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  1. Hi,   I have activate keystroke to fire the script,as i press p for the print preview,it shows message which i attach as a screen short,i want to remove this message,how it can be done i have attached script also which i put it on layout setp,script is fir from the script trigger onlayoutkeystroke.
  2. Hi EveryOne, Can FileMaker be used in Dot Matrix Printer ,what is the settings of DotMatrix printer. Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, Â I stuck at one place. As i have make calendar in which i put name,to dispaly the booking my job is to put the name in whole date field From date To field,upto now i have showing name in From date only,i am attaching the screenshort for better undersatnding. Â Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, Is there any technique to fire the script through the right click on mouse.on clicking the right click the option of script comes. on choosing the particilar script it fires
  5. Hi David, Do you have any sample code for this,it is not clear for me.It will be helpful for me if u guide more. Thanks
  6. hi everyone, Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â I want to add features of spotlight in filemaker,to search the records in all the tables of particular field of a filemaker file.I want the spotlight as MAC.
  7. Hi everyone I want to get a list of all the Account Name and Password that is created using File -> Manage -> Security.is it possible by the script or any plugins? thanks
  8. yet i am not satisfied with this answer. is there any other process
  9. hi ocean, i have gone through this site but it has plugins in it ,is it possible to make a plugins for this
  10. Is it possible to create a matrix in FM? I am developing something for the hotel industry and they have very complex booking structures. What I would like achieve is the following. On the left from top to bottom are the names of the products such as luxury room, standard room, triple room,lotus,jasmine etc. On the top running from left to right are the date from date1 to date 31. I know the FM portals only display records as rows. How would one create the vertical columns? Can it be done? Maybe similar to a calendar display? Thanks
  11. hi, i have one date filter field which stores current date ,i have made 31 date field which contains the auto enter calculation field which is "11" & "/" & Month ( Date_Filter ) & "/" & Year ( Date_Filter ) but the result of date is not calculating properly it shows question marks. I have attached the screen short
  12. image should not be save from web to the database container field.
  13. Hi, i stuck in container field,i want to put container field as signature in footer which should be show on last of page in preview mode .how it can be done,the signature field show only in last page.i have attach a screen page for this thanks in advance
  14. I think only one line is provided in custom dialog.it is not possible to make multiple line
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