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  1. So you never check that box when creating a relationship between a parent and child table, you always deal with it via a script? Interesting
  2. Huh! Good to know. Thanks And LaRetta, I have done exactly that in the past. And you're absolutely right, never believe what you read! Now I know! Thanks for the help both of you.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I understand that if I delete a record from the parent table that it will be deleted from the database whichever parent TO the layout is based on. But just to make sure I understand correctly, are you saying that if I define a relationship between a parent and child TO where the child records are deleted if the parent records are, then the child records will be deleted even if I delete the parent record from a layout showing records from a different TO of the parent table? That may have been confusing! Let me try again: 2 Tables: Parent Table (2 table occurren
  4. I have two tables. A Department table and a Job Position Table. Elsewhere in the solution I have a TO of each table that are connected through a "departmentid" key. Through this relationship is also set to delete any related Job Positions if a department is deleted. I have a second TO of the Department table that is not related to any other TO. A script I am writing goes to the layout showing records from this TO, deletes all the records and imports a new set of records. However when the Delete all Records script step runs, all the related records from the Job Position table are also bei
  5. And it does. Hope this conversation with myself can help out someone else in the future!
  6. Figured out a way to do it. I can compile the PDF in the temp folder, assigning my own name to it, import the finished PDF into a container field and then use the "Export Field Contents" script step to let the user choose a new name if they wish and the filepath of their choice. Problem solved (as long as it works!)
  7. Hi folks, I am trying to create a script where if the user clicks a button, a number of different layouts are saved as one PDF file. This is easy to do if I define the file path and the file name with the first layout I save as a PDF, and then append all the other layouts to it. However what I ideally need to do is allow the user to choose the file name and path. What I need to do is somehow capture these elements so the script can find the file and append the other layouts to it. I can think of a somewhat crass way of getting these elements separately (although to get the file
  8. Hi folks, Â I am creating a print layout that is in two columns and involves a leading sub summary part. Is there any way to line up the body section in the second column if there is no summary break at the top of the column? I don't want to add a page break after every sorted item though. My guess is no, but I figured I'd ask. Â Jamie
  9. Thank you Wim, that solved it. Comment, I am sometimes amazed I understand what is going on my head some of the time!
  10. Lol, sorry for the confusion Comment. It is a Set Field script step, with a calculation in it. The bigger picture is that there are a number of fields that can be updated in a table. If any of these fields are updated it runs a script that creates a list of the updated fields. This list is then used as part of a print layout to show the user what has been updated. This section looks in the list that has been created thus far to find if the Salary field has been updated already. If so, when the list is added to, the word "Salary" will appear in it. The reason I am recreating the list ea
  11. Update: Figured out a solution but it seems a little convoluted! Below is basically what I did. In reality this is part of a much larger Let function If ( Patterncount ( List_Field ; "Salary" ) = 3 and Patterncount ( List_Field ; "Salary Increases" ) = 1 and Patterncount ( List_Field ; "Salary Decreases" ) = 1 or Patterncount ( List_Field ; "Salary" ) = 2 and Patterncount ( List_Field ; "Salary Increases" ) = 1 and Patterncount ( List_Field ; "Salary Decreases" ) = "" or Patterncount ( List_Field ; "Salary" ) = 2 and Patterncount ( List_Field ; "Salary Increases" ) = "" and Patterncount (
  12. Hi folks. I am having an issue creating a script. where part of it finds a word within a list (in a field). The word I am looking for is "Salary". However the list may contain lines that say one or more of "Salary", "Salary Increases" and "Salary Decreases". And I want to find if there is a line with just the word "Salary" in it. The patterncount function isn't doing the job as it will count (correctly) any of the three lines if they exist. Also, the order of the lines may change in each record so I can't tell the calculation to look on a particular line of the list. Is there a way to find
  13. Figured it would be easier see what I was doing in layout mode. Issue was in the staff member portal "column". I wanted to give the appearance that some of the portals in this column were one portal even though in reality they were multiple. So I had them touching. This is what seemed to cause the issue. For this specific layout, luckily when any portals touched, one of them was always a one line portal. So I got round it by removing lines from the one line portal itself, and adding them to the field in the portal instead. That way I could literally raise or lower the single line portals b
  14. Figured out the issue. If two portals are touching and the portal is a button, it doesn't work. Hmmmm!
  15. Hi folks, Is there a workaround to have a button work inside a portal even if there are currently no records in the portal's table? What I am trying to do is when the user clicks on a portal it pops up a box that once filled in will add the record to the portal's table via a script. For a number of reasons I don't want the user to be able to enter the information into the portal directly. I thought maybe turning the portal into a button instead of just the portal fields would do the trick but apparently not! Any help would be greatly appreciated James
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