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  1. Virtual list using JSON

    Thanks Jeremy..
  2. Virtual list using JSON

    Jeremy, have you tested against the 16.0.2 update?? `does it improve speed??
  3. It does install Java, just as a runtime... Are you talking about Mac or Win??
  4. IMPORTANT.. Change in method in version 5+

    Thanks for the fix Ryan
  5. It appears that the method getLength() on a fmpro.getContainerStream object is no longer available - it does appear as getSize() If this is true this will be why I have been tearing my hair out most of the day trubleshooting some functions Please can 360works confirm if this is A: correct B: indicate if they would like to put the getLength() method back too, so that functions can be backwards compatible Try this fcs = fmpro.getContainerStream ( 'Globals::g_C' ) // the name of a container field //comment out each in different versions to see effect return fcs.getSize() //return fcs.getLength() john renfrew
  6. Class path for 5.04

    Nope. Doesn't work for SQLdrivers, never has. These need to be manually added to the class path as they can't be loaded dynamically.
  7. Class path for 5.04

    OK so here is what I have found for Windoze C:/ProgramData/360Works/and then some more.. This is hidden by default
  8. Class path for 5.04

    I have been using the com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver with a function I wrote, by placing the jar into the JVM /ext folder. Where would that be now for v5 of the plugin as it hides all that goodness from us on install???? Instead of an answer I am just getting the jar name
  9. My experience with 5.03

    It is, I have just tested several files. All on Mac at the moment as I am travelling back form Pause On Error...
  10. My experience with 5.03

    v 5.04 is available on the site....
  11. I think what is happenig here is that the plugin function is registering a different verison of the function (with a differnet internal ID) so it can not be tied up internally so FileMaker tells you it si missing. This will be a complete pain if you have to go through every line changing the function call, AND means that it is not backwards compatible with a mixed 15/16 environment There is a discrepancy with the way that some older versions of the demo file output the code we paste into our files, see a previous thread for details.. Not sure about that fyi Ron asw the other threads here show that 5.03 in not working..
  12. finally got 5.03 from the download page works on a Mac on Windows 2012R2 I get this and I am getting a 701 eror in the server log please may we have an update??
  13. server install v5

    Tried on both Mac and Windows 2012R2 server, but can't get the plugin to load on either. It thinks it is 5.0201. Can you please advise????
  14. What were the steps previously
  15. server install v5

    new (test) server install of FMS16 download ScriptMaster 5.03 install in server extension folder go to admin console Plugin is there, click box to load plugin. It waits for 10 seconds then crashes FMSE Clues??? edit: OK, download link for 5.03 has given me 360Works+ScriptMaster-5_0201 - is this the issue??? its not actually the latest version?

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