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  1. Ah, ok. I think that they do have an XML option, but unfortunately it is for making new lists rather than editing an existing list, and the latter is what I'm trying to do.
  2. That would be awesome, but I don't know of one. I think there is something from Monkey_Somebody softward, but it's not free and I'm not sure how it works. Still, sending tabs to AppleScript should be dead simple; not sure why it slows to a crawl.
  3. Bump... no ideas? Anybody? I'd be a grateful gorilla for some expert assistance...
  4. So... after a lot of trial and error, I finally have something working in the Web Viewer. The task I'm doing requires me to go to multiple web pages, tab through some fields, enter data in a field, and then press a button. Some other things happen, but that is the gist of it. I have to tab 29 times to get to the correct field, and then I have to enter a 4 digit number (or something similar). Each of the tabs and each of the digits seems to take a bit more than a second to happen, which is agonizingly slow. I'm wondering if there is any known way to speed it up. Here is the AppleScript that I've put into the Perform AppleScript command: "--this script assumes that we're already ON the web page where we can add an item to our wanted list¶" & "set LegoRecordID to " & gracelego::ID & " as string¶" & "--this sets a local variable in AppleScript to SetID, unfortunately have to do quantity later, had trouble in AppleScript¶" & "tell application \"System Events\"¶" & " repeat 28 times¶" & " keystroke tab¶" & " --this gets us to the right input field so we can input the ID¶" & " end repeat¶" & " repeat with n from 1 to length of MyRecordID¶" & " keystroke character n of MyRecordID¶" & " delay .01¶" & " --doing it this way because it seems like it sometimes drops a number all at once, add delays if nec¶" & " end repeat¶" & "end tell¶" & "" This definitely used to execute faster in older versions of FM, but in 17 (and 16 and 18?), it crawls. Is there a better way to write this code? Also, it seems like certain urls won't load into the Web Viewer unless I am already on the correct domain. I.e., when I'm loading a new page into the Web Viewer, if I am already on a page in the same domain, then the new one will load. If I'm not, then it won't. Obviously this is a different problem, but I'm mentioning it here in case it is somehow related. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. If I can do it without exporting, that might work, but I was really hoping to keep it in a "normal" interface since I have to do other things with it that I certainly can't do in the viewer. Nonetheless, I am grateful for this advice. The simple answer to my original question unfortunately appears to be "No."
  6. Thanks again for posting those files. They are similar (though more refined) than a layer I am using in my solution, so they will help since I can improve that particular layer. I have still ended up using ExecuteSQL for some of the other functionality of the grid. I think it might be possible to simplify my solution further and perhaps do away with ExecuteSQL, but I'm not sure yet.
  7. Thanks to all for the comments/thoughts - I will have a look at these and see if I can make them work. I found a solution that uses ExecuteSQL that seems to be helping a lot.
  8. Here is my situation. I have a 25x25 grid - let's call it a map. Think of it like a game board, like Battleship or perhaps an Excel spreadsheet. I have a 9x9 view of this grid since it is not possible for a phone user to practically view 25x25, but 9x9 seems to work fine. And I have the concept of Current_Location on the map, which is dynamic and changes based on other factors. In TABLE1 I have records of all the "cells" in the 25x25 map that hold information about the cell (for example, the color of the cell). There is other information stored here that includes, for example, whether you can "see" other cells from this particular location in the grid. So in the record for, say, cell B5, I have a field that houses a return-delimited list of the other cells that can be "seen" from this cell (B5 in this instance). Another table, TABLE2 has records that are also have a field for Current_Location, and it tells me which cells (of the 25x25 grid) should be displayed in the 9x9 grid. Usually, the Current_Location is the middle cell in the 9x9 grid, but if the Current_Location is on the edge of the 25x25 grid, then the 9x9 view is adjusted accordingly and the Current_Location is shown on the edge of the 9x9 grid. The user can also change their orientation so they can view the map from a different direction. The way I store this information is in a field that simply lists (return-delimited) all the cell that should be shown in the 9x9 grid. So in our previous example of B5, the record for B5 has a field called Grid that is a list of the 81 cells that should be shown in the 9x9 grid. For other reasons, I cannot combine these two tables even though they both are based on the concept of relating information to Current_Location. TABLE1 is actually not as simple as described, but I'm trying to limit the scope of my question. So here is my question: I have 81 (sigh) objects on my layout for this 9x9 grid. I need to access information in TABLE1 for each of the cells that are represented in the 9x9 grid. For example, let's again assume that my Current_Location is B5 and by using TABLE2 I know the names of all the cells shown in the 9x9 grid (they are stored in a list in a field in TABLE2). How do I then get information about each of those 81 cells out of TABLE1. I.e., each of the 81 cells should be colored according to information in TABLE1. So, for the top-left cell in the 9x9 grid (which appears as the FIRST item in the list field in TABLE2), I need to be able to look up the color in TABLE1, and use it to drive Conditional Formatting of the cell. So if Color(B5)=3, then make the background color of the cell green. I can grab the cell name, and could easily write a script to figure out the color, but I need to *look up* the color to use it in Conditional Formatting. I was trying to generate another field somehow that was an analogous list of 81 items that showed the color of each of the 81 cells (in the correct order), but 1) I couldn't figure out how to do that without running a script (which would take too long since these things are changing frequently and I really just need a data lookup); and 2) I think there must be a much cleverer way. I am still very new to join tables, but I think the answer is in that arena somewhere. The other idea I had was trying to write a Custom Function since I can easily grab the name of the cell, B5. But I don't know how to create such a function since it needs to access a particular table and it seems like functions don't really work that way. Thanks in advance for any help!!
