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  1. I have a basic form with edit boxes. Some can be edited in browse mode and others can't. I've noticed when I click on the form, the edit boxes which are editable are highlighted with a bunch of tiny dots around the field borders. Is there a setting that controls whether these dots display or not? Thank you!
  2. I'm beginning a design where I want to provide flexibility when it comes to a person's name. Most names have first, middle, and last but others have other types of names including title, alternate, nickname, and others. I want to store each individual name component in a simple child table with an index UUID field referencing the parent record, name label, and value. I would use a portal to allow the entry of various types of name types. I would like to store the results of the name entries in the child table in different formats in the parent record. One with first, middle, last and another with last, first, middle. There may be others as well. What's the approach I should take to make this work? I'm assuming a script using triggers to do the field creation in the parent record. I've looked around for an example but have not been successful. Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.
  3. I understand all of the issues associated with using repeating fields. I have an application where I have three fields - A, B, and C. A and B are defined as a number. C is defined as a calculation with a repetition of 2. I want to populate the first repetition of C with the value of A and the second repetition of C with the value of B. Calculation result would be a number. Thanks!
  4. I'm an old programmer from the PL/C days. I've been spending time over the past few days looking up recursion as it works in FileMaker. I have an application that has a record id along with a father id and a mother id. I would like to write a recursive function that would go through the table assigning a relationship identification to each record. For example, the father record would have a "F", the mother record a "M" the father's father's record would be "FF", the father's mother's record would be "FM". I know this type of activity can be accomplished using recursion, but I'm getting stumped in how to pass the id's to the calculation. It appears in FileMaker, I can't directly reference data within the calculation. All of the examples that I've looked at have the data passed to it in the parameters. I want to be able to walk the entire table but I don't see how to approach it within FileMaker. I would appreciate any insight that anyone would have.
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