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  1. so now i can finally make a button and get the script going to open a new record.... i even got a prompt to ask me if i wish to generate an invoice, and i got the cancel button to work (i had some issues with the scripting of the custom dialog) my problem now is i still cant seem to figure out how to getthe fields to autofill from that quote. i dont get the whole global field vs regular field and the whole parameter thing. following the instructions i was still unable to get the fields to fill out. but now i can comfortably write a script (so long as i dont have to toss in the
  2. Barbara, I did like what I saw in that demo and im sure thats on the same lines of what he wants. I'm sure I could, with a little time poking about, impliment something similar into what im doing. I also appreciated seeing that I am not alone in the "boss tosses it at a generic employee so he doesnt need to pay a pro" category. (Though I am a hardware guy among an ofice of computer programmers and software writers) I just made the mistake of making really good spreadsheets on Excel and mentioning that I enjoy that sort of thing (and yes I am extremely aware that this is a much diffe
  3. So am I required to have filemaker advanced in order to have a "magical button" or is this within the ability of filemaker pro 9? (I'm sure he would be thrilled if I told him I'd require an upgrade considering he is under the impression it can "easily" be done as-is)
  4. i fully agree with everything all of you have said. I have no doubt he could do this (i do many manythingsthat take me like 20 seconds to do just because he doesnt want to walk to a printer) but thats what im paid for. my intention is to create an "ultimate database" that basically looks exactly the same using a TON less files and much fewer redundant formulas. but its all about hoop jumping here and its all about everything being accomplished in due time... im sure he will task me with rebuilding the entire thing before not too long... but he will have (to quote mr. guthrie) "27 8x10 glo
  5. so as i stated before i was able to have a different layout in the quotes database called invoice that autofilled the "like fields" and i think i can link the autofill from a seperate database. my main complication is actually creating the button that will open a new record in a seperate database and then autofill those fields
  6. here is the manage database list as well as the 24 different databases i work with(that could probably be consolidated...but we wont go there again)
  7. Unfortunately I would love to do this a number of ways that would make much more sense and I'm sure he has is reasons... In his exact wording... I am not to do things my way, I am to do things the way they are asked to do them. that is how people get fired. so for now i must create a "magical button" that apparently he and the guy who wrote the databases in the first place could do in a matter of minutes. im sure this is more of a test to make sure i can see this through than an actual task, in either case i have no way around doing exactly that... making a "magical button"
  8. as i said (and you will see when i put up the pics...once i figure out how to attach them to the post) i had added a layout in the quotes field titled "invoice" and i had the fields that were the same autofill and the fields that were different remain different. im under the impression he wants the ability to send multiple invoices offthe same quote and keep the records for later and other stuff like that he claims he could probably do it himself in about 10 minutes but wants me to learn how to do it myself so i can be more useful (i was a mechanical engineering major thatwas h
  9. Regarding combining the quotes and invoices... My first attempt at fixing this problem was to simply have a new layout in the quotes database labeled as "invoice" and that way all those fields would have just transfered between layouts (or tables as your refer). My boss berrated for an hour regarding why he thought it was a terrible idea (something about the quote number not matching the invoice number and how he wanted a magical button to) and how he specifically asked for a button to open a new record and if i cant do what is asked of me...yadda yadda... advancement in the company
  10. our company uses many seperate FM files on filemaker each one is its own database. each database does have several layouts associated to them as well. information would include "bill to" and "ship to" information (reffering to the adresses generated from the contact list database) the product quantity, description, item price and total price (generated from our inventory database) the total (calculated by formula in the table) i will attempt to insert some pictures tomorrow (i am currently on my personal laptop and not connected to the server) in order
  11. I am new here so please be patient. I have been assigned the task of creating a "button" in our quotes database that will open a new record in our invoicing database and autofill the fields with the quote data. In my first attempt, I created a new layout that autofills the information from a layout in the quotes database I titled "invoice"(the quotes database and invoice database are nearly identicle in layout anyway and the fields autofill among those layouts creating what I had thought would be an ideal solution...). After some colorful criticism about following task instruc
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