people still use those things? HAHAHA..JUST KIDDING!!! : Bill
  9. So, if I put a web shared folder there (on the Server, you can Web Share a folder, where you pick where to share from (default Web Site), it adds a Web Share to that folder, that's on the other drive. How would the reference be structured? We've done that, the shared folder appears in the IIS Management console display. Or, are you saying to put the actual Shared Folder (shortcut actually), in the actual wwwroot folder? Yes, we're investigating the Super Container now, as well. Bill
  10. Where does one place a folder of images (thumbnails of album covers) and then create the appropriate file reference to display those within a database in a container field? We have over 5,000 covers that need to be associated with the appropriate album in our database, and REALLY don't want to embed these into the database. We've gotten this working on FileMaker Pro Advanced (desktop client) referencing this from teh WEB folder, but now need to make this operational with the correct code in FM Advnaced Server, running on IIS. There is no "Web" folder, in IIS. We also REALLY don
  11. Just an aside, the FW has been confirmed to be working, so it's a matter of what/where/how to get the proper re-direct in place I believe. I can now connect to the DB internally using the following url: http://db1.indieblu.com/fmi/iwp What I really want to do, is NOT have to use the /fmi/iwp at the end of the url, and have the redirect place the web call in the proper place. i've been unsuccessful at doing that, at this point. wng
  12. OK, I think I've figured out what I'm missing. No re-direct in place!!! If I remove the default.htm simple landing page I created, then I now get the "Under Construction" default IIS error page both from inside and out. Re-reading everything, I've MISSED adding a redirect to http:///fmi/iwp. The QUESTION is WHERE is that added? When looking at the IIS setup, there is a "jakarta" entry, that points to the isappi.dll, there is the mf-test entry. Do I create a new "Virtual Directly", and then point that to "another website on this computer", putting in the http:///fmi/iwp entry ment
  13. Hi. I'm having issues getting our FileMaker 10 Advnaced visible on the public Internet. The documetion is a bit "light" on what needs to be moved/copied from where to get this working. Here's the background. We have IWP running, with no problems, on our internal network. This is on IIS, Server 2k3. I have mapped a public url and IP to point to a dedicated IP address, and setup the firewall to forward and NAT translate the public IP address to the private internal IP address. DNS entries are configured so that the same url works both internally and externally. The interna
  14. I like the Idea of having the person looking at the contract to see the pages of the pdf in the same screen as the information they are putting in the database. it would require less back and forth between windows and cut down on confusion. But that is why I alternatly would want the open URL. I haven't tried a container field yet. but will see if that works. any other sugestions as to why firefox or chrome won't open the file through the IWP?
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