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  1. Howdy everyone! Until now, we had a very good luck sending data with PostXML (FM 10, Scriptmaster 4.206). Now we are trying to connect, for testing purposes, to a server with a self signed certificate and we get the following message: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandShakeException: java.security.cert.CertificateException: No subject alternative DNS name matching... What I've tried to do is to import the certificate (provided by the server owner) into the Keychain (MacOS 10.7) and into the Java Control Panel in System Preferences. So far, no luck. Any
  2. Howdy Wim! Many thanks for your help and time. I have spent now some time trying to tinker a solution for us and i might found something that may be ok. Updating to Filemaker, at least at this time, is out of the question as the Filemaker prices are skyrocketing here in Europe. SuperContainer is, as you have said, pushing the limits and i really do want to keep our solution as simple and reliable as possible. So, for future reference and future discussion: we will have all the attachment files stored in a folder on a network volume. This folder will be marked as hidden on
  3. Howdy everyone! I spent time but with no luck to find a solution for our in-house problem regarding security of files. The question is simple (maybe it isn't even Filemaker related!) but i really do not know how to organize our workflow: 5 users are connecting to a FM Server 9 with a mail database and all of the 5 uses are sending quotes out (PDF documents). All of the 5 users have restricted access to the database (export is not allowed, the files are stored in container fields). Now, the database is getting bigger and slower and we would love to move the container files to
  4. Thanks for your time and answer. I wasn't aware of the 100 users limitation of IWP so i guess we will go for the full web solution with PHP and stuff.
  5. Howdy everyone! would you use IWP to publish a database of 350.000 records to cca. 500 industrial clients? We do not expect more than, at most, 100 users connected at one time. All the dedicated solutions (OpenCart, Presto etc...) seem to follow different logic (ie. one catalog file, limited b2b and custom pricing options). Our database is largish (although only text) but the load shouldn't be too much so we could do a lot of the customization and integration with our in-house solution. Is it doable? Reliable? Wise to do so? Many thanks for any comments.
  6. Anyone? No experience with this particular situation? Would the installation of "Post XML Data" as a custom function help in avoiding such a problem?
  7. Howdy everyone! Well, i do have a little bit of a struggle with the "Post XML Data" part of the ScriptMaster. The funny part is that the function performs perfect in the first script we have implemented: it sends the XML and gets XML back. However, in the same file, in another script, all i get back is an simple "ERROR" after 10 minutes of waiting. Mind you, i have checked the URL, the XML is stripped from all the formating and characters. So any thoughts what i am doing wrong?
  8. Hello Fenton Thank you very much for your help. and the xSLT file. Just for the future reference, here is what we did: somehow i stumbled upon the site of 360works and their great Scriptmaster Plug-In. Among others, they have the function of Post XML Data. It is simple and straighforward thing. Posting from one field and receiving into another works like a charme. :thumbup:
  9. Thank you very much for your help. Here the example wich reflexts the situation where we inquiry for a product. The second XML is the result that we get. Again, thank you very much. By means i am not new to FIlemaker or databases but XML/XSLT is completely new but i am keen to learn new things. INQUIRY xxxxxxxx 312585292
  10. Howdy everyone! : I am not new to Filemaker (i have started with version 6) but this new task i'm up to is making me headache. In short: we have to sent a XML request with a catalogue number in order to receive a XML file with informations about pricing, availability etc... This has to be done per product or per order (i'm not sure about that). As i'm completely new to the XML/XSLT, please just let me know if this is the right way to do it: i have to make two XSLT templates that Filemaker will use, one for our XML file and one for the XML with the informations.
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