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  1. Does the hosting machine have a static IP address? If not it might not be the same every time it opens, hence that would explain why it only works sometimes...
  2. Eureka! Ridiculously simple issue.... We all use networked accounts here - save and append PDFs to the network account and this error will pop up intermittently - I'm guessing because the server is busy backing up the newly created PDF at the same time that FileMaker is trying to append to it.... Or something like that anyway... Amended script to save everything to the temporary folder (which is local) using Get ( TemporaryPath ) - it works sweet as a nut every time! Thanks for your help everyone! Hurrah!!!!
  3. Heya do you mean a separate "opener" or "starter" file that would live on your users desktop or wherever which does the Open Remote faff for you? If so... Opener file has one script which does the following; Open File ["Student Records"] Close File Change file options on this opener file so that it runs this script upon open. Next write a script in Student Records called Open/Start or whatever you fancy which goes to your layout. Then set this script to call upon open of the file... File Options in the File menu This way the opener file does its job, then gets o
  4. Get (ActiveFieldName) will return the name of the currently active field. However - i agree with the previous two posts :)
  5. Hi Dan Thanks for your response - I think in the past I had attempted to use container fields and images on IWP, but had issues so I discounted this straight away.... I can't remember specifically what my issues were last time, but clearly there's no issue here! Working great with containers and images now! Vicky
  6. Hi Tom R Personally I would consider keeping all of the people records in the same table, differentiating different types of contacts with a Type field. Keeping them all in one place, gives you certain advantages e.g. if at some point you need to report or search through all of your contacts together then they are handily in once table ready for you... Then you just needs separate layouts to display different types of people showing the relevant fields for that type of user. Then I'd have employment as a separate table so that you can have employment records that start and end b
  7. Hey hey As doughemi said global fields are User and Session specific. I.e. the values hold for this user while they are logged into the system in the current session - when they log out all those values are cleared out (when accessed through FMS). I'm guessing the reason that you are still having problems, based on doughemi's advice, is that you are most likely still treating your fields like globals despite the fact that you have turned global storage off.... Your country field needs to be a non-global, there needs to be only 1 record in this table and to amend the value of the
  8. Hi All I've been building a database or my fellow developers and I to use to project manage our workload which is to be hosted via IWP so that users from different sites can easily access it. I wanted to make the system look fairly nice, but still be able to function over the web with as little modifications as possible. However I needed the database to be able to produce gantt charts... Bearing this in mind I basically created the gantt charts using repeating fields - each repetition represents a date and each record represents a different project. I tried to think of a good w
  9. David Jondreau Thanks for your response - correct - you cannot create a PDF with the same name as an open file. But my file IS NOT OPEN. I only open the file on the last save (append) which should not be a problem and in fact this works intermittently. My filename is valid - as mentioned previously this problem is intermittent on the same save - first PDF saves fine, first append fails with error 800 and the last PDF appends successfully. This is all using the same file path saved on the same variable at the beginning of the script. If I run the script slowly through debugger I gene
  10. My other sneaky workaround is out the window... Thought of this as I am required to generate the PDFs for 150 records in a batch so I've looped my original script for this purpose... If the error code was 800 I was going to enter a loop to basically continually attempt to append until the error is 0 then exit the loop, however error 800 is un-supressable so that's a no-go. Just sitting here OKing error messages as my script loops through now...
  11. Yup using FileMaker Server... And I know it is a difficult statement to swallow as it doesn't really make sense... I had implemented the changes to the PDF - making it a list view of our edits table with the other related data showing in the header and footer. Then the server went down. Then we rehosted the files, it went down again, and again... There was one user waiting for the files to come back up, then running the PDF script - each time they did it they got the spinning wheel, then everyone else got the spinning wheel, then everyone was booted out and server went down...
  12. brian rich Thanks for your post. I totally agree - I have no idea either... I've worked with appending PDFs before and not encountered this issue... Went back to this and tried adding a Refresh Window step, flushing external data, however I still experience the same problem intermittently. john renfrew You gave me the idea to use a command line PDF merger (indirectly ) and this worked beautifully till I explained to superiors that the command line utility would need to be installed on all machines and all new ones... They're not so keen on this one! So the next p
  13. bcooney Normally I would agree with you about not splitting this up - however I have tried this, using as you suggest only the fields I need - simple number and text fields only. However when I went to print/PDF after finding the records it took forever and a day to print/PDF and in most instances crashed the users FileMaker and also managed to taker the entire server down on 2 occasions... I'm pretty certain this shouldn't happen but it did! I tried re-creating this layout from every possible angle, but could not make it work "properly"... I know there's nothing at all wrong with th
  14. Hi All We have a script in our system that generates a PDF which details records and their related details. Originally this PDF layout was contained within our globals table - it showed, via a relationship based on global fields, the record we want to look at (the version) plus the related lines in portals (the edits), however there was an issue with this... Sometimes the record we wanted to PDF had over 200 related edits and the portal option restricted us here to a fixed number of records. Also in order to take into consideration large amounts of text in the portal row we had
  15. Hi Kent There's a number of ways you can do this, here's 2; Write a script to import the relevant data from the quotation into the invoices table, so in your script you'd need to omit all other quotations records aside from the one you want to convert to an invoice (show all, omit record, show omitted will do this), go to the invoice table and perform an import script step matching the fields you want to pull across (once you're done make sure you switch the dialog off on the import as you don't want your users to see that bit). I'd also recommend creating a foreign key for the qu
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