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  1. Thanks, this works exactly the way I want it to work.
  2. Thank you all once again for your help. It was killing me that I could not put to practice some of the things discussed due to the extended weekend. Once I returned back to work I built a script based off of what you suggested and it worked. However it still needs some tweaking and I am afraid my FM skills are not up to par to figure out the tweaks needed. This is what I used: Set Variable [serviceForm_ID:;Value:(AssetManagement::ID:)] Set Field [serviceManagement::ID:; $ServiceForm_ID:] By clicking on the Item in my portal under the ID column (example - M-013), it populat
  3. Based on what I have explained, is there a solution (script/calculation) that will allow me to accomplish what I am trying to accomplish? Do you know of any books that I can purchase to help me learn about script writing, writing calculations and all the extra stuff you mentioned in your previous response? The service ticket section is basically done. I don't plan on making it overly complicated. The only children I guess would be the notes section that I have not finalized as of yet.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to work with me on this issue. Yes, you are correct, this portion of my DB is for the purpose of generating a service ticket. However, these service tickets are not exclusive to clients and their equipment. These service tickets are for any and everything that surrounds IT in my environment. Examples would be. . . .assigned or non-assigned assets, software adds, program instruction and more. This ticketing system is my record of my day to day. When I create a new service record, I have general information that populates specific fields automa
  5. I know nothing about these complicated scripts. Will this script Allow me to click on any asset within my portal to populate the layout fields where the portal resides? Or is another script needed to be added on to the script you provided?
  6. "equipment ID or ID (equipment)", That is just a table header. I use specific codes for each asset like "D-1,D-2,D-3" or "M-1,M-2,M-3". As far as the contact relationship I used the FM starter solution's relationship example by relating "first" and "last" names between "AssetManagement" and "ContactManagement". I can change that to give each client a unique descriptor.
  7. Let me try to explain. I have 3 Tables called - "ContactManagement";"AssetManagement";"ServiceManageMent". All tables are related to each other based on ID: (equipment) and Contact: (Full Clients' Name). My issue is with the layout I call "Service_Form". On this form I have several fields for typical help desk stuff but 3 fields I want to populate via my example. They are: [color:red]ID; [color:red]Asset; [color:red]Serial;. I have inserted a portal that relates to the "Contact" field that lists all equipment assigned to the [color:red]"Contact" that is pulled from the "AssetMa
  8. Thanks for the push. After reading your response it, clicked. I already had the fields, I just needed to create the correct relationship.
  9. I have a layout called "Assets" where I would like to insert a portal. The portal information is coming from another table called "Service". However, the data that I would like to see in this portal is only the data that relates to the asset record that is displayed or searched on. For an example: Laptop 13 is an asset, so when I select laptop 13 from the "Asset Table", I want to see all the data that is associated with that laptop. That part I have manage to complete using fields. In addition to that information I wanted a portal that would show all of the service tickets that pert
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