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  1. I'm trying to write a script that will set a field across a found set based on user input and have it looped according to another field's criteria. This is a horrible explanation so here is the situation. I'm tracking three separate fields. Field A is unique. Field B is dependent on what Field C is and is user inputted. I have a script where I ask given Field C, "what is field B?". It will go ahead and set Field B for all the same Field C, then move to the next Field C that is different. I can get it to loop once, but then it stops looping for the next set. I cannot use a calculation beca
  2. That totally worked!! I hadn't thought about using relative tables at all. This is perfect since I was trying to modify things for scalability issues. Thanks for your help! Hoon
  3. I think the data is unpacked. Thanks for the link. So records would be like this. |Chapter|record number|max number| |100|1|100-4| |100|2|100-4| |100|3|100-4| |100|4|100-4| |200|1|200-2| |200|2|200-2| |300|1|300-1| I'm looking for a way to update the max number whenever I add more records. So the next import might be Chapter 100, number 5. I would need the max number to all be updated to 100-5.
  4. Does this script search based on multiple find records or separate finds based on multiple records? I'll try to be clearer about my question and intent. I'm tracking a document that is split into separate parts like chapters. Within each chapter I'm also tracking individual records. Chapters are numerical such as 100, 200, 300, 400, etc. The number that I ultimately need to track is a combination of the chapter number and the record number, so that each database record has a unique ID of chapter-record number, i.e. 100-1, 100-2, 100-3, 200-1, 200-2, 200-3, etc. I have a scri
  5. Hello all, Is there any way to loop find requests based on a value list? I essentially want to run a script based on multiple finds, but separately. If I have a field, FieldA where the in the values are 100, 100, 200, 200, 300, I'm looking for a way where I can loop a find request as a set variable so that the script would be like this. Set Variable[$var; Value:Table1::FieldA] Enter Find Mode Set Field [FieldA;$var] Perform Find Perform Script[script] However the "100" would loop so that then next find would search for "200" and so on. The long way would be to man
  6. I'm trying a different approach for this now since I couldn't get it working. Now what I'm trying to do is compare the number of records between the two tables to see if it is > 0. So if my dbnums match, I've created a field that is a calculation to get the summary per dbnum on the post table. Therefore if the summary num is > 0 for each of the dbnum then in the pre table the done field should be marked. Will this work?
  7. Thanks for the suggestion but the find count will always be different between the 2 tables. The first table (the "pre" action) will have only unique dbnums per record, but second table (the "post" action) will have multiple records per dbnum. I guess it is similar to filming a movie where you want to shoot a specific shot so in table 1 you have shot 1. When you film it you will have multiple takes of shot 1. So what I want this script to do is to make sure that once I've "filmed" shot 1, then it will mark in table 1 that it is done. I hope that makes sense.
  8. Hello again, I have 2 tables that share a field called dbnum for database number, which in table 1 is a unique number but for table 2 is a number with multiple records with different variations. The tables are a 2 step process to track if an action had been done or not. The first table is to prep the action with the unique number. I have another field called Status with the radio buttons "done", "not done", and "redo". I don't want to set the field with a calculation so that I can manually set the radio buttons if I want. When adding records to the first table, the default is to mark them
  9. I decided to go with a different report structure so I no longer need this answered. Thanks for viewing.
  10. Hello again great community! Is it possible to have a radio button be triggered base upon a field belonging to a specific value list? I've seen a lot about using value lists for ease of data entry, but not a whole lot for verification purposes. I know I can do this as part of a script or as a replace field command, but is there something that will update automatically so I don't have to run the same thing all the time or have to list every item separately? Scenario. I have a field called "product", and 2 value lists called "fruit" and "vegetable". I also have two radio buttons wit
  11. Yeah! That did the trick. This is awesome! Thanks for you help.
  12. How do I use a summary field for multiple instances? Right now the summary field finds the max for everything instead of grouping them by category.
  13. I have to set a max number for each category in a found set. I set up a script to handle adding in the max value of a found set but I would like for it to handle adding the max value for each found category. I have the category set as a value list. Is it possible to loop a find with the set max script to go through each of the values found in the value list? There are approximately 30 different categories, and I know that I could manually have it go through each of them, but I figured there must be an cleaner and more concise way. An example would be there there are records in CategoryA
  14. There are up to 20 different locations and the categories are limited to about 20 different categories. There would not be more than a max of 20 items, so I guess it would either expand or repeat after a certain threshold. Ideally, I would want something like this. 1/20/10 - San Francisco - Food - 1, 2, 3, 4 1/20/10 - San Francisco - Materials - 5, 6 1/20/10 - Oakland - Food - 7, 8, 9 1/20/10 - Oakland - Materials - 10, 11 Each number above represents a separate record. Is this possible at all? Essential I'm looking for a way to create a list of found records by criteria.
  15. Hi there everyone, I'm starting to explore the wonderful world of Filemaker. I'm trying to create a specific report. Here are the details. I'm trying to create a report of a list of numbers per category per location by date. So if I look up a specific date, I want the report to first list everything grouped in locationA, then in categoryA, but list out every number. Then repeat by categoryB and so forth. I've tried changing the amount of columns, and that sort of works, but I would like a cleaner look with each sub-summary and result all on one line instead of each being on separat
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