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  1. I'm having a similar problem to those mentioned and was hoping someone could comment on it. I create a database under FM Pro 12 Advanced, store a small movie in a container field and then transfer the database (via email) to an iPhone 5 running FMGO 12. I have a script that operates so that when a certain location is entered (sensed by the location function) it brings up a particular record with the movie in the container field. Under FMPRO 12, I have it set to automatically display the movie when that record is displayed and it works fine. When the same file runs under FMGO on the iPhone, I h
  2. That would definitely be one possibility. I was trying to do this whole thing as a "simple" work-around to what is really needed, a multi-tenant database. I need people to be able to access a database, answer a set of questions, and keep those answers separate and available for each user separately. The answers would need to be available and stored for later use by the same user. The problem I was wrestling with, was how to do that and also re-use the same scripts for any client that came into the database. I already have a version of the database that works for one client at a time (compiled
  3. To allow access through a main validation fmpro program to other databases through IWP. The user would only use a browser as the interface. --Peter
  4. I guess I do. I just put together a quick attempt at this and it failed. I created a mainlogin fmpro database with two fields - username and password. I then created a script which, when executed, would look at the username and password and based on which combo was entered, issues the "Open File" command to open one of two different databases residing in the same folder (Windows). I set the mainlogin database to be available under IWP and left it open. I went to my other laptop, used Firefox to get net access to the mainlogin database, entered a valid username and password, pressed the Go butt
  5. Ok - understand that, thanks. I wanted to take this question a step further, if you'll indulge me. I would like to have a user with a web browser access a filemaker database that is being hosted, give their username and password credentials for validation, and then based on their validation, have a script open a specific filemaker database for them to use. I'm trying to figure out if this would work in IWP or a Filemaker server hosted database or if I run afoul of who is executing the "file open" command in this scenario. -(other issue I have, is that I want the hosted database to cre
  6. The reason I thought you couldn't use the "Open File" script step is that when you ask the script manager to "Show compatibility" the "Open File" script step is grayed out when "Server" (or for that matter, Web Publishing) is selected. Is the compatibility guide wrong?? Thanks for your initial reply and would appreciate any ideas you have on this. --Peter Brooks
  7. I was wondering (conceptually) if it would be possible to do the following: Host several different Filemaker Pro 11 advanced databases on Filemaker server with a front-end FM Pro program that would open and allow access to a specific database based on a password or pin entered by a user coming into the front-end program. It appears that one cannot issue the "Open File" command from a script when a FileMaker Pro database is running on FileMaker Server. Is this true? Is there any way to accomplish this? Thanks for any feedback. --Peter Brooks peter.brooks@theconsultantssource.com
  8. Yes - but it uses a script that stores multiple values in one field, then generates multiple finds ("OR" finds) to create a found set.
  9. I have a table with 12 subjects. The user can go to a layout where they can select, through check boxes, any number of these subjects to create a found set of records. At any time they choose, I would like the users to be able to go to a layout, where using a dropdown list, they can select one of the subjects in the found set only, and go directly to the first record that contains that subject name. I don't want them to see all 12 subjects - only the ones that they originally selected. I also want to keep the found set that contains the selected subjects. I know that value lists will always sh
  10. Possibly but that will have to wait for next major revision of the program. Is there any way to do what I am attempting without majorly rewriting my application?
  11. This may be long but want to make it clear. Database application that is designed to let the user pick a set of subjects and then is presented with questions about each subject with multiple choices on each screen. Single table with a self-join - Fields are "Subject", "Category (subsets for each Subject)" and then Question 1 through Question 5 all in the same record and presented on a single layout. The user is first presented with a "Subjects' layout - they pick pick the "Subjects" from a set of check boxes presented through a Value List. A Find is then executed through a script (doe
  12. I want to create long descriptions next to my radio buttons. The text would be long enough to wrap down a line or two if it was in a normal field. Radio button text seems to not be able to wrap and wants to show up as a really long line which will truncate on a layout. Is there any way to get around this limitation (I know I can program a separate radio button selection box and put it next to fields laid out on the screen and program that, but I wanted to do it directly from the results of value list). Embedding CR/LF doesn't seem to work either. Any ideas on this? Thanks. --Peter Brooks
  13. turned out to be a path issue that I was able to fix. Thanks for the reply
  14. As I mentioned, I already use three layouts that the next or previous buttons go to - but in a randomized order. This was to make sure that people using the application actually read the questions and don't continually click the same number button without understanding what they are reading. Also, I can't predict which question set will have blank fields so I can't use a pre-determined layout for this purpose. Any other ideas??
  15. Not sure what topic this belongs in but here goes - I have an application that displays questions that need to be answered (not user modifiable). Next to each question I have a radio button set so that a user can select the answer they want and it generates a numeric answer. Some of the questions in a record can be blank. Right now I am using conditional formatting to make the blank fields disappear and a gray text box that covers the radio button if the field is empty. This works, but is kludgy because filemaker leaves ghost lines around the field when any field is selected and when in th
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