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  1. Thank you, and sorry for my late reply, I am not receiving notifications, and have to fix this as well! I have downloaded the file, but how can I edit it in order to see how it is built? I cannot see any layout feature if it remains in user mode. Regards
  2. Ok, there are a few updates. I have two related tables, one with orders and one with line items for each order. Data input happens through a portal for line items. My need is to setup an invocing layout. I understood that the correct layout is the list layout, which puts in the body the order line items. Everything perfect... except... it only shows the first line item of a certain order, not all of them Anyone can help? thank you Regards
  3. Hello djlane, thank you for your help: 1) I am not printing the portal 2) I am selecting the "line items" table 3) Indeed, the list layout automatically "designs" the layout as I meant, BUT it shows only the first item , why? thanks
  4. sorry for my late reply, I did not receive email notifications. I have trouble downloading the file. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I have searched the forum without finding answer to my doubt. I am setting up an invoicing system with FM10, and I have two tables, one with orders and one with line items. I have set an input layout where the user inputs in a portal the line items for each order. Now I am setting up a print layout, the idea is to print a table with all the line items of a record. The table should be dynamic and show as many lines as the line items in the order. I think that the idea is to put column names in the header and than line item fields in the body. Unfortunately it shows onl
  6. I have tried to customize this too. When I go into the contacts layout module, I try to add fields (which of course I added in the table before), and here comes the problem. The fields are blue and named ("powerful solutions", "customize buttons" ....) and I can't modify them. How could I do that? thanks
  7. This too is very helpful, because it allows me to understand the way the DB is built. The FM productivity tool is very complex and thus far more complicated to understand. Thank you very much Regards
  8. thank you very much for the link, I have downloaded it and I am now customizing to my needs. I was short on time and could not dedicate proper attention to searching previous posts, my apologies.
  9. Hi everybody, this is my first post here as I have just recently landed on FileMaker. I am trying to develop a simple program that my mother will have to use for her job. Basically she will have to input several fields in tables and then she should be able to use those data to: -track orders -generate invoices I have some knowledge with MS Access but I am looking into FM as I am using a Mac and she is using a PC, plus I would like to make somehting graphically more evolved than Access. The structure: Table 1: client contacts (name, address, email...) Table 2: clie
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