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  1. Thanks to all who helped with this - I have solved the issue. Infact this is the first time the Filemaker website has been useful in offering a solution !!!!
  2. Hello again. I think I have worked out this test that mfero kindly did for me, but I don''t think it is what I am trying to achieve ( however, maybe it does and I just can't relate it to my application?). I'll try to explain a little better what it is that I am trying to do... I have several databases in the solution, and "Project" is the main database where everything comes together. It contains client details (taken from the Customer database), Staff Details (Staff Database) and Product Details (taken from the Stock database). The Stock database has 5000+ stock items in it.
  3. Thanks Dempsy, that was it, thankyou. I had a look at the test zip that mfero did for me, and it is exactly what I need, but unfortunately I can't work out how he did it I can work out the obvious relationship "=", but I don't know what is happening with the "X" relationship. Also, I can't figure out how the relationships "relate" to the data files. Is there any way you could explain this solution to me please? Cheers WT
  4. Thanks Addict, but I can't use the example because the contact filed is not modifiable. I can use the comapny name field, but I get the error message after I make a selection. Do I need to do something to it to use it? Cheers
  5. Hello again, I am sure this is possible, but I just can not get the following to work!!!! I have a contact database, and sales database. Both contain the usual fields that you would expect, but I want to use two fields - "Company Name" and "Company Contact Name" (both of which appear in each database) - as lookup fields. Both fields are drop down lists in the sales module. So, in the sales module, I want to select the "company name" from the first drop down list. Once selected, I want the second drop down list to have only the names associated with that company in the contac
  6. Hi Lee, Did my last response make sense? Can I put it another way? I would really love to resolve this if possible. Thanks in advance (again).
  7. Thanks Lee, I think my answer to your question is both. They would be sold as a package - if that pole was sold, there would always be that quantity of bolts and base plates sold with it. I will still need to be able to sell the bolts and the plates separately and account for each individual stock item in the "on hand" count. WT
  8. Hello all, Firstly, I am sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere, but I wasn't sure which search terms to use to find the answer. I am trying to develop a sales solution that will pull stock from an inventory module and create a list of equipment that the client has asked for. My question is, how do I get FM to automatically add items to a pick list based on a particular code? Let me explain... I want to type in a product code, for example, "10m steel pole". The "10m steel pole" ships with 4 x "M10 Bolts" and 2 x "fixing plates". I want the bolts and the plate
  9. But then I get the Filemaker window as the background to the runtime window (see attached). What I would ultimately like to see is just the window as it appears in Kiosk Mode - without the black screens!!!
  10. Hiya, I have created a Runtime running in Kiosk mode. When I run it, the rest of the screens (two screens) go black. This means the user can not access anything else on the desktop (not related to the Runtime Application) whilst they are using it. Is this normal? What I would like to see is the application in its "popup" window sitting on the desktop with everything else on the desktop visable. Am I missing the point of running in kiosk mode? Cheers
  11. Thanks Rick, I placed it at the top of the find script as per your suggestion, but I still got the standard FM error message before my custom dialogue box. It seems that it needs to go somewhere within the find script to work? Vaughan, what you describe is exactly what I want to achieve. When there are no records to import that meet the search criteria,I want my custom dialogue box to tell the user there are no records, then direct them back to the main menu layout with just an OK or Continue button. Alternatively, is there a way to modify the standard FM dialouge box to ju
  12. Hello All again, My solution is almost 100% complete, just tidying up a few things, so thank you all who helped me along the way with advice. On to the next question... I have a script which finds all jobs quoted in the last 7 days (see "find Script" screen capture attached) - this script works well. I have written an Error Capture script which seeks to identify "no records found" in a find enquiry (see "Error Capture" screen capture attached). I want to introduce the Error Capture script into the find portion of the script, but I am not sure where to put it. What
  13. Hello again, Is there a way to have users select (either with a check box next to the field name, or by clicking the field name itself etc) a field and have it appear on a new layout as a report? Depending on what the user wants to see, they may select different fields everytime they want to do a report. For example... I have a layout that contains about 40 fields. I want the user to be able to perform a find within that layout, then select the specific fields they want to see reported. If the user wants to see how many sales a particular sales person has achieved in a pa
  14. You are a genius, thank you so much. It is 4:20 am here in Australia at the moment, and I have been working on this (and a few other issues) since about 9 pm last night. You have saved my sanity and my relationship. BTW, option one worked perfectly first time. Thanks again.
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