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  1. Fantastic, thanks again for your help Comment. :smile2:
  2. I have a layout to input travel expenses. The layout has a portal where each individual expense is entered. Expense type | Date | Amt USD $ | Billing Type Billing type is a drop down – either Reimbursable or Company Paid I would like to have a total on the main layout of the reimbursable expenses and another for company paid expenses. I have only managed to create a total for both combined with a calculation field - unstored, =Sum ( Receipt_portal::USD ) Is there a way to filter out one of the billing types within the calculation or should I be looking elsewhere for a solution?
  3. That is excellent! I think I see how to apply that to my db solution. Thanks bcooney!
  4. Thanks for your response Jeff. That is what I plan to do. What I don't know how to do is allow the user to specify the data source(usr file). It will not always be in the same place, sometimes a USB key, sometimes on their desktop, etc. I feel like this is something simple that I'm just not getting. I had to put this project on the back burner for a while but I'm back on it now. If anyone could help me with this I’d appreciate it. Cheers
  5. Problem solved. I couldn't figure out how to loop the script so I just created a maximum # of days possible & created a really long script full of Set Field steps.
  6. Yes, each day needs it's own per diem entry (bookkeepers orders), only the date is different. I forgot to mention the +1 but it's in the calculation. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? I'm stuck.
  7. I need script advice. I am creating an expense report database. Part of my layout includes the following information – Start date End date Number of Days (calculating end date - start date) Per Diem Rate City Each days per diem needs to be itemized so I need to create a record in a portal for each day that includes the date, rate & city. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  8. Forgot to mention. Item numbers are added to each record when it is imported to the managers version. I'm not sure how to handle unique id's in this situation. (Off to read up on "node" prefixes) :confused:
  9. Thank you for your insight. We already own FM Advanced and no more money can be spent on this project. There is also an issue with the lack of internet access much of the time. I did not know that the .usr files in a runtime solution were basically fm.7 files. What I am considering doing is having them hand off this file to the manager. I would need to create an import script for the manager to import the two necessary tables. The manager will then send out a copy of the .usr file for the rest to use with updated information. I am having trouble creating an import script. I want the
  10. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. There are two versions of this database. One is the master list which a manager has. The other is a satellite database which is used by other employees. They all add new records then export 2 tables to then be merged to the master list. The master list exports 5 tables for the satellite users to then import once updated. I need to find a way to combine all the info into one table or one file that can be emailed back and forth. Dealing with multiple files is a bit too much to ask. Do you have any ideas about how I can
  11. Thank you for your help. I will give this a try.
  12. I have a checkbox that is populated by a value list. The information will change from time to time so this seemed to be the best way to set it up. The checkbox items are displayed in alphabetical order but I would also like the resulting text field to be sorted alphabetically. Example – Checkbox 1 – Apple Checkbox 2 – Pear Checkbox 3 – Turnip If a user selects the Turnip check box before the Apple checkbox – the resulting text field will be “Turnip Apple” I would like the output to be sorted alphabetically – “Apple Turnip” Is this possible? The reason for
  13. Ah ha! Awesome, thanks!
  14. I have created a report that sorts based on a field called “Transmittal number.” The report page breaks before each occurrence (usually 1-3 pages) and works great except that the records are numbered and I would like the record number to reset to 1 with each new transmittal number. Is this possible? Thanks in advance
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