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  1. I figured it out, it seems Filemaker wants the straight number 10000 instead of entering 10,000.00. It shows the same in the database, but when carried over to the web page it doesn't.
  2. I am pulling data out of FileMaker 10 server to a web page and displaying numbers in a table, everything works great! until a number goes over 9,999.00 then it just doesn't display at all. Anyone have any idea what is causing this and how to fix it? I assume it would lay in my php code since the number 11,000.00 is showing in the database, just not in my table on the web page. My code: <?php echo '$'.number_format(round($Number_row->getField('iAverage'),2),2); ?> Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Sorry, I wrote it down in the post incorrectly, I do have double colons between mine, but still nothing is showing up in the total.
  4. Ok, hope this is an easy question. I have a table called BBP and a table called AW and a table called RS and also MR. All the tables have records on them and I have created a field called records that uses a calculation Get (TotalRecordCount) and it displays the total number of records and updates when more are added. I then created another table called Title, with a relationship to all the others and put the records field from each of the other tables onto this table. So I have all the totals from each of my tables showing up on the title table and I try to create a calculation f
  5. Ok, sorry if I'm not getting this right off. Populate the IDs in the join table, by indexing them? or what didn't I do? Also, is there a way that I can average the fields in the portal? like at the bottom of the portal or below it, to show the average of Entry, then next to it show the average of days? By the way, thank you so much for your help!
  6. Ok, I have tried to make a file from scratch to try and replicate the join-table example. Could you by chance point out what I have did wrong in my relationships? I did schools in place of companies, but it shouldn't matter what the name is. Posting the file. Thanks very much! test portal.zip
  7. So when all 3 companies enter there data online and it drops it into FM, into the CompanyPositions table, how would I sort which company the info was from? would it be tied from the Companies table? What would the relationships look like? Thanks so much, as a novice I still trying to wrap my head around FM and relationships.
  8. Thanks for the replies! The entry, days, amount would be like Title=Director, Entry=22,000, Amount=26,000 - basically a listing of what these positions basic pay scale,days worked etc... The 3 companies would not have access to the other tables because I am basically pulling the info to the web from FileMaker via php. Not a php programmer either, so was wanting the info on a layout that I could easily tie to. What I am struggling with is on all 3 company tables I will have like 63 different positions which are identical between the 3 tables. I want to take the director position from all
  9. What would the relationships look like? Also, how could you add new fields to say, average the 3 records from the 3 companies in a portal? The companies could only view their table and nothing else. Thank you very much for the reply!
  10. I have question and it could be pretty easy but as a novice I am struggling with putting it all together. Scenario: I have 3 companies that each have a listing of positions. example: Director, manager, technician, trainer etc.. and the positions are identical for the 3 companies. So I have made a table for each company and the fields are the titles of the positions with info like: entry, days, amount etc.... They are also only able to access the table that is for their company. A person from each company will enter in the data for each position and update it once a year if anythin
  11. I have looked and found nothing that has worked, seem that most solutions are more complicated than I need. I have to tables - table 1 and table 2 I have a drop down in table 1 with a vlaue list, I want to be able to select a name from that drop down and click a button that preforms a script that will take that name(dropdown field) and create a new record on table 2 with a timestamp. I know this is probably super easy, but I missing something to make it work. Guess that how we all started i hope Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks a bunch, never would have thought of searching for Dwindling Value Lists Awesome, again thank you!
  13. Have looked around but not seen anything that seem to cover this. Question I have is: I want a value list that has a bunch of titles that a user can pick to enter in info on that title, but I want that title to disappear from that value list if it has already been chosen. So only that titles that have not been chosen show up in the value list till they are all gone. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!!
  14. Wow LaRetta, thank you very much! while looking at your solution that works, trying to figure out how it works, it looks so simple. This I need to learn more about, so hitting the books and web again. Again thanks so much for your time, and your example! You are awesome!
  15. Thanks, I got to fooling around trying different things and it got a bit, well you know.. hopefully this one is easier to read. I have been looking around the forum and did a new layout from what I have seen in other posts. I have the first filed called Task, value dropdown. A second called item, which is populated by whatever is selected in Task. Then the 3rd is Action, which I would like to populate with the corresponding number like (1.1.B.1.1) or whatever is in the column of the one selected. Right now if I select Evaluation & Assessment, and I select one in
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