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  1. I have a field that contains a "percentage". I get data from several outside sources to populate this field. The rub is I need to format this field to read correctly as a percentage example 55% or 100%. The data come from outside sources as follow 100, 100%, 100.00 or sometime 1. Another example 55, 55%, 55.00, & .55.I would need this to all be one format with a condition, but I am having a hard time figuring out how to do this. I am sure it is easy but I am stumped.
  2. I am open to both of those ideas. I am just not sure how to pull it off. I am creating a second table to hopefully make another self joining table to run reports. I would like to pull the individual policy numbers in order to summaries each policy by amount received. So if I have a policy with 1 record or if I have a policy with 5 records I can total them. Again I am just trying to figure out the easiest way but I am very new to FM. If there is a way to pull the first occurrence of policy numbers in the same table that would be awesome but I am not sure how to do this. I am going to be adding to the table each week so it would be beneficial if I could do this without having to run a script each week looking for new records and updating. What I see happening is having to run 2 scripts the way I am doing it. One the goes through all 200k of the records find duplicates then populates them into another table called Policy numbers. Then once I have polluted this each week having to go back through that and identify duplicates again. So ideas again are welcome I am willing to try anything.
  3. Hello, I have looked over the forums and I can't find a solution that best fits what I am trying to do. I have a large DB filled with about 200k policy numbers Some are duplicates and some are unique. What I would like to do is using a self joining table list all the unique numbers (taking the first record from duplicates) and have them automatically be entered into a second related table called policy join. Here is what I have so far, I created a self joining relationship between the policy table. I have created a find duplicate script which looks for duplicates and in the policy table this script insert a new record into the policy join table. I am wondering if there is an easier way other then having to run a script every time I enter new policy numbers? I import anywhere from 1000-5000 new policies each month and having to run the script to make reports takes forever. I found a solution that identifies unique number but it left out all the duplicates. This is the calculation that I found If(Count(policyfinderDUPLICATES::Policy Number) > 1; "Duplicates"; "Unique")
  4. I have a fairly large database that I am building for an insurance company. I am trying to summarize a group commission statements that we get from different insurance carriers. The problem I am running into is I have to keep all the statements in separate tables in the DB. As you can imagine I need to total up each statement and total them out based off insurance agents. I basically am looking to summarize all carrier commissions into one table, but I am lost on how to do this. Here is an example of my DB setup. Agent Table - Agent ID Number - Agent Name Insurance Company 1 -Agent ID number - Commission - Premium - date Insurance Company 2 -Agent ID number - Commission - Premium - date Insurance Company 2 -Agent ID number - Commission - Premium - date As you can see the insurance company tables have the same data structure (I simplified it for this example) however I have to keep them in separate tables for tracking purposes. I want to be able to summarize an agents policies by date and total them out for all the companies on one layout. How can I accomplish this without portal records?
  5. I am in-charge of creating a DB for an insurance company. We have commission statements that come in for several different carriers. Each statement needs to be imported into the database each month but into separate tables, (so each company gets it's own commission table) due to the fact that each companies statement is different. There are however 6 records from each statement that are similar (but often have different names). Example of similar records from multiple commission statements - Commissions Amount Premium Amount Agent Number Client Policy Number Transaction Date In my DB I also have the following Tables Insurance AgentTB - AgentID - Name - Address Insurance Agent NumbersTB -agent_number_recordID -Agent Number - Company - AgentID I am trying to generate a report that will take all the policies written by an agent from each commission statement table underneath them. Then I need to summarize and total them. So for example Agent John Smith Wrote several policies this month from 3 different companies; policy1 CompanyA policy2 CompanyA policy3 CompanyB policy4 CompanyB policy5 CompanyC How do I get filemaker to run me a report based off the separate commission statements and summarize them into one report. I hope I am being clear enough. Please let me know if more explanation is needed.
  6. How about if I make it even more simple. I want to take a record from 4 different table and have them populate a record in another table. Is that possible?
  7. Thanks for the response. I apologize about my vagueness on my last post. Here are some examples of what I am looking at. I have 5 tables of invoices each with several different fields however the have about 4 fields in common. - Agent Number - Commission - Sold Amount - Transaction Date I also have an agent table with basic information in regard to agents. - AgentID - Name - Address - Phone etc. This table is related to another table called Agent Numbers which has - Table ID - AgentID - Agent Number - Company Right now I am linking the tables like this Agents table AgentID->Agent Numbers Table AgentID Agent Numbers Table Agent Number ->Company Invoices Agent numbers. The problem I have is that its a 1 to many table and I am only able to bring over one company in a portal row. I want to be able to look at all the companies in a portal row. I need to summarize the following. - Agent - Agent Number - Commission - Sold Amount - Transaction Date Then total commissions and sold amounts. I hope this makes sense. I have a feeling that I am making it harder than it is. Any Ideas are helpful.
  8. I have a database in which I am importing invoices from several different companies. The data is named different on each invoice, however they all have about 5 common data rows. I need to be able to summarize and add up all of the invoices while maintaining the data that is imported. Is there a way to create another table which will allow me to another table which brings in the 5 data rows so that I can make accurate reports? I know this is a little bit confusing I can tell you that the companies all have an agent number and the connect to an agent database relationally. I am fairly new to filemaker so please go easy on me.
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