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  1. I did get a response from 360 Works. They are hoping to have a fix by Friday. I'll notify the group when I get word of an update!
  2. Add me to the list. I have a feeling it is something due to a Google update...
  3. For some reason when I have a portal in a popover and I have it set so that when a user clicks a record in the portal, it runs a script with a parameter which pulls the record's unique ID. When I run the script in FM13 (PC windows 8.1) with script debugger I see it pulling the right info, but for some reason on WebDirect (Chrome) it seems like it's pulling the wrong records unique ID. Must be bug...any workaround? Thanks! -Justin
  4. I'm running MAC os X 10.9 via Ethernet. Theres one Ethernet card and one wireless card (I have the wireless off). I did switch the computer over to wireless to test something and I'm pretty sure that's where it picked up the descrepency in the ip address. Isn't there a way to manually set the web server address? Thank you, -Justin
  5. Thank you all! This sounds a little outside my level of expertise, but I"m gonna see if I can get it to work.
  6. I'm sure this is an easy fix, but I can't find out how to do it anywhere.. Â Â
  7. I'm a newbie and would like to use a a popover in the same way that I have been using windows in the past. I'm confused as to how to do this if the data I need is from a related table/record. Here is an example of a window that I would rather turn into a popover: In this the window is a new layout from a related table (That's actually a related table from an "external data source"). It would create a new record based on information from the originating record: New Window[] Go to Layout ["Event Details Admin Sui" (SampleEvents)] Show/Hide Status Area [Hide] Adjust Window [Resize to
  8. I am trying to figure out why this doesn't work in IWP..I'm using Filemaker version 11...but I tried converting to version 12 to test it out and it still didn't work I am going to assume that the problem is the first script is calling on a scrip in a related database and the layout that is being loaded is from the related database. For some reason that's halting the script.... Here's what I'm doing: Perform Script ["GoToEvent"from file:"ipr"; Parameter:Get(ScriptParameter)] That runs the script "GoToEvent" from anther filemaker database and opens up the layout titled "Event Det
  9. Thanks for the quick response!!! That makes perfect sense except for the fact that a manager will be entering all the employees at once and it would be very convenient see all the employees listed on one page. Would this work? 1.)Create a table as you suggested, lets call it "Hours and Earnings" 2.)Create a table called "Daily Staffing" which is basically a portal of "Hours and Earnings" and a date field. 3.) Set the relationship of the two tables by date 4.)Create a button on "Daily Staffing" which is a script that will create a new "Hours and Earnings" record and fill it's da
  10. I have a basic table called "Daily Staffing" which has a date, and lists employee's names (with a relationship to table "employees"), the hours they worked, the employee's total pay, and the total amount paid to all employee's that day. So it looks like: Date: Employee Name: Hours: Payrate: Amount: Employee Name 2: Hours2: Payrate2: Amount2:: Employee Name 3: Hours 3: etc. etc. So the calculation should be simple: Amount= hours x payrate, Amount2=Hours2 x payrate 2 etc. But I would like pay-rate field to be pulled automatically from the "employee" table. Instead of ma
  11. What you are saying makes sense. What I had done is set an autofill from the "artists" layout in the headliner field. I also have a script that when someone types a new artists name in the headliner field, an new window opens with the "artists" layout allowing the details of the artist to be entered. If someone doesn't spell the artists name correctly or leaves out a "the" there will be duplication, but I think that could happen even if I created a unique ID.
  12. I'm very new to Filemaker, but up until now I have found the program quite intuitive. Here's my dilemma: I am trying to automate the process of adding contact info for artists when we create a new event (concert) There are two layouts involved the "events" layout which has details of the event including the artists, the time, the date, the program, tickets sold..etc. There is also an Artists Layout which gives the details of the artist:Contact Info, Myspace Page, Photos, etc. Here's what I'm trying to do. When an artist name is entered in the "headliner" field on the events layou
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