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  1. Skipped by date: Sept 8 original: 6 skipped: 1 Sept 9 original: 3 skipped: 1 Sept 10 original: 8 skipped 4 Sept 11 original: 4 skipped: 1 Sept 12 original: 1 skipped: none Sept 13 original: 2 skipped: none Sept 14 original: 7 skipped: 2
  2. My cable company asked me to track programming to troubleshoot a problem. I have a single table file with just 29 fields and two very simple custom scripts. The "loopy" script that's a problem: Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Loop Duplicate Record/Request Insert Calculated Result [select TVSeries::Date Show; TVSeries::Date Show +7] Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last] End Loop Go to Record/Request/Page [First] The purpose of this script is to create and maintain a unique list of shows for each week. The previous week's shows are duplicated and the newly created wee
  3. Ah, bummer. My use of FM is mostly personal and this is heavy lifting for me, but such is life. A belated birthday wish to you Wim!
  4. Wm & Loretta - thanks for the replies. 1. I'm not using custom fonts or styles. Verdana, Helvetica and occasionally Arial is all that's there. 2. Yes/No checkboxes should have the letter "x" for yes and be blank for no - both yes and no are blank 3. My text height before was 20 for text size of 11. Now it shows 13 pt - still Verdana 11pt but the width of the field itself becomes smaller in both height and width - truncating the text. 4. I upgraded from FMPA 11, which ran solidly - no crashing ever. 5. I will take your suggest and see if I can clean up the cosmetics by better learn
  5. Upgraded on Dec 3. Simple flag fields (yes/no) no longer visually show flag status, even though they function properly - these check boxes remain empty at all times. The color scheme for highlights, check boxes etc has changed. The field and text formatting has also changed. Text, auto entered through scripting, now has shortened field bottoms and narrowing of text fields. Some scripts default to the wrong tab on a layout. These are just a few of the issues presented with the upgrade. I don't know what other issues may be found as I use the file more fully. So my question is: re-wr
  6. I believe this was the programmer's approach. Are you saying duplication of his relationship structure would work for the other 6 tables?
  7. Re: http://fmforums.com/...rchical-portal/ Kind of scary looking to me, but will try it if the following doesn't go in the right direction. Does this work: Stay with the one CONTACTS layout Create a relationship for each of the 6 tables currently without categories as follows: Relationship: contacts_TableName :: contacts_TableName_Selected xgSelectedRecord = _idTableName AND _idfContacts = _idfContacts then Create a relationship between contacts_TableName_Seleted and contacts_CATEGORY1_Sel_LB where _idCATEGORY1 = category1 Then I would use the TableName relationshi
  8. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe what you're describing is what the programmer set up. Can you look at the screen shots above and tell me if that's true? If so, perhaps I can use your details to finally figure out how to get the 6 unfinished categories onto layouts so I can use them. This is not a solution for commercial use. It's personal and for my friends who keep asking if it's ready for them to use. The 8 tables are: Contacts, Associations, Activities, Health, $$$$, Notes, Things & Lockbox. The 8 tables are in 8 tabs on a single Contacts layout page - with the 7 ot
  9. I head over heels in love with simple. Would you know where I could find an example?
  10. There's no advantage I know of to keep them altogether. It's not what I asked of the programmer, it's what he said had to be done. The current structure allows for stopping after selecting the first, second, or third category. That is what I wanted. I didn't want to be forced into designating all 3 categories for each record in each table. I'm willing to try anything I can understand. When you suggest a recursive hierarchy: First, do I find the best documentation on how to do that in this forum or the FM Knowledge Base? 2nd, do you mean I create a new table to house all the cate
  11. I'm not sure I understand the correct definition of "classification." Within each table I need to designate conditional category values at up to 3 levels - category 1, 2 & 3. The category values are different in each of the 8 tables. What the programmer structured was a a single layout where I have to select one of the 8 table's arrows which then allows me to enter a value in category 1. That enables me to select its arrow and enter a value in category 2 and so on. In the 2 layouts for the tables he did all works. However, I can't even figure out how to get working fields on the other
  12. A bit over a year ago I had a piece of programming done for a solution of mine. The objective was to have conditional value category lists for each of 8 tables where I could input all values without leaving the table's layout. I was told by the programmer he provided the only option available - I'm looking to find out if there's a simpler alternative more suited to my skill level. These are the tables & fields that were created: These are the relationships created: Here's the first script: Here's a script (I assume was to be deleted as it's missing table & field info?)
  13. Thanks, so simple when you know the answer!
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