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  1. I want to perform a script on records created in the last 90 days. I would start out the script with a Perform Find command, based on the date created field, but now can I format this to show only records from the last 90 days. I tried using the "Todays date" symbol ( // ) and subtracting 90 from it and then doing a range ( ... ) from that calculation to the current date, but that didnt seem to work (syntax error).
  2. Thanks, Replace Field will work... Sorry for the confusion, but in all the other programming languages I've worked in a field is a box with no intrinsic value, and a variable would behave just like a field would.
  3. OK, I see the issue with my question... As far as filemaker terminology a I am wording the question poorly... A field is a type of variable in a pure programming sense "...a variable is a facility for storing data. The current value of the variable is the data actually stored in the variable. Variables in programming do not directly correspond to the notion of variables in mathematics." Let me rephrase the question in the Filemaker vernacular. If I want to modify the value of fields across multiple records how would I achieve this.
  4. Yes, values are in records, but each value is tied to a variable that I use in my script. You can't have a value without first defining a variable. If I want to change a value in multiple records I need to apply it in the script to a variable, hence changing all the values... I'm not sure how I can better describe this.
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but values are assigned to variables across records. I want to change the values in multiple records that are assigned to these variables. I'm not sure what I have mixed up. Let me make a super simple example so that you might be able to illustrate to me how it is done... Lets say I have a variable called "X" and three records. In those records that variable is assigned the value of 1, 2, and 3. If I want to create a script that performs a calculation, say multiply them by 3, how would I do this automatically with a script for all three records at once and result in those values being 3, 6, 9. Thanks for the help.
  6. Can you elaborate, please? How do you loop a script across multiple records? Can you show an example of a script? My script currently replaces the values of several variables on a single record, what process would you use to propagate it across multiple records? Thanks for the help.
  7. I am working on a database with 20,000 records. I have written a script that performs an action that I need to apply to about 15,000 of these records. What do i have to do with the script to apply it to a set of found records. Currently I have a button that I use on the records as I access them, but I would prefer to apply it to all the records that I need to at once. Thanks. PS: The script currently takes 9 values from 1 repeating variable and places those 9 values in 9 separate variables.
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