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  1. Thank You Mr. Smith and Barbara (and also Michael). I' ve solved all my problems. And now managed to make that script (with your help of course) and some extra layouts to peforme find operation. It works fine. See you in my next trouble. Won't take too long I think. Tolga
  2. Yes you're right. I need some basic information. But I have a limited amount of time because of my job. So your answers and examples to my questions are very helpful to me. I'm making a DB for my personal needs in my job (heart surgery). It's nearly finished (I' ve started to enter data). But need some small adjusments like this one. So your answers are saving my days. I' ve modified the set field step acording to my DB. But "an operator is needed" dialog apears. I' m trying to find the error.
  3. Yes, I' ve looked at it but couldn' understand it. [color:blue]Set Field [ Projects::Date ; Date ( Projects::gMonth ; 1 ; Projects::gYear ) & ".." & Date ( Projects::gMonth +1 ; 0 ; Projects::gYear ) ] Perform Find [] -For example I didn' t understand ".." does it mean to write for the other 11 months? -also confused about gMonth and gYear. do they represent the two new fields of month and year?
  4. I couldn't manage to make that script. I think it' s too compicated for a amateur like me. Can you post an example please. I desined something like this: -make a "monhly operation list" button. -this button will navigate a layout containing two (popup) fields. Select "month" and select "year". And a "list" button to perform script. -the scipt will sort the operations in that selected monht in list view. Waiting for your help at this momnet.. Than you
  5. Hi, I finished my medical database, but need some small adjustments. First of all how can I make a list of patients in a selected month. For example: Selecting list button will show a custom dialog "chose year and month" then the list of patients will be shown whom were operated in that selected month.
  6. Hi Barbara, you're right. At first cond. formating seemed to be the best choice for me, but it wasn't (because of two reasons). Yes, as you said data entranca is still possible. And I have to use radio buttons in "show mode", but they still exist in the "hide mode". Your 1st example is nearly what I want. But in both situations (yes/no) there has to be a field (field 1 in yes, fields 2 and 3 in no). Is there a way to make one situation completely empty? Thank you again. And sorry for my late post.
  7. Thank you very muck, Backsmith. That' s it. You' ve saved my day. Thank you again.
  8. Thank you for your quick replies. But I'm a little bit confused. The finest solution is "conditional formatting" I think. After trying a few attemts couldn' succed at all. Can you post me small example. Thank you
  9. Hi everyone, I'm trying to develop a medical database. My problem is: I' m trying to make a field about the status of smoking. Ex: Do you smoke? Yes (if yes nothing will happen) No (if no another field containig 2 other radio buttons and a text box will apear next to "no" button) How can I apply this trick to my database. Thank you.
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