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  1. Zip folder with ScriptMaster

    David this works... just native Java, no library required.. // ZipFilesOrDirectory( fm_fileIn ; fm_dirIn ; fm_fileOut ) // 15_10_02 JR // v2.0 // adds list of files to fm_fileOut from fm_dirIn // or zips a whole directory fm_dirIn to fm_fileOut import java.util.zip.ZipEntry import java.util.zip.ZipOutputStream import java.text.Normalizer import java.text.Normalizer.Form SEP = System.getProperty('file.separator') fm_dirIn = fm_dirIn[-1] == SEP?fm_dirIn : fm_dirIn + SEP if (!fm_fileIn){ if (fm_fileOut.contains(fm_dirIn)) { return 'ERROR - can\'t recurse' } // end if try { topDir = new File(fm_dirIn) zipOut = new ZipOutputStream ( new FileOutputStream(fm_fileOut)) topDirLength = topDir.absolutePath.length() +1 topDir.eachFileRecurse { file -> relPath = file.absolutePath.substring(topDirLength).replace('\\', '/') if (file.isDirectory() && !relPath.endsWith('/')) { relPath += '/' } // end if if(relPath[0] =='.'){} else { entry = new ZipEntry(relPath) entry.time = file.lastModified() zipOut.putNextEntry(entry) if (file.isFile()) { zipOut << new FileInputStream(file) } // end if } //end if zipOut.closeEntry() } // end each zipOut.close() } catch(Exception e) { return e.getMessage() } //end try return true } else { files = fm_fileIn.split('\n') byte[] buffer = new byte[1024] zout = new ZipOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(fm_fileOut)) files.each{ item -> fin = new FileInputStream( adjust(fm_dirIn + "${item}") ) zout.putNextEntry(new ZipEntry( adjust("${item}") )) while ((len = fin.read(buffer)) > 0){ zout.write(buffer, 0, len) } //end while zout.closeEntry() fin.close() } //end each try{ zout.close() } catch (e) { return e.getMessage() } //end try return true } //end if
  2. issues with iText 7

    Ryan This looks to be fixed with ScriptMaster 5.09 and the latest iText 7.1.0 from Maven - on the Mac at least. Will let you know how I get on with testing, see in DocInfo for proof 00.pdf
  3. This has long been an issue, I have no idea why it happens and it is making life quite difficult Win Server 2012 FMS 16 (current but this happens on other configurations) With ScriptMaster installed run a script which resets the server ( SMReset) and then loads jars and functions return to you the result of SMGetRegisteredModules and show it in a dialog box run another script on the server which just returns to you the result of SMGetRegisteredModules and show it in a dialog box dialog 1 SHOWS the modules you installed dialog 2 is EMPTY fmsadmin restart fmse do the above again, same result this means you can not do a test on the server to see if a particular function is loaded before you want to use it.... in fact there is no test you can do to see if the ScriptMaster has fallen over as far as I can tell. Any solutions???
  4. jdbc drivers and 5.07

    UPDATE It also really seems to complain if you put the jar into an /ext folder... maybe not do that for now??
  5. jdbc drivers and 5.07

    ScriptMaster 5.07 uses Java 9 now. ( @360works - would be nice to have that in the changelog ) if you are using the Microsoft JDBC drivers at all then they are not currently compatible with Java 9 the _dev driver mentioned in this link does work, although still not a final driver (as tested here - YMMV) https://github.com/Microsoft/mssql-jdbc/issues/549 Put it into the /lib folder in your contents/Home in the JDK folder for the plugin or create an /ext folder inside it.
  6. High Sierra wierdness

    Thanks Ryan..
  7. High Sierra wierdness

    WHen testing out High Sierra I am getting a Jav app in the dock every time I run FileMkaer with Scriptmaster. Closing doesn't seem to remove the app.. It crashed the other day a couple of times so I ended up with three icons there What is this, can can it not be so???
  8. issues with iText 7

    Ryan Downloaded and installed the new jars, and loaded them in the normal way. Working through the simplest example in their jumpstart tutorial as soon as I get to stage 4 - adding text to the document - I am getting a class not found error.. a bit more detail here.. but no real answer https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47168463/itext-7-jumpstart-with-flat-battery it not a win/mac issue as have tried on both platforms, just trying to troubleshoot form both ends without really knowing where to start.. thanks
  9. issues with iText 7

    I have been trying to follow the tutorial for iText 7 and and coming unstuck quite early on and not sure if it is a change in the way the jars are loaded or as a result of using standalone JVM... As you know I might just have a lot of expertise with v5 and have no problems, but I also can't use 7 with older scriptmaster as there is MajorVersion issue as it requires later than Java 6 Anyone care to be enlightening??
  10. Getting started with ScriptMaster

    click one of the lines in the interface that takes you to the code interface, these are just FileMaker records, so cmd+N will get you a new one The top left is a portal for parameters with create turned on, bottom left for results, click the Jars tab to see the jars available and select to use in the script
  11. EncryptAES Key Size

    This is quite a common thing for Java devs to have to do. The US govt are not really that much of a fan of certain countries setting hold of higher level encryption so Oracle keeps this outside the normal products and you have to get hold of it separately... and we are both 'export' customers As a Keystore explorer user on Mac for example I just have to the downed and copy thing each time it is updated...
  12. Migrating from FMPv10 to 13 issues

    Regardless of version of Windows, if you have scriptmaster 4... you need the 32 bit version of Java If you installed scriptmaster 5... and have 32 bit windows there is another thread on here you will need to follow to get the correct version of the JRE.. near the bottom of
  13. Migrating from FMPv10 to 13 issues

    Win, Mac?? Which jars? Which version of the MWSMerchantFulfillmentJavaClientLibrary
  14. IOException when reading container data

    In the link download from here, near the ned of this thread...
  15. IOException when reading container data

    @jbante Works as expected on my MacBook with 5.052.... john

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