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  1. Hi All, I am trying to save a record as a PDF by going to File > Save/Send Records As > PDF... If I select a folder on the network I will just get an error “filename could not be saved on this disk...” I can however save it on my local drive, and on the other hand I can save PDFs not through FileMaker on that same network folder Any help will be very much appreciated Amram Chayim Eirinberg
  2. Hi All, I’m in the planning stage of extending my company’s database system to include bookkeeping. I will need 4 basic fields, 1) Bills, 2) Payment to Supplier, 3) Receivables, 4) Customer Payment. My question is, should I have all these fields in two tables 1 for the supplier side (Bills & Payment) and 1 for the customer (Receivables & payment), or should I have an individual table for each of these field? I’d love to hear your suggestions especially if you have some experience in Bookkeeping in FileMaker, Thanks Amram Chayim Eirinberg
  3. Hi all, I just made the first scheduled script, is there a way of aborting the script in the middle of running? Any help will be very much appreciated! Amram Chayim Eirinberg Ps I'm using FileMaker Server11
  4. HI All, Basically I need a stored field to be recalculated every time the file opens. I have table1 with calculated field1=0 then I have table2 and calculated field2=If(someField>Get ( CurrentDate );0;"") Field2 has to be stored because table1 and table2 are related by table::field1 and table2::field2 The problem however is that because field2 is stored it will always give back the same value (as it was when it was created) regardless of "If(someField>Get ( CurrentDate )" So basically I want to force a recalculation of field2 every time the file is open Any
  5. Hi all, I have a general question, I have some very long lists defined to get their values from a field, these list can end up having over 20,000 items, whenever the user clicks in the list, it can take long time for the list to respond, sometimes by merely selecting the list the whole program goes in No Responding mode, Is there anything I can do to make the lists faster - less resource consuming? Any help will be very much appreciated! Amram Chayim Eirinberg
  6. Thanks jdu98a, Sorry for not coming back sooner. What you say makes a lot of sense from previous experience. The reason I wanted to achieve this without relationships, is simple because I wanted this related information to "show" in EVERY table in the database system, now of course I could make a relationship with each table (btw that's exactly what I ended up doing), but I just thought that if I can rely on a global field than maintanance of the database will be easier and if I add a new table I wouldn't need to remember to make a new relationship. To give you a better ide
  7. Hi all, I have table1 and I would like to be able to see all of the records of table1 from all other tables in my database. Here is the tricky bit: I want to accomplish this without needing to establish a relationship between table1 and each of the other tables. My approach was that in table1 I created a calculated global field (gListItems) that returns the values of all the related records from a self joined relationship (using the List function). (Global fields can be viewed in any table without a relationship) My problem is that when I show this field in the other tables
  8. HI all, Does anyone know of a good site to download free database images? Any help will be very much appreciated! Amram Chayim Eirinberg
  9. The filename is TimeWyze.v4.1.fp7 I did see somewhere that get(filename) has a bug when the file name includes a period as in my case, perhaps I should change it, although I believe I have used Get(Filename) in other places in the same file with good results.
  10. Thanks Laretta I changed Get(FileName) with literal filename text including the ext. .fp7, now it works.
  11. I have a calculated field with the following definition: ValueListNames ( Get(FileName )) The file has many lists, the field returns an empty string! Any help will be very much appreciated! Amram Chayim Eirinberg
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