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  1. It's about IP Addresses that are being used. In other words something like 123.456.789.1 or 123.456.789.254. The last octet, or last set of 3 numbers is what is being checked. I think I will take the above suggestion and just create a second table then pre-populate it and populate the other lists with only the records not checked. I suppose I could also script it this way by checking whether a record exists for that number then inserting if it doesn't. Thanks for your help!
  2. I have a db that holds a lot of information about each unit in our inventory. I am attempting to write a script that would show a list of values "open" for a particular field (IP Addresses) Basically Field IP4 will have a number between 1 and 3 characters between 1 and 254. I want to find (after going through each record) which IP's are NOT being used (Wouldn't have a record). For instance: Record 1 = 2 Record 2 = 5 Record 3 = 10 I want a container field to be populated with: 1 3 4 6 7 8 9 Etc all the way to 254 (If 254 is not being used that
  3. Let me start over... I have a theoretical list of accounts, credit cards. Sorted from lowest balance, to highest balance. This list would more than likely be a value list generated from all the records of an "Accounts" table. At any rate... The way the "Debt Snowball" works is...you pay minimums on all credit cards in this list. The lowest balance card (top of the list) gets an extra amount, ($25) in my example above... Once that card is paid is off, the minimum payment from the first card, plus the extra $25, plus the minimum payment of the next card, gets
  4. They are separate, basically, when one gets paid off, the monthly payment from that account gets applied to the next account on the "list", this happens over and over until everything is paid off.
  5. But how would FM know to automatically add the payment amount from a paid off account to the next account in line? Perhaps this job is better done with scripting?
  6. I am attempting to set up a "calculator" / progress tracker into my database. Basically speaking, I will use this for the "Debt Snowball" method. Say I have account A, B, and C A has $100 minimum payment $25 + $25 extra B has $200 minimum payment $25 C has $300 minimum payment $25 1st month - Payments: A = $100 - 50 = $50 B = $200 - 25 = $175 C = $300 - 25 = $275 2nd month - Payments: A = $50 - 50 = Paid B = $175 - 25 = $150 C = $275 - 25 = $250 3rd month - Payments: B = $150 - 25 - 50 = $75 C = $250 - 25
  7. Is there a way to add buttons to a table row? (I know this can be done in Portals) Or would I have to change it to list view an mimic the table view?
  8. I know this because of how they clear the account (in what order). I need them to be in the proper order to reconcile with statements. Sure I can sort by status, but then what happens when all the statuses for a given date are "Cleared"? Then FM will revert to ID sort, which will be "wrong" due to the recurring transactions being created before daily transactions. At the basic level, I need a way to rearrange these records within each day...I guess I could just create another field,"Order Number" and add that to the Sort instead of the ID...and manually enter the value? The o
  9. Get ready for a headache! I have this wonderful Finance database that I have been working on (With your guys' help) for quite some time. In this window (Table View) it shows all transactions for a given account. The issue is that the program also manages "recurring transactions" which it automatically creates records for at the beginning of the month. Each record has an "ID" that is a sequential serial added at birth. Problem is, (see picture), when the recurring transaction gets created, it's ID will be lower than another transaction that might occur on the same date,
  10. Yeah I thought about the right side after I had posted that reply... And the Date function did the trick! Just for posterity's sake, the working Calculation was: If[RecurringTransactions::RTNextDate ≤ Date(Month(Get(CurrentDate))+1;10;Year(Get(CurrentDate)))] Thank you for all your help!
  11. Even with: Case (GetAsDate(10/10/2011) ≤ Month(Get(CurrentDate))+1&"/"&10&"/"&Year(Get(CurrentDate));"True"; ) Still showing True... I am only doing this test because the following seems to be acting reversed: If[RecurringTransactions::RTNextDate ≤ Month(Get(CurrentDate))+1&"/"&10&"/"&Year(Get(CurrentDate))] When RTNextDate = 9/2/2011 the Script doesn't fire, when it = 10/10/2011, it fires P.s. - RTNextDate is a date field with a pop up Calendar, so I know it's a valid date...
  12. I am running a simple Show Dialog to troubleshoot one of my scripts... If I run this calculation: "Case ("10/10/2011" ≤ Month(Get(CurrentDate))+1&"/"&10&"/"&Year(Get(CurrentDate));"True"; )" I get "True" If I run this calculation: "Case ("9/2/2011" ≤ Month(Get(CurrentDate))+1&"/"&10&"/"&Year(Get(CurrentDate));"True"; )" I get "" How does that make sense? I even ran: Month(Get(CurrentDate))+1&"/"&10&"/"&Year(Get(CurrentDate)) And got 9/10/2011 So I know that at least FM is seeing the date
  13. Steven, What I am after is actually storing my bank account information, credit cards numbers, etc, and online account informaiton in this database, basically my whole life. So that in the event of my demise my Wife would have access to all this critical information with a simple login (a cryptic password for sure!). Sure I could hand write it, put it in our Fireproof safe, etc, but that brings with it the problems of water damage, theft, unrecoverable fire, etc. If I were to remove the admin functions I would no longer be able to modify the file myself would I? (As far as layouts,
  14. Well THAT was incredibly helpful, not. As I said in my post, I am aware of the multitude of programs out there to crack the program. Is there a way to make it more secure?
  15. Is Filemaker Pro 10 Secure enough to store things like Account numbers, username, passwords, etc? I know there are many "crackers" out there...I want to make sure that if this information is indeed stored in the database that if the file was to fall into the wrong hands that it could not be cracked. I thought of using a Sparse image on Mac, but they cannot be opened on Windows Machines...
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