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  1. Figured it out (primitively). Here is what I ended up doing. UI Script: Add Account [Account Name: Users::AccountName; Password: ********; Privilege Set: "Manager"; Expire Password] Set Field [users::gSearch_User; Users::User_ID] Open File [Open Hidden; "DataFile"] Perform Script ["AddAccount" from file: "DataFile"] DataFile Script: Go to Layout ["Users" (Users)] Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [users::User_ID; Users::gSearch_User] Perform Find [ ] Add Account [Account Name: Users::AccountName; Password: ********; Privilege Set: "Manager"; Expire Password] Close Window [Curren
  2. I am building a solution using The Separation Model. What I am trying to do is allow a User to add an Account via Scripting. I want to be able to use this same solution for multiple businesses and thus I plan on making it available to them only by WebDirect and FMGo, so it is a necessity to do this via scripting (so I don't have to manually add Accounts anytime the business wants to add a new user). I am able to add the Account via script to my UI, but I can't figure out how to add it to the Data File. I may not have tried everything I can think of yet, but I have attempted to the point of
  3. I have now realized that this only happens when the list is short AND it is the first time entering any field on the popover. Once the keyboard is closed (leaving popover 'open'), if any field on the popover is tapped, the keyboard reopens and displays the field as expected. Once the popover is closed, reopened, and a field entered (regardless of which row), it displays incorrectly again. (then repeat: exit, reenter field, displays expectedly).
  4. I have a layout for my Contacts, in list view. Each row contains the Contact Name and a POPOVER to edit the Contact information. Â When the list is longer (beyond the iPhone 4s screen size), click the popover to edit, the title bar seems to slide up (see pics), and I see a single field fully, click 'next' and it scrolls to the next field... I am happy with that. Â Â However, when the list does not exceed the iPhone 4s screen size, click the popover to edit, the title bar does not seem to slide up (see pics), and I am only able to see a portion of the field (which makes it difficult t
  5. Similar issue... I was building in FMPA12, a separated model DB (one for data/one for interface)... Everything was working fine between FMPA12 and FMGo12. Installed FMPGo13 and it worked fine with FMPA12. Since I wanted to play with FMP13 before I upgraded, I decided to download the trial. I accidentally downloaded the FMPServer 13 trial, instead of the FMP13 trial. Anyway, now both are installed (trial versions). I turned server off because it would only let me open 1 DB, but was still getting port errors and the document error. After turning off the server, I got an error saying that an
  6. Many applications automatically add photos to the devices camera roll (ie Instagram), when a photo is taken. Is it possible to automatically add a photo to the camera roll when you take a picture in a container field within FM Go?
  7. Yes... That does help. However, I am hoping to be able to express to a potential client why they need a Filemaker database opposed to something they can download from the app store.
  8. If you have yet to find the solution to your problem... In addition to selecting "include vertical scrollbar", you need to set the line characteristics for the field to "none".
  9. I am in the process of developing a solution as a point of sale system for a specific type of business. My intent is to make this system available to businesses via a hosted network, set up for each client... and only available to them on iPad/iPhone/iPod. I want the system to appear to be (as much as possible) an iOS app. I am aware that it is not possible to offer Filemaker solutions in the AppStore. I was speaking to a potential client about my solution (who is going to be doing the initial testing and possibly investing in my solutions marketing) and a "concern" of theirs was... "Do yo
  10. Financially, I am set for life... As long as I am shot tomorrow.

  11. Wait 'till I get my money right... Then, you can't tell me nothing, right?

  12. Try using a Merge Field. It will display the contents of a field as text.
  13. Why you talkin' bout gran momma's cornbread? That's etchy.

  14. I was wondering if there were any advantages to building an invoicing system using separate tables for Purchases Orders and Invoices vs just one table for all Transactions... My thought process was to create only one table called Transactions with a TransactionType field to differentiate between an Income Transaction and an Expense Transaction. This way, the SUM of all or a found set of Transactions is essentially the Balance, showing Profit or Loss for the found set (or all). Of course doing this creates the need to show Expense Transactions as negative totals and Income Transactions as
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