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  1. I want to use a portal to display I guess what you'd call two "instances" of one field. Table "Glossary" has only two fields: "GlosId" and "Word." See following: Table: Glossary Field: GlosId (number, where records 0-199 are for Spanish words, and records 200-299 are for French words) Field: Word (text, Spanish or French words, depending on the value of field "GlosId") In the data entry/viewing GUI of the database (layout for table "References"), I've labeled the left "instance" as "Spanish" and the right "instance" as "French," but it does not work right. I want the Spani
  2. I'm stuck. File link here. I'm not just dumping this, but I have to put out a fire right now. I'll be back on this as soon as I can manage right away... thanks-
  3. Are you tired of my saying thank you yet?! I hope not, because here goes again... THANK YOU. I tried permutation after permutation of schemas on the way to where I am with this now. Maybe (and hopefully) I missed this variation. I can't wait to get myself free enough as soon as possible to try it! WOO-WHO!
  4. My gosh, I'm grateful to you! Clearly, I think what this calls for is two main forms, one for viewing only ("UiView")and one for editing (adding, deleting, editing), perhaps named ("UiEdit"). I thought about one big table, as you suggest, for example... Glossary Spanish French Creole Portuguese Definition Example A record in this table might be as follows: SpanishWord1 | FrenchWord1 | CreoleWord1 | PortugueseWord1 | Definition | Example Thus, every word, regardless of the language shares the same definition and the same example, which would not work. What am
  5. OK, I guess I'm making what should be simple seem not so. I don't want to aggravate by repeating and above all don't want to seem ungrateful for your help. I am grateful. Maybe if I sort of start over... Given: GLOSSARY I want a four-column glossary list, with the headings labeled "Spanish," "French," "Creole," and "Portuguese. This list does not have to be a portal. It could be a table. I want to click any of the four heading labels to sort the whole list alphabetically for any of the languages. I want to tab among the words from one language to the next and bac
  6. Looks promising except for one MAJOR deficiency, and that is that every term, has to have a unique definition. As it is now, a given record in Table "Definition" shares one definition for all three terms, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. That won't work. For example, the record for the Spanish "palabra (la)" might have a definition like "1. wordX; 2. wordN." The same record for the French "mot (la)" may have a definition like "1. wordX; 2. workY; 3. wordZ." The Portuguese definition might differ from the other two as well. That every record has to have a definition or the whole thing brea
  7. The portal listing words in parallel at the top will accommodate four languages: Spanish, French, Creole, and Portuguese. Given a word (term) anywhere therein, that same word will have exactly one definition and exactly one example. For instance, say you click "palabra (la)" under the "Spanish" label in the portal. Accordingly, the (simplified for this example) value of the definition text box will be "1. word; 2. wordX." Likewise, the value of the "Example" text box will be a sentence in Spanish illustrating use of "palabra." Consider another example. Click "mot (la)" under "French"
  8. When you select one of the CELLS in the portal, not one of the rows or when you tab from one to another, not when you select a row. If the tables and relationships could be structured and form "Ui" designed so that it looks like the mockup, then that's all I care about. The functionality is simple. At the top is a big word list divided into three languages. Click any word in the list, and the definition and example text boxes change their values according to the word you click (in the list at the top). The layout needs to show all of the words right next to each other, not one
  9. At the risk of sounding tiresome, THANKS yet again for bearing with me. I hope that you have need of a writer someday as much as I do a FileMaker expert. Anyway, to answer your question, the first file ( link again) is my preliminary whack at this. In that (deficient) prototype the portals at the top function properly so far in relation to the definition and example text boxes below. The goof in the prototype is that I could not figure out how to make a portal that shows all of the Spanish, French, and Portuguese records at the same time, each in their own respective columns. T
  10. Thanks for suggestion. Layout won't work though. This link is to a mockup. Can you figure out how to make it like this? thanks-
  11. Thanks for the reply and sorry I'm just now replying again myself. I've restructured the db per your suggestions, with a little bit of variations in the field names on my part. Here is a link to download the file. Form "Ui" is the main data entry/viewing form, but it has a problem. At the very top I want a portal for viewing (tabbing through, scrolling, sorting, adding, deleting) all of the terms in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. I can't figure out how to make it work with just one portal, so I created three, one for each language. As you scroll through the records, the values of the
  12. I need a little help setting up the relationships for a multilingual glossary where a record for a given word might have the same definition across the different languages, but the example for each is unique for each language. The design is so simple that I provide descriptions here in lieu of an attached file, with explanations of table names, fields, and relationships in parathesis. Glossary (main glossary table) Esp (field related to other field of same name of table EspGlos) Fra (field related to other field of same name of table FraGlos) Por (field related to other field o
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