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  1. After one reply within the FM community forums, I decided to treat this like a bug and report it in the FM forums. Will see what comes out of this. https://community.filemaker.com/message/659657#659657
  2. Hello I need help understanding FQL. I thought I did Please download my file for testing Query I highlighted all differences between the first and the other statements. The value "aha" is inside the second repetition of the field 'test::name' Result of evaluation Question Why won't the SQL statement sql02 return anything. Looking at statement sql03, it looks like only the last statement inside the brackets is being evaluated. Looks like a BUG to me. Thank you
  3. I am still not developing in FM 15 . I haven't installed in the office yet. Only tested the conversion to fmp12 using the computer of my boss. I have no clue about FM 15. I am one the developers. I do have full access. King of the hill so to speak This was not a custom menu. I do not enclose menu names in squared brackets, If you want, I can wipe the file of everything and give it to you.
  4. I discovered this 2 weeks ago. And all backups have this "feature". Whatever it is, I cannot delete it. Filemaker says, it is locked. Everything in square brackets is locked. aaargh.... pure pain.
  5. And the DDR of FM 15 doesn't show any errors, even tough the corrupted menu item is still there. That's bad.
  6. Ok... after the conversion, the title chenged from "<unknown>" to an empty title. So, the weird menu has been transferred to the new file format fmp12.
  7. Update: I converted up to FM 15. The conversion log doesn't show any errors. Hmmmmmm..... am I save? and I did not look if the entry disappeared..... I need to wait for my boss to show up, so I can use FM 15 again. I do not have a copy
  8. not using Fm 15 yet. Everything I mentioned I based on FM 11 DDR. I am not using a clone. here is a screenshot of the DDR.
  9. Hello everybody We are about to move from FM 11 to FM 15. But one of our FM 11 files shows an unknown menu entry, which shows in the DDR report. Please take a look at the video. We never a had database crash or someting like that. How do I get rid of it ?? i just checked the backups.... this has been part of the solution from day one :/ brrrrrrrrrr
  10. Hello I just tested the follwoing snippet I found somewhere on the internet. I am on windows 7. The gui opens in the background. I'd like to understand why Please I tested Scriptmaster 4.205 Is there a way to make it stick to the foreground? import groovy.swing.SwingBuilder; import java.awt.FlowLayout; swing = new SwingBuilder(); gui = swing.frame(title:'Test 2', size:[400,200]) { panel(layout:new FlowLayout()) { panel(layout:new FlowLayout()) { for (name in ["Tom", "Dick", "Harry", "Bill"]) { checkBox(text:name);
  11. Hey guys I am confused too. Of course I have to write what I did. How would anybody know if I did not write anything?? I had know Idea that others are adapting such functionalities. Like I said, I could not find any information on it. But I keep getting suggestions on how to create one Anyways.... looks like there is no solution/module available out there. We can close this discussion and I try to improve my way of getting messages across @Lee It could become a product sure. And improving it is always a goal, but actually not intended in this thread @Rick I am o
  12. I've created a module. But I've opened this thread, because I was looking for a existing solution on the market and to check if anybody is interested in such a feature. Talking about Filemaker and its potential creating such a functionality. The module relies heavily on transactions. And as you might know, that's not a strength in FM. Still it was possible. And I wish there were a recordset like object available, to manipulate data in the memory. Anyways..... now I am thinking "Hey... maybe somebody tries to go a bit further with the exists solution and implement a task management
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