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  1. Sorry if I was being unclear, I didn't actually use the copy/paste script step, I just need to get used to the terminology :
  2. This is really awesome! Well done! Very surprised about the lack of replies too, but thanks for sharing!
  3. Just to let you know, I've just managed to achieve the same functionality, with a very simple script, without adding a calculation field, without adding a portal, and without performing any find steps. The only thing I did is create a global field g_duplicatecheck in the Keywords table. I then created a Keywords2 TO and a relationship between the global field and the Keyword_name field. When the user is on the Items layout, he inputs his keyword in a global field. The "add" script copies this keyword, goes to the Keywords layout, pastes it into the g_duplicatecheck field. If the
  4. Thanks a lot for your help. This thread alone has helped me understand much clearer how everything works together in Filemaker. I see relationships and TO's in a totally different light now. Foreign keys form a relationship on their own, the relationship you draw on the graph is just to facilitate data access or entry. They are really more a way data is displayed than a way data is actually related. It all makes sense now! : I'm gonna go back to the lab to try and implement it! I still have a long way to go until I finish my whole database (which is an ambitious project), so
  5. Thanks for pointing that out. I see, probably because of the variable, right? But if I set the field like you say, will the search be an exact match? Noted. Yes it is, that script step creates a new record in the join table. I don't necessarily need to do it this way, but that's the first idea that came to mind : What would you suggest? Using a cross-product relationship like Efen did in his example? His example however does not account for duplicates in the Keywords table. How can you check if the keyword already exists without perfo
  6. I have been tampering around with your example before I read your post and I managed to pull it off by scripting a find on the add button (see attached file). Now that I read your post however I'm guessing this is probably not the most effective way to do this... is a find script too "heavy"? This is exactly why I came to this forum, I manage to somehow pull stuff off in Filemaker, but I want to be sure i do it properly : Peter
  7. It most certainly is, thank you very much, it's just what I needed to get me started. I used the same kind of relationship, but I didn't think about using the cross-product to be able to access the whole list of keywords. I am wondering however, do you need this cross-product relationship in order to perform the add script? I don't need to show the whole list of keywords on the layout, only the related keywords, so couldn't the add script be performed directly without another TO? Thanks, Peter
  8. Not necessarily. I just thought I would be easier to break it down because the question about the keywords was kinda off-topic in my other post. But yes it is for the same solution that I want to use it. Peter
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to implement a keywords/tags system, but I'm having a bit of trouble and found very little resources on the subject. I have an Items table, and I want to be able to assign keywords to the Items, with the prospect of searching on keywords afterwards. My first thought was to create a separate Keywords table, with a join-table to the Items table (as to avoid redundancy). So my fields would be as follows: Items_table: - kp_Item_ID - Other fields Keywords_table: - kp_Keyword_ID - Keyword ItemsKeywords_table: - kp_ItemsKeyword_ID - kf_It
  10. Hi all, I'm new to these forums (although I've read them quite a bit). I've been trying to put together an appropriate data schema for a new database I am creating, I thought this would be a good place to ask you guys for advice. Basically it will be a library of digitized "stuff", from audio recordings to scanned old photographs and documents, to old VHS tapes. The basic functionality should be for the end-user to type a word, say "hat", and have a list of results returned that all contain "hat" as a keyword. The search results should be categorized ("video", "audio", etc..).
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