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  1. Currently I need have two tables and one that needs to be created: 1. Inventory of all items a. _kp_UniqueID 2. Orders (a bit more complicated than that but for simplicity sake) - allows us to order each item many times and gives each order a separate barcode which is tracked a. _kf_ParentUniqueID (relationship with Table1) b. _kp_OrderID © _kf_NonInventoryUniqueID (will be relationship with Table3) (3) Non Inventory a. _kp_NIUniqueID I need to add another "non inventory" table (3) in now that will also need to have orders created. Our IT departmen
  2. That's unfortunate. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Let me throw my problem out there then and maybe someone else has a different idea to relate the files. We have a robot that updates items on an access database with a unique barcode as well as their exact location. This was designed and set up by the engineering company that made the robot. Our FileMaker database keeps our data which we use for these items. When someone requests a set of items they tend to send excel sheets which I can then import into FileMaker to relate the values and produce the barcodes for us to find
  3. I need to view related fields from Microsoft access in our filemaker database. The access data will go into our report that will be exported or printed out. I have a unique identifier to relate the two databases but I have never related a non-filemaker file before. Just a side note that I did not design the access database and am quite unfamiliar with access in general. Thanks very much in advance.
  4. Do you know if it is possible to modify the script so it won't print out 1 blank label each time I run it? Thanks very much.
  5. I implemented it this morning and it works perfectly. I've never used the extend fn before so thanks for teaching me a new technique!
  6. I would like to have a field in my database where I can just enter the number of labels I would like printed out for that record. that way I could hit 1 button and it would print out all my records at once but only the number I want per recrod. I tried to write a script for it but I'm not sure how to do that since the number of copies is determined on the print setup page which can't be changed via filemaker scripts. I hope that is clear. Thanks very much for your help!
  7. Thanks for your feedback. The behavior trick was exactly what I wanted. I think I have places I can use the web viewer too so that was very helpful advice as well.
  8. I would like to stop certain related fields that I display in layouts from being modified. I just want to display the data in list view along with the new data but I cannot figure out how to keep it from being modifiable. I am very familiar with the manage accounts privileges but there is no way to disallow certain fields from being modified in specific layouts. It either has to be in the record or for all records in the layout. I hope I am clear enough. If not please let me know. Thanks.
  9. I would like to ask the community for advice (both available online and even moderately priced training) on how to train myself with the advanced scripting, script triggers, separation of data knowledge and calculations that are required to create databases. I have no background in computer science, operating systems, etc but I have been efficient enough for my company to put me in charge of our database. I have taken intermediate and advanced classes but after asking my instructor for suggestions of how to train myself in such things, I was told there is no such class available. He said th
  10. That is great. I have also been searching online for ways to scan in multiple entries also but my problem is a bit different. I have all my data already in 1 table. I want to do a scan that will pull up the "part#" but keep scanning until I get all the "part#'s" that I want. Then I want to copy this "part#" and paste it (along with a preassigned unique serial number) into a new table (this will be the related field now) and assign a person to work on them. Then I would create a button that would transfer all the data into the new table and erase the temp data. I am trying to do this with
  11. Great. I tried it out and it works to enter a calculation in the privilege field. Now the records are hidden but it comes up saying no access in all the fields for the hidden records. Is there any way to hide those so they don't show up? I also tried the on mode enter script trigger but I don't know how to only make it for 1 user instead of all users or what kind of script to enter since it is associated with a specific script. Sorry, this would be my first time using a script trigger. I appreciate all the suggestions from everyone.
  12. We keep inventory for a bunch of different labs. Some of what they are working on needs to be hidden from the general public. I created a checkbox field named hide that I wanted to write a script so that when the generic username is signed on, will not be able to see those records that are checked yes in hide. I wrote a script that does the omit but my problem is what if they show all records or do a new find, then they will see those records again. Is there a way to hide checked records based on username only? Thanks.
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