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  1. The client's event is annual. Our database will be on a newer version of FM Server by November 2021, but I have 12 months to get them there.
  2. We limped through yesterday afternoon with 14 and will be upgrading to something more modern soon. It's an annual event, so we have 12 months.
  3. Thank you for your attempts to help. It turns out that we needed to move from a FM Server 13 to FM Server 14. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Thank you deeply for your attempt to help. I thought I understood your suggestion, but apparently I'm missing something. When you say "make sure 'Desktop Site' is not checked on the top-right menu," I presume you're referring to a FileMaker menu while in Layout mode. (See attachment.) As far as I can tell -- and to the best of my knowledge -- this draws a rectangle of the stated size to guide with layout design, but it's not really a design element that controls anything. So you must be referring to something else. Or I'm misunderstanding how this setting works. I appr
  5. I wish I could use Go, but users will include Android users. Beyond my control.
  6. I thought it had been discontinued, but I now see that it was just older version. Edited my original post accordingly.
  7. I'm trying to use WebDirect to serve phone-sized pages. I created a new layout from the FileMaker templates. It's 320 pixels wide and 660 deep. But it comes out very small on my phone (see screen shot). Set Zoom Level isn't a valid script step for WebDirect. Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong or a workaround? Many thanks. A client needs this soon.
  8. How can I force IWP to log out a user if the user simply closes the browser window without completing the scripted process? I have the status area hidden and locked with a tightly scripted solution. This is for the public to use as an event registration system, so I can't count on training the user. I'm sure this is a common problem, but I couldn't find a topic in the forum.
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