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  1. We have been using SuperContainer for nigh on 10 years for storing several thousand product images. Every so often we need to access the particular image via the Finder from another Mac on our 1 GB/s local network, usually to correct a file name. The files are stored in a directory on the FMS SSD under this path: /Users/Shared/SuperContainer/Files/Grandmothers Garden/Products/ The FMS is running on a 2012 4-core MacMini with macOS 10.14.6, 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD. FMS version is 18.0.2. The SuperContainer directory has these stats: 6.9 GB with 3.3 GB in the Products folder and another 3.4 GB in a Thumbnails folder. Are both of these folders needed, as there appear to be subfolders under each Thumbnails parent folder with what appear to be different resolutions of each product? Over the next month I plan to install a 2018 6-Core MacMini with 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD. Should I have the SuperContainer Directory on a Separate SSD such as the OWC Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 with its fast read access to improve Finder access to individual image folders, or will we still be restricted by the 1 GB/s ethernet cables, all connected to a single managed switch?
  2. Hi Ryan, I now recall it was two of those URL parameters that were needed in the Web Viewer but I cannot remember what they were. Noapplet might have been one and readonly another. Would that be correct? Cheers, John
  3. Hi, I've been reading thru SC documentation for the latest release of the Companion Plugin and recall seeing a short reference to a method for loading a jpg into a portal. There seemed to some special properties that needed to be added to the URL. Can someone please help me? Thanks, John Wolff, Hamilton, NZ
  4. Hi Caleb, Our internet connection between the web server and our SC server is far too slow for a direct linkage between the product page on the web site and the SC server. We also have a data cap of 100 GB/month. To get around these two restrictions, we have a FileMaker Script which transfers the image (Base64 encoded) to the mySQL table via ESS, then calls a routine which makes the image available for the web page. It works OK for the 4.5K of products that we have on the site: www.grandmothers.co.nz Since the URLs you've listed refer to multiple files inside the same parent folder, we should be able to proceed with the file structure that I proposed initially. No?? Regards, John
  5. Hi, We're wanting to load multiple images for each product onto a product's web page. Our web designer has made provision for this by adding a field in the product_images table for the display_order, eg 1, 2, 3 etc. I thought it would be convenient for us if we held those additional jpg images in the same folder as the first image which is already there. We'd use distinguishing suffix to the product code that also matches their display order. Will this have any unintended consequences for the SC server?? Thanks, John Wolff (Hamilton, NZ)
  6. Hi Michael, I've seen that R does indeed have an AppleScript dictionary but, as I'm no AS guru, that's as far as I've gone. Unfortunately, there is no AS dictionary for RStudio, a popular UI for R. Regards, John
  7. Hi Jeremy & Mark. I appreciate your responses and the enthusiasm you share for extending this knowledge amongst our fellow developers. As I've never attended an unconference session, I'm uncertain of its probable outcome. We'd each likely to have divergent views that we'd want to share and these could easily provide an incoherent message to interested bystanders who could, and should, become more conversant with the best tools for "Date Analysis" irrespective of how you wish to define that requirement. I therefore believe that some planning is required ahead of any unconference session so that a coherent message can result from divergent contributions. Might that be held on Sunday 19th July before DevCon gets underway? Thus far I've listened to several webinars from gurus at R Studio, which provides an enhanced UI for running R analyses. I've also started reading several books, each of which aims to provide an introduction to the core R commands for basic statistical analyses. By the time of DevCon I'd hope to have gained some dexterity in applying those analyses to our own requirements. I'm certainly supportive if you, Jeremy, want to develop modules that can interface FM with the R commands but that would undoubtedly be a considerable undertaking. Perhaps you can gain some indication of the value of proposed modules from the feedback that becomes evident at DevCon. We have time to discuss options. No doubt there are other contributors who have wisdom to share. Regards, John
  8. Hi Mark & Jeremy, I've just found this thread and find myself in complete agreement with so many of the sentiments expressed there. After listening to Luke Rochester's session at DevCon last year, I decided that one of my priorities would be to follow his recommendations and plot out some historical data on sales of various product lines from our own company, especially as we've experienced declining sales over the last two years. After pulling the data together and graphing it along with the average for the previous 12 months as Luke demonstrated, I wanted to calculate the regression lines with their standard errors. As I've NEVER been a fan of Excel with all their buried formulas for stat functions, I turned to a former colleague at the Animal Research Station where I'd be a scientist many years earlier. He pointed me towards R as the modern way to do stats and I've become fascinated by the power and dexterity of that Open Source package, though far from becoming conversant and dexterous with its cryptic command line interface. Even though R has a long and fairly steep learning curve, it is now my firm opinion that it is ideal partner to FMP for any form of multivariate data analysis. Thus I'd love to see a gathering of like minded FMP developers at DevCon in Las Vegas. Several contributors to this thread obviously have the statistical support that each needs but I'm hopeful that you all see some benefit from FM developers being encouraged to add some rudimentary R expertise to their developer skill set. I will be interested to hear your reactions. With best regards, John Wolff Hamilton, New Zealand
  9. During DevCon, I thought I heard someone mention that it was possible to upload files from SuperContainer to the FTP directory for an externally hosted web site. I've tried to do this using the Sample Client file that comes with FTPeek but cannot get the file path correct for our SuperContainer location which is in the Shared folder on our FMS MacPro. Will this only work if the Sample Client file is also hosted by FMS? Please help!
  10. Hi ooparah, Thank you for your prompt reply. After paying some more attention to the exact text of the code, I've been able to get it behaving. Clearly, the additional "&" are needed even though they seem redundant We now have Delete, Choose File and Upload file buttons that were not there previously but we can live with them. I'll likely get some further tweaks of this code from your team whilst at DevCon next month. Sincerely, John
  11. Hi Guys, With the update of SuperContainer from v2.792 to v2.863 in FM V11 we appear to have have lost the automatic resizing of our jpg images. The URL we were using was: "http://" & "" & "/SuperContainer/Files/" & "Grandmothers Garden/Products" & "/" & Products::MWProductCode &"?style=upload" & "width=" & GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "supercontainer" ; "width" ) - 2 & "height=" & GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "supercontainer" ; "height" ) - 2 The web viewer dimensions are 246 px wide by 345 px high. I've tried using those dimensions as per the example in the Documentation but the images are not resizing and the scroll bars remain. Most images are larger than the web viewer. I therefore conclude that I have a syntax error which has surfaced with the update and I would be most grateful if the error can be spotted. Thanks, John Wolff Hamilton, New Zealand.
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