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  1. @wim download just worked again for me... it seems to be blind
  2. @ryan360works any timeline for a version of ScriptMaster that works with Linux on prem??
  3. Fixed.. I had left the type field off the setup layout so it was connecting as POP and not IMAP, when you do it gives the numeric version...
  4. I created a scratch file to test the functionality and the details given me by the client... The uid returned from the EmailReadMessageValue (uid) was numeric in the range 998-1006 I copied the scripts into a test real file and the same scripts are bringing me back a value like UID1006-1601907140 I re-ran the script in the scratch file under debugger and set results, numeric upwards from 1006 Can you explain the difference between the results, which one I should trust and how do I feed the uid=$value in the EmailReadMessages???
  5. The issue seems to be that if I call EmailDisconnect when it is already disconnected I get the null pinter error - unless I have set error capture on, in which case Get ( lastexternalerrordetail) gives me back the null pointer...
  6. @ryan360works Getting this when I disconnect but the file has already disconnected... Is there something I can read to get the connected status as this is a system/plugin dialog which is a tiny bit annoying.. thanks john
  7. Thanks Ryan Where is the log, its not in the documentation...??
  8. try ScribeDocSaveContainer ("New FileName.pdf" ; "true"; "file" ) ??
  9. Just started to work with a new client, they are running the latest v of plugin on Server 18, and every now and then it turns itself off. Is there any known cases under which this might be the case?? John r
  10. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=encrypt+with+des+java
  11. Thanks Noel To stop this happening again either do an explicit test for a null input path, or add a catch (e) at the then of your code Try{ //code } finally { //code } catch (e) { //return a logical error message] }
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