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  1. I'm trying to create a db used in a kiosk setting to collect points on a daily basis on each member for hours worked by type (general and category), boxes collected from different sources (home,dropbox and empty), other jobs (Board member, BookSale Committee Chair, Category Chair). Each one of those services generates points for the member and is input on a daily basis. I'm trying to collect points for each member and total work done and boxes collected for the organization. My members are typically 60-80 years old and not tech savvy. I want the screen they see after they login (the da
  2. I think I need more help. I am trying to collect 3 distinct types of info on each member. (hours worked, boxes brought in, jobs done) I have a Member table and an Hours table and a Boxes table to collect hour and box info on each Member. The Hours and Boxes table are linked to the Members table via a Data Entry table. PK and FK in data entry. The Hours and Boxes table are linked directly to the DataEntry table via keys. Is this part correct? I then have a Job Activity linked to the Members table through a Job Registration table. PK and FK in registration table. Is this
  3. I need help writing a calculation. I have a table with these 4 fields in it. Field1-Empty_Boxes Field2-Empty_Box_Running_Total Field3-Empty_Box_Points Field4-Date Members receive 1 pt for every empty box brought in up to a max total of 10 boxes. If a member brings in less than 10 boxes they get 1 point for each box. (Note: They can bring in 1 box each day until they amass a total of 10) If a member brings in more than 10 boxes they get 0 points for those boxes. I still wish to count the total number of boxes brought in although they get no points for it. 1. I
  4. I don't even know you but on behalf of all of us who need help, THANK YOU for your kindness in creating the db for this gentleman and not asking a thing in return. It's people like you that make the world go round and bring back my faith in humanity. BRAVO!
  5. Hi Dan, Thanks for hanging in there with me. Sorry I'm so slow at catching on to this. There are two tables. Volunteers and Time Sheet. I've attached a screen print of both the layout I'm using and the table relationships. Yes, I am tracking time for points as well as other jobs. I've created those calcs with some help. This one though is causing the problem and it's because of the max boxes per person. You can only get 10 pts max per year for boxes. As you can see in the screen print layout, person #1 has brought in 13 boxes. Everything was ok until they brought in 5 and went over
  6. Hi Comment, Primary Table of volunteers Secondary Table of Points (incl boxes) Time frame of limit is yearly. Thanks in advance for your help. mtk
  7. Yes Dan, you read my mind. That is exactly how the DB is set up. Primary Table of volunteers Secondary Table of Points (incl boxes) Do I just use that summary field in the calculation? How does it know that 10 is the limit? (Time frame of limit is yearly.) Thanks in advance for your assistance. mtk
  8. I am having problems with a calculation and don't know where to go from here. Volunteers get points for bringing in empty boxes. You get 1 point for each empty box up to a max of 10 points. (The max is the problem) I've written this as both IF or Case (not sure if there is a difference) When a new record is added it doesn't know to sum up all the records for a total of empty boxes. The calculation is just doing it (correctly) for each record. Here's what I'm using. Case ( Empty Boxes SUM ≤ 10;Empty Double Boxes;Empty Boxes SUM>10;10) Person brings in 6 boxes on Mon - recei
  9. OMG you are brilliant. It works! I have no idea why it works, but it is giving me the exact result I want. Thanks so much for taking the time to help. You are appreciated. mtk
  10. Sorry for the confusion. You are quite right that my posting was unclear. Here's what I meant to ask. 15 minutes = .25 of an hour or .25 of a point 30 minutes = .50 of an hour or .50 of a point 45 minutes = .75 of an hour or .75 of a point 60 minutes = 1.0 of an hour or 1.0 point Your way of saying 0.25 per 15 minutes is probably the best way to do this. Hmmmm. I want to be able to add the points up. We count time in increments of 15 minutes. All times need to be rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minute interval. Thanks for replying! mtk
  11. Hello All, I've got a similar problem to this one but have been unable to figure it out. I've got the start, stop, and calculation for the difference between the two. It is in time format. Say 01:20 (1 hr and 20 minutes) My problem is that I want to change the time into point values. For every 1 hr or 15 minute segment of an hour a person earns 1 point. There are two problems I need help on here. 1. How do I get the time to translate into a number that can have 2 decimal places. I know how to change from time to number but it does not compute the quarter of an hour. 2. How do I g
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