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  1. john renfrew

    Merging PDF (locked files)

    There is also a way to do this without the export step, but right from the container field, but SM is a little broken on this method on high sierra at the moment. When thats fixed I'll get back on how.
  2. john renfrew

    Merging PDF (locked files)

    which version of iText??? There's abetter method using com.itextpdf.text.pdf.PdfConcatenate you need to close the reader file at the end of the while loop...
  3. john renfrew

    List manipulation

    There's a bit of a thread on the FM Community site about working with lists, to which I wrote an example SM function which I post here for interest.... https://community.filemaker.com/thread/188322 // liststest ( list1 ; list2 ; select? ; separator? ) // 18_07_10 JR // v1.1 // // JOIN = select?select.toInteger():1 LISTA = list1?list1.tokenize('\n'):[] LISTB = list2?list2.tokenize('\n'):[] SEP = separator?separator:' - ' switch(JOIN){ case 1: LISTA.addAll(LISTB) return LISTA break case 2: LISTA.removeAll(LISTB) return LISTA break case 3: LISTB.removeAll(LISTA) return LISTB break case 4: LISTA.addAll(LISTB) return LISTA.unique() break case 5: result = '' LISTA.each(){ def start = it LISTB.each(){ result += start + SEP + it + '\n' } } return result break case 6: if(LISTA.size() != LISTB.size()){ return 'lists not same size' } else { result = '' i = 0 LISTA.each(){ result += it + SEP + LISTB.getAt(i) + '\n' i++ } } return result break } return 'select out of range'
  4. john renfrew

    JSON functions seem to fail

    what answers do you get from the following?? return GroovySystem.version return System.getProperty('java.version')
  5. john renfrew

    JSON functions seem to fail

    works just fine here....
  6. john renfrew

    JSON functions seem to fail

    Marek There was a massive change to Slurper after Groovy 1.8, but having said that from the API docs >> INDEX_OVERLAY should be your parser of choice. CHAR_BUFFER is the parser of choice due to element of least surprise and need to mimic existing Slurper behavior as much as possible. Use CHARACTER_SOURCE for large file parsing. Use LAX if you want to enable relaxed JSON parsing, i.e., allow comments, no quote strings, etc. Use CHAR_BUFFER for a non-fancy but super fast parser. Parser speed in order: INDEX_OVERLAY, LAX, CHAR_BUFFER, CHARACTER_SOURCE. Use Cases: Use LAX for config files as it allows comments. Use INDEX_OVERLAY for REST calls, WebSocket messages, AJAX, inter process communication, etc. Use CHAR_BUFFER if eager parsing of ints, dates, longs, are appealing. Use CHARACTER_SOURCE if you are dealing with large JSON files over 2MB. INDEX_OVERLAY is highly tuned for object deserialization from JSON. Try the other parameters??
  7. john renfrew

    JSON functions seem to fail

    @marek that will also be fixed, same issue to do with Java 9 on Mac
  8. john renfrew

    JSON functions seem to fail

    @ryan360Works That works with all my tests... thank you!
  9. john renfrew

    JSON functions seem to fail

    Thanks Almost certainly the issue line might be == System.properties['groovy.json.faststringutils.disable'] = true it still doesn't fix the problem as it thinks it has no way to convert a [B to a [C
  10. import groovy.json.JsonOutput class Person { String name } def result = JsonOutput.toJson(new Person(name: 'John')) This 'should just work' - this is Groovy 2.4.0 Mac 10.12.6 Scriptmaster 5.07 up to 5.1 all fail with this Ideas on a postcard please...I BUT it does work all the way back in 4.42 and FM15
  11. john renfrew

    106 error with functions

    Thanks very much Ryan..
  12. john renfrew

    106 error with functions

    ryan attached. host the file: run the local script and you should get a stream object returned run the server script you get 106 john Test106.fmp12.zip
  13. john renfrew

    106 error with functions

    Any chance we could get some confirmation of this issue from 360works??
  14. john renfrew

    106 error with functions

    It's still an issue with the 5.1 plugin...
  15. john renfrew

    ScriptMaster and FileMaker Server 17

    Thank Jesse...

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