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  1. Hello, I am working on FileMaker web site, I like to add new feature to password resetting for our clients, This is how it should works and it works now. How it works, Operator will create user account for client and send the login details via email(using FileMaker pro app) Client will use this login details to login to system via web browser. (this is table based login) How it should work: In case client can not login to system there should be alternative option that user can reset password . i am trying to add security question in middle of this operation. does any one
  2. I managed to fix it via other method, i used page redirect function to fix the issue.
  3. Hello I really like to help you as much as i can .Please send me email to sachira.herath@gmail.com with the details. If you are just looking for calendar service you can use seed code's open calendar. it is much like ical. Lakshan
  4. Iam not expert on this. just telling you my personal suggestion, But i think to get best results use FMS's PHP engine(for me that method worked). Again that is related to your FileMaker PHP stuff. But if you have any other web sites which based on other php enginemay be you will have some minor issues.
  5. I think there is possibility you can select your server's php or Filemaker Server's PHP, I will share my personal experience, When i was using FileMaker Server 10 , it was php 5.2 that comes with Filemaker server 10, but my mac server had php 5.3 . I select to use Server's php instad Filemaker's PHP, But i did not see any results. Then i reinstalled FMS select FMS php , after that some how it worked. ** But I already had some web sites that was using php(5.3). those web sites got messy in the client browsers(this happen only when ever i installed FMS, when i remove fms web sites worki
  6. Hello Webko, Many Thanks for replying. This is the result of when deleteapp.php load This is Get record id. Note: I also create the text link called ("Delete") (Right down the delete icon red colour "X" ). When i click that text link it perfectly works. only the problem outcome when i try to pass the parameter from javascript. Question: Is this Problem something related with Record Set ?
  7. Hello FM people + php people, I am looking for help . I am developing fm solution that linked to web site via php. this task is 97% completed. the place i am stuck with delete function. How it works. This is Agenda Book. So users will update there agenda system from web site (01 or 2 uers will use it). I grab the delete code function from google search and i paste it before body tag. the code is </style> <link href="SpryAssets/SpryValidationTextField.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> </head> <script language="javascript"> <!-- Hid
  8. In my Solution i have option called letter creating acording to the number which i enter. lets say if i enter "3" in to test_style field, so the test body will fill up the text part i predefined to "text 3" in filemaker i run this via script. But i canot run the script via web. So what i did, i asing the sctipt to script triggers on field, so now i dont have to run the script manually, i just edit the text of text_style , But for some reason i dont see the script trigger work from filemaker end. this happen only i send the command from web. but i f i do the same task from filemaker script tri
  9. Hi Guys , I am New to Web developing and Working on File maker web site. I need to create and retrieve the data at same time (with conditions). I think the best idea will be integrate Ajax with PHP. But didn't found any good resource to learn how to integrate this. Can some one provide sample file ? or is there any recommended books or Video Tutorials ? Thanks and waiting for some one's reply AL
  10. Hi thanks for replying , i tried what you mention. but i did not succeed it . so i decided to attach some snap shots. So it will describe it better than my words this as filemaker DB also. so you will see relationship how did i make thanks Click here to see the snaps
  11. Hi , I use Filemaker 11 on windows and mac. my problem , 01. I have 4 tables , I. CL name II. Agent III Agent Certifications IV. CL Certifications CL Certifications is caring sub records of CL name like this CL name test 01 CL NAME : ABCD CL Certifications for test 01 : test01cer1/ test01cer2/test01cer03 ----------------------------- Agent Certifications all so the same 1st we create the agent and we create the agent certification EX we create the Agent called MAX01 then we create the MAX01's Agent's certification . those are smiler
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