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  1. Yes i am entring Accountname/Password of Admin console( Filemaker server).
  2. HI , Please reply i am waiting all of you suggestions/reasons/solutions.
  3. Hi To All, When i am trying to uplad new file on Filemaker server 14 , its giving connection failed error after giving "Username/Password" of Filemaker server by clicking Next. How i am doing: By using File->share>>Upload to filemaker server Please Help me and let me know , if someone have any idea for it.
  4. Hi Mike , Thanks for your solutions. I have tried this and its working great!!!!!. Thank you very much guys. One small query " In script code for text type we are sending data in Quote function (Quote(field name text) and for number it is working without using Quote like just (field name number ) but for date type how can i pass date data as when i am using with QUote it is taking date as number and when using without Quote it is converting it number? Below example taking company as text and Zip as number: $sheet.data & ",[" & Quote ( Companies::Company ) & "," & ( Companies::Zip ) & "]" For Date type how to set?
  5. Thanks for your solutions. I am absolutely going to try Mike idea. Thank you very much guys.
  6. Hi To All, During export records in excel format, we only allows to save data in single worksheet. MY quesetion is that "Is there any possibility to save data in excel in multiple tab(worksheet) for single excel?" actually i have 3 different format of data in single report and i have to export it and when i am exporting in single worksheet, it is saving the data but format is disturbing for other 2 format design as i can only export in 1 specific design. Thanks in Advance, I tried out lots of R & D but not found any meaningful reply.
  7. Need more input on Filemaker Cloud and AWS

    Hi Mike, Can you provide any link/video which shows "How Filemaker server deployed on virtual space( is it simple as we do it on our Servers?) and user connected to files .2. If i choose virtual space of AWS , will i fully granted to use my filemaker server process (like backups/ server maintenance etc..) 3. If i want/planning changes in file functionalities..will it simple as well with Server running and users using and same time i am doing my changes? (Isn't like i have to down the server then do change(even it very small change like to edit value list or change labels of design). How much will it cost? Thanks,
  8. Hi to All, I am looking for services for taking virtual space for my filemaker server and filemkaker pro (Through citrix, user connected ). I am exploring the things. After checking difference between filemaker cloud and own installed Filemaker server. I concluded myself to use virtual space by taking AWS services and install filemaker server. Still i want to clear few doubts on filemaker cloud: 1. Filemaker does not support schedule server scripts but have option to user perform script :what do you mean by that(is it we can schedule filemaker scripts by perform script step but it does not support system level scripts?) as current we are using Citrix platform for users to give then access. 2. Is citrix supported by AWS , if yes how much cost( there are total 55 files on our 2 filemaker servers and around 2000+ uses using it but simultaneous users are not more than 100+)..what are the other alternative of Citrix? Thanks in Advance,
  9. Hi To All, I wants to know possible ways/methods so that multi-user environment and simultaneous transactions can update the same data/record to produce consistent results. Currently there is either zero or less control of data concurrency and data consistency in my FileMaker App. Like as in Oracle , there is Transaction Isolation level setup with help of Serializability concept. What possible ways we can do to make Data Concurrency and consistency in FileMaker Apps? Need suggestion and all of you expert comments. Thanks in advance,
  10. Hi to All, I am creating 1 batch script to automate my manual task. in this task i have to copy 5 csv files from 1 location server to another location( my filemaker server documents folder). I am able to copy single batch file to put on another location but not able to copy multiple files and put all in single batch script even after googling. Lets say my files name are A.csv, B.CSV, C.CSV, D.csv, E.CSV Below is my code. Please do help/correct me where i am wrong . /log="D:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Documents\XYZ.log" /command "open XXX_Test" "get "/home/ge00/TEST_SFTP/A.csv ""D:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Documents\A.csv"" "exit" Thanks in Advance,
  11. Hi Wim, As per outlook error, i have configured my outlook profile onto server . Then i again export ..this time excel file attached to email but i got server Busy error log which results my screen freezed and again i need to sign out from there(already attached in my first post of this conversation). So i am attaching the internal event error log. But i want to know is really this filemaker functionality working ? i mean while export, to select attach email option functionality working perfect or not? Event_error.txt
  12. Thanks Wim, Quite interesting that we have fmDotNet kind of .net platform by which we can implement CWP. I am eager to learn this. DO we have any stuff related to fmDotNet to learn? as on google , i just found 2 line of detail only. Thanks,
  13. Hi, We are currently using File-maker server 14 along with Pro(250 License) and Pro advanced( 1 license). In this we are also using webdirect for few reports and data entry and no. of users are less than 25. But i am thinking to replace Webdirect to CWP by PHP. So i need suggestion on it as my business scenario. Also we are not good in PHP, for CWP definitly we would be require PHP expertise resource. So 1 side webdirect with 25 License cost and 2nd side implement CWP using PH resource by requiring all related technical specification of it. Please suggest.
  14. Thanks Wim. but as you suggested Two ways around that: work with your Citrix guys so that each citrix session does have an outlook profile and can launch Outlook. Or, use "Send Mail" with the SMTP option instead option. So in first case :We have been running these apps for more than 15 years now.. never configured Outlook Profile in Citrix as it is NOT required or recommended by FileMaker too. 2nd case: use "Send Mail" with the SMTP option instead option: We are using Send email step using SMTP and it is working well in other scripts. Please advice/comment on this.

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