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  1. Hi All, I think that Script Maker is becoming enough of a true IDE (kind of always has been and well ahead of some others) so that I think that each of those things in ScriptMaker that you can move Up and Down should be identified as a "Line" (or some other esoterica FMI prefers) and that access (at least in Developer) the Line Number should show. Further, one should be able access the function Get(ScriptLineNumber) as a function. I already have (and I presume others do) a custom function that throws all kinds of $$session variables when I call it (simpleSessionError()). I have Get(S
  2. Hi Hal, Okay that may be it, but if it is then it would seem just to be a coding "habit" of the writer since there is a "Refresh Window" script step just for this. I am still holding out for two other options: 1. That you are correct that the purpose is to refresh before freeze, but that Pause for Zero Seconds offers some difference to the Refresh Window step that we don't know. Or... 2. That there really is some kind of esoteric benefit to this that we still haven't found out. I am still hoping for another answer, especially from the 360Works folks themselves. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, This wish was engendered by the fact that if you assign a ScriptTrigger to a Tab control set, and then run GoToObject() of one of the tabs from that Tab control set, if that tab is not already front-most the ScriptTrigger will be run, but if that tab happens to be already front-most then the ScriptTrigger will NOT run. Now, I know there is a way to evaluate this, and I know a script step always begins by emulating what would happen if a user did the same thing, but I think that it would be a great feature that we could select that the triggers evaluate "OnObject" as if newly
  4. Hi All, BottomLine, GoToObject() now behaves exactly as I want it to. And this post is just to put my ever diminishing mind at ease. But has there been a change since 8.5? Let me explain the reason I ask with an example: Say you have a tab control set with "Car" and "Phone" tabs (object names of tabs always identical to label for this example). Then within the Car tab you had another tab control set with "Make" and "Color"; and within the Phone tab you had a tab control set with "Carrier" and "Smart". Then outside all the tab control sets you have a button with GoToObject("Smart
  5. Hi All, Debugger is great when you are coding as few of us are Mozart (who never had to edit any composition). Moreover, I would posit that few of us are able to imagine and test all the various permutations of our code's use. Like many of you, I presume that you have adopted a "Switch" model, where you use If-{ElseIf...}Else-EndIf where each option you *think* could happen exists within the If/ElseIf-s, and within Else you place some sort of mechanism that writes to an $$error session variable the context of the Switch condition that was not accounted for. Indeed, I use th
  6. Hi All, When we get good at Code Reuse the list of scripts in the stack (wonderfully displayed for us in debugger) can get somewhat lengthy. In debugger you can watch. Then comes the the stage where you need to "let it rip" a little bit. For that I use an $$error session variable and I put in an error message and a series on Get() functions for context. I now include Get(ScriptName), and I think I should be able to also capture Get(ScriptStack) top-to-bottom from active to calling to calling and so on. Also, this function should be able to take an optional parameter (or so
  7. Hi All, So I was poking around in the amazing ScriptMaster file by 360Works when I noticed something interesting. Now these folks are too smart to do anything by accident, so I believe that this must be a "Tool Tip" that I have never heard of before. In their "Register all selected functions" script just after they Adjust Window, and just before they Freeze Script they Pause for Zero Seconds. What does that do? The closest thing I know of is that when I want multiple "Beeps" (when a user is about to do something dangerous) I need to put 1 second pauses between to make
  8. Hi All, I couldn't have been lost on the smart people at FMI that there is an irony that when I go to MySQL/Oracle and so on, there is an interface for me to provide a username/password for access to that data source. However, if I use an External FileMaker Data Source I must rely on the the two systems being *perfectly* sync'ed as far as Accounts/Passwords!?! All I ask, dear FMI, is that you treat yourselves with the same respect you give to the other data sources you support :-) I ought to be able to have a FrontEnd with lots of esoteric and complex Account Privileges/Privi
  9. Well, after lots of reading, and googling, and thinking, and trying things and... I have come to believe that I cannot meet my requirements without the Extensive Kludge below. I really hope someone can tell me that I am wrong and that there is a more elegant solution. But this is what I have come up with: ============================== Extensive Kludge: Requirements: 1. 279px Top Tri-Fold Invoice To: Address to fit in Window Envelope 2. One or more Line Items (charges, payments etc) including optional memo area that can extent the line item total width 3. Potential for
  10. Hi Kiwiora, Not sure if this is in-time, but I do think that you are on the right track with HTML. Remember, well formatted HTML *is* XHTLM *is* XML. So you can go all "quick-n-dirty" by stringing table-rows of html and make it look pretty nice in a WebViewer window and then write that same html to a file and print from a browser too. For eye-candy, the "separation" of data from presentation is in the css. Every minute you enhance your css skills pays off over and over, and all your reports are clean and have a consistent look-and-feel. And if the client wants sweeter eye-c
  11. Hi All, Okay, by hook and by crook and by kludge, I have made FileMaker print out most any kind of report I have ever wanted. However, it is always "just" a Chapter in any FileMaker book. Where there are several books on some pretty ubiquitous (and IMHO less effective) reporting tools disambiguated from an orderly, repeating arrangement of atoms and molecules. I am at a juncture where I need to "put it all together" where I have Statements by FamilyID where one or most student may be on a single statement, where the header should be for column continuation and the footer is for
  12. Hi DJ, Thanks for your post. There is a tradeoff, no doubt. Finding the balance is always the goal of any IT project. First, you mistated my goal. My goal is *not* to store my business logic in records rather than scripts. That connotes that it is my primary architecture. By my example that should be clear that is not my intent or my examples would be "Room Rent" or "Housekeeping Turnover". No, this is about non-primary and non-secondary, but tertiary issues that keep popping up and popping up that don't pop up because you didn't investigate or design to handle them, but be
  13. I have a Two-Pronged response. 1. Don't worry about a calculation to transpose a "First Last" field to a "Last, First" expression. Instead create NameFirst and NameLast fields (and create NameSalutation, NameMiddle, NameFirstPreferred ['Bob' for 'Robert' etc], and a NameSuffix fields while you are at it). Use whatever logic (some already posted and more below) to Populate these fields with their respective correct values and THEN (when you have fully broken up the "First Last" data as best you can and made a backup just incase) change the source field (let's say it was "Name") to a Calcul
  14. Hi All, I am just starting work on a "Action-Trigger" system. Concept and Simple Example: Have a table of Action-Triggers: Action: Key to SWITCH script (If-{ElsIf...}{-Else}-EndIf block) Trigger is the Calculation text that I wish to apply the Evaluate function to to return either "TRUE" (do the Action) or "FALSE" (don't do the action) I am having these be text values so that I can extend to things like "PROMPT" (see example) Simple Example: Motel with Sr. Citizen discount of $50 for those over 65 yrs of age. In my Action Trigger table I add this record (very pseu
  15. Hi Jamie, Thanks so much for the reply. I will try if I can... but first I will let you ask again, since I am only (at this time) using the "Copy" feature of ScriptMaster with scripts out of the box. Playing with the various send email and the popUp dialog and some basic file writing and deleting. If you really want me to post the actual script I will, but anyone with ScriptMaster has the code. Thanks again, and let me know. Ferdly
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