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  1. The error message says I have this result (null) but there are several possibilities for what kind of object you mean and so I can't make any guess what you really need here, because if I guess wrong then the next thing might fail. If you use a try { } notation then anything that goes wrong in the code in the middle you will get an error. If you tell the code to deal with it then you are in charge of what is returned - this is just the same as in FileMaker when you turn on error capture The code needs to look like try { do something.... } catch (anyerror) { do somet
  2. this??? //src = input path //dest = output path input = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(src)) out = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(dest)) try { out << input } finally { if (out != null) {out.close()} if (input != null) {input.close()} } catch (e) { return e.getMessage() }
  3. @wim download just worked again for me... it seems to be blind
  4. @ryan360works any timeline for a version of ScriptMaster that works with Linux on prem??
  5. Fixed.. I had left the type field off the setup layout so it was connecting as POP and not IMAP, when you do it gives the numeric version...
  6. I created a scratch file to test the functionality and the details given me by the client... The uid returned from the EmailReadMessageValue (uid) was numeric in the range 998-1006 I copied the scripts into a test real file and the same scripts are bringing me back a value like UID1006-1601907140 I re-ran the script in the scratch file under debugger and set results, numeric upwards from 1006 Can you explain the difference between the results, which one I should trust and how do I feed the uid=$value in the EmailReadMessages???
  7. The issue seems to be that if I call EmailDisconnect when it is already disconnected I get the null pinter error - unless I have set error capture on, in which case Get ( lastexternalerrordetail) gives me back the null pointer...
  8. @ryan360works Getting this when I disconnect but the file has already disconnected... Is there something I can read to get the connected status as this is a system/plugin dialog which is a tiny bit annoying.. thanks john
  9. Thanks Ryan Where is the log, its not in the documentation...??
  10. try ScribeDocSaveContainer ("New FileName.pdf" ; "true"; "file" ) ??
  11. Just started to work with a new client, they are running the latest v of plugin on Server 18, and every now and then it turns itself off. Is there any known cases under which this might be the case?? John r
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