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  1. IOException when reading container data

    In the link download from here, near the ned of this thread...
  2. IOException when reading container data

    @jbante Works as expected on my MacBook with 5.052.... john
  3. smtp port 587 (or other than 25)

    Here is some code that works from G-Mail using port 587 and TLS replace where obvious Groovy code note: you dont need the ';' at the end of lines and in most cases you can use ' and not " as the string delimeiters, which makes it better to debug when in FileMaker // gmailTest() // v1.0 // 17_09_16 // J Renfrew // import javax.mail.Message import javax.mail.MessagingException import javax.mail.PasswordAuthentication import javax.mail.Session import javax.mail.Transport import javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress import javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage username = 'USERNAME@gmail.com' password = 'PASSWORD' props = new Properties() props.put('mail.smtp.auth', 'true') props.put('mail.smtp.starttls.enable', 'true') props.put('mail.smtp.host', 'smtp.gmail.com') props.put('mail.smtp.port', '587') session = Session.getInstance(props, new javax.mail.Authenticator() { protected PasswordAuthentication getPasswordAuthentication() { return new PasswordAuthentication(username, password) } //end authentication } //end authenticator ) //end session try { message = new MimeMessage(session) message.setFrom(new InternetAddress('USERNAME@gmail.com')) message.setRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO, InternetAddress.parse('EMAIL@MAIL.COM')) message.setSubject('Testing Subject') message.setText('Dear ScriptMaster,' + '\n\n No spam to my email, please!') Transport.send(message) return true } catch (e) { return e.getMessage() } //end try You will need to work out how to make this send HTML and multipart HTML but that shouldn't be too hard. This ALSO is confirmed to work with Office 365 on smtp.office365.com
  4. smtp port 587 (or other than 25)

    Can you post the whole function and a list of the jars you are using... first look props.setProperty (\"mail.smtp.port\", \"587\");¶ looks wrong - should be "mail.smtp.port", 587 - its a number not a string
  5. Two questions

    thanks Ryan...
  6. Can't open 360Deploy.fmp12

    Thanks David, thought I had done that... obviously not..
  7. Can't open 360Deploy.fmp12

    Seems to be password protected What might this be??
  8. Two questions

    How does this handle UID fields which are set to auto create with Get ( UUID) and are used with foreign key fields, or creation fields with get ( Tmestamp ) or Get ( AccountName ) ?? How easy to uninstall ??
  9. Yes they are. Email is probably the fastest route for this if you feel you need it.
  10. getContainerStream throws error on FMS16

    Doesn't work because of this: Get ( DocumentsPath ) the path you pass to any SM function needs to be a correct O/S path not the FileMaker version of that... The raw path I get back from my Server 16 is: /C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/ setVariable $thePath = Substitute ( Middle ( Get ( DocumentsPath ) ; 2; 999 ) ; "/" ; "\\" ) will work, then use it in the function call and you are appending the FILENAME to a new file not it's contents with this - f.append ( container ) try this? // SaveContainerAsFile ( fm_field ; fm_fileOut ) // v1.0 // J Renfrew // fm_field = FQFN of container field // fm_path = fullOS path and filename f = new File( fm_fileOut ) if (f.exists()) { if (!f.delete()) { //throw new IOException('Could not delete ' + f.getAbsolutePath()) return 'Could not delete ' + f.getAbsolutePath() } } try { f.append( fmpro.getContainerStream ( fm_field ) ) } catch (e) { return e.getMessage() } return true
  11. getContainerStream throws error on FMS16

    error code 106 106 Table is missing what are you passing to the script as a parameter???
  12. Virtual list using JSON

    Thanks Jeremy..
  13. Virtual list using JSON

    Jeremy, have you tested against the 16.0.2 update?? `does it improve speed??
  14. It does install Java, just as a runtime... Are you talking about Mac or Win??
  15. IMPORTANT.. Change in method in version 5+

    Thanks for the fix Ryan

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