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  1. Thanks for the info. We work with Word Press, but one of the guys knows PHP. So, if we get it on the server, we should be able to come up with something. I'm just waiting to get the Filemaker Server up and running. Thanks again! Nanc
  2. Hi everyone! I work for a school district and I am recreating our leave form using Filemaker Pro 11. I have used Filemaker for a number of years and use relational databases. Once I get the form online, I want to try to script trigger it to email a copy of the form to the staff member who is requesting leave when their supervisor OK's it. This is the first time I have even used script triggers. As I was looking through the script categories, I set it to web publishing so I could see what I could use if I were to use a script. It looks as if you cannot do any Save as, etc. Is there a
  3. >BTW, if you export your records grouped by student ID (after sorting them as above) you will get the clean list you are after. I finally saw this, then went into the script and sorted Ascending by Student ID, Descending by Date, then exported with that sort order and as you said, group by Student ID and exported the file to get a clean file! Now all I had to do was import that new, clean file and make sure the meal status was matched to the correct student ID and everything will work great! I took out the check duplicate and counter because it only confused what i was doing.
  4. >I am not sure what is "the normal Counter and Check Duplicates" - but if you sort your records by student ID and by date, descending, the latest record will always be the first one in the group. In the help menu (to weed out the duplicates, under normal circumstances) it says to create a field called Counter and define that field as a number and auto-enter serial. Then you are to create another field that is called Check Duplicates and define it as a calculation If(Counter = lunchboxFRAM5 2::Counter; "Unique"; "Duplicate"). If there are only 2 duplicates of one student, then that migh
  5. I normally create other fields called Counter and Check Duplicates when I want to find all duplicates and delete them. But, with this one I want to keep the record that is the most current startDate. I don't know how to tell it to find the duplicate record with the most current startDate and somehow mark the other one as Duplicate and the one to keep as Unique. Sorry if this is confusing. Nanc
  6. I have to redo one of my database exports for our student lunch program due to the fact the Student Information System is moving the F/R fields. Everything has been going so well and I'm happy about this move. However, now when I pull this data I will get duplicate students with a start and end date (good thing). I only want the most current meal status for each student. What is the best way to tell the database to find the duplicate student and keep only the most current start Date? Usually you can find something that is so close to what you are doing, but this one I'm totally lost
  7. In previous posts I mentioned we were moving to a new lunch program. I have one last issue I need to resolve before I am finished with the scripting, comparing the two databases. The secretary of Food Services has to enter the benefit type meal status when parents fill out a form. That changes several times over during the year, for many. She also has to enter the data in our state database. What that does is create several records for the same student. I am pretty confident that when I run a duplicate count, I am getting the accurate result from the state. However, there are a couple of
  8. I have been scripting a few templates recently. All was well, until I was asked to do a different template, using the same scripting. I am tracking certain records with various ethnicity, female, male. When there are no records it gives me the continue button. I have tried to figure out how to enter the IF somewhere in there as a calculation (ie: If [Get (FoundCount) = "0"] "Continue"). I just want it to continue if there are no records and enter the 0. In one instant it came up over 150 times! I knew then I had made a huge mistake. Now I'm afraid I'll have to go back to each related record te
  9. javascript:void(0) Hi Efen! Your example was absolutely wonderful! I didn't quite understand the pk and fk description and tying it together, but I studied it and matched it to my two relational files as best I could, added what you had and at first I got the ? marks in the area where the money divided should have been. So, I went back and studied your template again and then remembered the relationship table was where I had seen the pk and fk tie-in. I had to make another relation for that, as my first was to tie the students with Family ID and student number since the student number is
  10. Yes, I have a list of students with household name from our Student Information System. Then I have the Family balances attached to Family household name table. Now, just to get my head around your AWESOME tables! I checked out your layout to see how you configured it. Once I get it figured out, it should be simple? Ha! You make it look so easy. The one thing I have never done is combine all the tables into one file. I just keep the relational files in their own folders. I have sometimes up to 8 files to relate to one main database. I know that pretty well and can get anything pull
  11. I do not know if this is where I should post, but I am so lost. I am pretty good at relational databases. I do have FM Pro 10, but have still been using 9. I work for a school district and we are buying a new lunch program. The old lunch program I have retrieved the data from, put into Excel and brought into filemaker pro. I have used student numbers to compare to our current student information system and old lunch program so I know they match. I then use the household to put the students in using a portal. the old lunch program tracked the money by the family. The new lunch
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