  9. Sorry... I replied to this once already, but I'm not sure why it didn't post. I don't understand this answer. Simply put, I have a graphic on the page that I'd like to pinch and zoom without going to another layout. It needs to stay in the same place and not spawn a bunch of other controls. Perhaps this is not possible? Thanks as always for any help.
  10. Hello. Working on my first FMGo solution. I've locked the zoom and turned off the menus so that things aren't crazy bouncing around all the time. I have a large detailed graphic in the middle of the layout. I would like the user to be able to zoom and slide that graphic to see more detail and or simply move around the visible portion. Can I use gestures to do this? (Pinch, expand, and finger slide, or whatever that's called.) If so, how would I go about figuring this out (I couldn't find an example anywhere). Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. Bump... I'm really hoping somebody knows the answer to this... even if the answer is simply, "Sorry, it's impossible." Anybody have any clues?
  12. One of the sites that my database uses has recently started spamming ads. This eats up my personal hotspot bandwidth and messes up the user experience no end. Is there a way to install an adblocker extension into the browser used by FM? I'm a Mac, still using FM v14, but will probably upgrade soon if that matters. Does it use Safari or is it its own browser? Do folks have other solutions to this type of problem? Thanks in advance! (I'm not a pro; I'm just somebody that has programmed a bunch of stuff into my own FM databases.)
  13. Filemaker 13 Pro Advanced. Mac Yosemite. I'm pulling my hair out - maybe somebody can offer a suggestion before there is no more hair left. I can't for the life of me figure out how to script a click in a web page or a web viewer. I have tried all of the following: • Opening a web page outside of FM (in Safari) and trying to click in that window via: - AppleScript from w/i FM (get an Assistive Access error, even though I've allowed FM in Privacy & Security settings - Opening an Automator-created application via Send Event (can't choose the application) • Opening the same page in a Web Viewer and trying to click via the same methods above. Same problems. I've also searched the web for a couple days and haven't found anything that I can understand yet. A few questions: • Is there a standard, consistently-works method for scripting a click somewhere on the screen? (I can provide exact coordinates) • Why do I keep getting Assistive Access problems even after I've allowed FM (and Automator) Assistive Access? • There MUST be someway to launch an Automator application from FM - how do I get Send Event to work? Thanks in advance for any help!!
  14. thanks, Milanm, but that won't work. it's a good idea, but i'm trying not to change the focus. the portal would actually have to update in multiple windows simultaneously, one for the user and another for his/her audience. if i can't figure out something that WILL work, then i'll certainly consider using OnRecordLoad to minimize my coding. anybody else have a good idea?
  15. I have a portal that shows log events as they happen, chronologically. For UI reasons I need the oldest events at the top and the newest at the bottom. I'd like the portal window to keep scrolling down on its own so it always shows the newest event (at the bottom) and as many previous events as would fit. I do not want to have to GoToObject to make this happen; I would like it to do it on its own. I know that I can do it backwards. I.e., if I sort the list in reverse order and have newest on top, then the portal will update on its own, happily showing the newest at the top all the time. But there are other things on the page that show newest on the bottom, so as I said, I need it to be in that order for UI reasons. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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