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  1. I suffered the same problem as reported above. Endless spinning wheel for many WebDirect users so they wouldn't be able to access the FM server login page, and the server crashing several times a day. For the users that didn't have issues they reported a much better performance in FMS14 than with the same solution running on FMS13. BTW these users without problems used random browsers , OS, java versions, no obvious pattern to which configuration work and which didn't. After a miserable week of talking to Filemaker, re-deploying and re-installing FMS14, reinstalling the OS Yosemite from sc
  2. When I try to create (or edit) a new side server scheduled script with FMS I get the following prompt when entering user full access credentials to select a script from one my hosted files: "No scripts are available for the specified account" If I have recently restarted the server, in spite of the warning I can still click the Next button and continue with the configuration of the scheduled event. After leaving the script running by itself for a little while, the script will abort due to authentication errors and when I try to re-edit the event, this time I won't be allowed to p
  3. Roland, I am not sure if this will answer your question, but here you have my 2 cents. I have been using Gmail with FM for several years and here's how my system works. 1) I have set up Gmail to apply several filtering rules classifying incoming emails into different IMAP folders (Labels) 2) I have a table in FM called EmailInboxes, one record per IMAP inbox. Periodically I loop through this table and connect to GMail requesting emails from the corresponding Inbox with an imap ID greater than the last id stored in the table. I download using 360Works IMAP functions and after the succ
  4. I have been trying to upload some server side compatible plug in to my Mac X Server  I followed all the instructions to install it as a server side plug-in putting it in the appropriate  server folder, changed the file privileges to inherit the extensions folder privileges, re-started FM server and the whole server in several occasions but I am still getting the Plug-In Name as Not Loaded, I try to enable it, and as you would expect when I restart the server the selection doesn't stick.  After running several tests, including the removal from the extensions folder of some Plug Ins I nev
  5. I am migrating some script steps that I used to do with TROI url to 360WebAssistant and I am experiencing some inconsistent results. My scripts integrate with many different 3rd part web services, mostly shopping cart APIs to retrieve order information. Sometimes the migration is seamless, I just change the TURL_Get function for a WAGetURL function submitting whatever url string is required and I get my xml response that I can parse. In this particular instance where I am getting my normal xml response when using TURL_Get, using the exact same URL all I am getting is this: "WebService.as
  6. After a few private messages back and forth with fseipel, finally got the code to work using ScriptMaster This is the final result: ScriptMaster Java code FileOutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(printerPort); PrintStream ps = new PrintStream(os); ps.println(rawData); ps.close(); Variables rawData= Here I enter my raw data (no escape characters necessary) printerPort= in my case LPT1 (still working on entering a network printer location) Thanks to fseipel for his invaluable help
  7. The raw data I sent to the printer printed correctly, instead of "Hello World" I used a variable to contain all the printer raw data commands and it has worked perfectly, once it prints the label comes out perfectly with all the bar codes, etc. If I understand you correctly what you are saying is that if the print job is not processed immediately is because I should add some printer command in the raw data? But if that is the case why when I use exactly that same raw data through other means (not Filemakers' Script Master) it prints right away, and then how come that when I close the Fi
  8. Frank, Thanks so much for your help. I finally got to make it work and I could Print a FedEx Label by entering the raw data as a variable in the Script Master fuction you gave me. I didn't even have to escape the special characters. So this is what I did: I created a new ScriptMaster record: Demo::script FileOutputStream os = new FileOutputStream("LPT1"); PrintStream ps = new PrintStream(os); ps.println(rawData); InputVariables::key = rawData In this case I entered the raw data from before in the InputVariables::value field I executed the script, it c
  9. Thank you so much for your response. I need to digest all the info you gave me including the link to your previous posting to see if I can make it work. When I said command line I was referring to a utility window which is part of a printer driver app that allows you to enter Raw Printer Instructions to be sent directly to the thermal printer. Here is an example of the Raw data I was referring to (If you send this to a thermal printer it will print a FedEx Shipping label) N OD10 q812 Q1370,24 D15 ZT LO0,309,800,4 LO0,563,800,4 LO0,898,800,4 A35,171,0,2,1,1,N
  10. I have almost completed a solution to use FedEx Web Services, at the end I get a response from their API with Raw commands that need to be sent to a thermal Printer (Zebra LP2348) to print the shipping label. I have successfully sent the received raw commands to the printer from the driver command line, but now I need a way to do it directly and automatically from Filemaker to the printer. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Hi, I am trying to configure the plug in to send emails through an Gmail powered account that has SMTP TLS encryption. When I try to send it I get the following error message: ..... Must issue a STARTTLS command first ..... Is this something that can be done with the plug-in? Any alternatives or suggestions to work around this issue? Thanks David
  12. I finally discovered what was causing the problem. For future reference in case someone runs into the same situation: I had to turn off the Gmail Labs feature called: Advanced IMAP functions. It looks like it was interfering with the ability of the plugin to identify new UID postings added to an existing conversation.
  13. When you are trying to reproduce this behavior, are you downloading from separate mailboxes (folders) or directly from the general inbox? In my case I have over 50 mailboxes to which emails are assigned using automatic rules by Gmail. I am wondering if that could be a factor
  14. I am experiencing a very annoying issue which I am not sure relates directly to the plug-in or to Google email services. In case this is a configuration issue on the Gmail end you might be able to give some tips or configuration settings to overcome this shortcoming. My problem is that whenever a new email is added by Gmail to an existing conversation (when Gmail groups several emails, with related replies,etc) that new email is invisible for the plug in. Only the first email is recognized, I have experienced this issue with my own scripting which goes by the last stored UID number
  15. Hey 360works, Could you give me a hand with this issue I have? I can import from an email attachment path given by the plug In in Windows but I can't in Mac. This works on windows: Set Variable [$attachment_path ; Value: EmailReadAttachment( "$attachments" )] Set Variable [$new_path = Substitute ($attachment_path ; "" ; "/" )] Import Records [No dialog; Source:file:/$new_path ; Add ; Windows ANSI ] When I try to do the equivalent with mac Set Variable [$attachment_path ; Value: EmailReadAttachment( "$attachments" )] Import Records [No dialog; Source:filemac:/$att
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