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  1. I'm trying to have my textbox highlight a row of fields based on what the field's value is. The pseudo-code I'm trying to accomplish: If FieldA ≤ 12.5 AND FieldA ≥ 9.55, highlight Green. If FieldA ≤ 9.5 AND FieldA ≥ 6.55, highlight Grey. If FieldA ≤ 6.5, highlight Yellow. Since it is a Textbox, I have to use "Formula Is" and this is the calculation I have but doesn't work. Formula is Case ( FieldA ≤ 12.5 and FieldA ≥ 9.55; "Green";) What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help!
  2. This is exactly what I was looking for help on! Thank you! It looks great!
  3. Sorry about that. It's actually Layout #7 that shows what happens when I create a report.
  4. Just curious if anyone has any suggestions or clues.
  5. I'm having trouble creating a report from a portal. When I create the report layout and go to Preview, the report layouts are limited. I have the file attached. I want my reports to look like the JPEG I posted earlier. Hopefully this helps. VoiceAudition.zip
  6. What I'm trying to do is create a report layout that will look like the picture I posted when I go to preview (before printing). However, it doesn't layout the fields properly from the portal. Everything lists in an outline form, when I want my report to list just like the picture. I believe if you click on the picture, it'll give you the full size. If you need to see my database, I am more than happy to show you the layout of it.
  7. Good demo, however, I have a tricky situation. My database has portal made up of a many-to-many relationship, and I would like to have my data from the portal displayed in a report. However, it has to look like the JPG that I have attached. I have searched thru all documentation and forums, but cannot seem to get it to appear the way it should. Help?
  8. I have a database that I am utilizing the ScriptMaster plugin. Our clients were recently updated to the latest version of Java (6.0.180) and ever since then FileMaker has not been able to open with the ScriptMaster plugin installed. The FileMaker splash window (the white box) opens and closes instantly. I'm assuming that the latest Java update has broken something within ScriptMaster that when FileMaker tried to load the plugin, it fails. I have experienced this so far on Windows 7 machines running FileMaker Pro Advanced 10 and Windows XP machines running FileMaker Pro 10. Has anyone els
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