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  1. Thanks Kris. This might work. The solution that John presented used the FMP layout objects for the PDF. It was plug and play and very cool. Jeff
  2. We all know there is a limitation in outputting PDFs as a server-side operation. it has to do with the server not having head. John Renfrew presented a possible solution at Pause on Error this past October in Portland. I believe his solution made use of the iText library and some sexy PHP. John, is this solution ready to be shared? or licensed? I need the functionality in our solution. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hi John, That's assuming you have a file reference and a script in FileB to call. I am working another theory... If I somehow give the user a script to paste into FileB, I can reference the script using ScriptMaster's Run Script Immediately function. The function uses the FILENAME, SCRIPTNAME and PARAMETERS as inputs. The script the users pastes in would be a single line return like the one you posted. Now, to put the script on the paste board without going into Manage Scripts and copy... Thanks, Jeff
  4. That's what I am beginning to think. I was hoping to not have to create file references and TOs to extract the data. If anyone can think of a method, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Jeff
  5. I have two files. FileA and FileB. I have a script in FileA in which I'd like to query data in FileB. Here are my parameters: - FileA does not have a table occurrence for the table in FileB. - FileB is open with sufficient privileges - The process in FileA does have the correct TO and FIELDNAMES to query the data I believe I am having an issue with scope. Is there a way, without creating a TO in FileA, for the script in FileA to query the table in FileB using ExecuteSQL? Thanks, Jeff
  6. Hello, I went to build a new custom plug-in this afternoon and received the dialog that my license had expired. I went to the 360Works site to renew. I didn't see a renewal option, so I purchased a new license. (It would have been nice to retain my original license number so I don't have to manage different keys.) My issue right now is I don't see where I update the license key to enable me to build a plug-in. Maybe it is right in front of my face, but I'm not seeing it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff Nevermind. I found it. I need to start drinking coffee in th
  7. Hello, This is likely a simple question, but Groovy is not my normal language. I have a script to send SMS. I can get it to work using strings. But when I replace the string with the incoming parameter name, I receive an error. My incoming parameters are defined as follows: Parameters: {to=+15035551234, from=(503) 555-1111, message=testing} Here is my script: // Download the twilio-java library from http://twilio.com/docs/libraries import java.util.Map; import java.util.HashMap; import com.twilio.sdk.resource.instance.Account; import com.twilio.sdk.TwilioRestCli
  8. Hello, I really need a progress dialog function for ScriptMaster. Anyone have one? Or can point me in the direction of one? Thanks, Jeff
  9. Is this the class behind the "Post Data to URL" function that is included as a sample? Will this function post a file? If not, does anyone have a SM function written I could paste in? Thanks, Jeff
  10. Hello, I am trying to post a file to a server. The API we have been given describes using cURL. But Windows doesn't have cURL installed by default. I would rather include the post method in the plug-in without requiring an external utility be installed. Is there such a method? Sorry if I am missing the obvious. Thanks, Jeff
  11. Hello, I am trying to build a method to POST issues into MantisBT. Mantis provides a method to post using XML. However, this is my first time working with posting via XML. i am under a time crunch, so I need an answer ASAP. My Mantis installation has the XML methods described here: http://mantis.twosou...ntisconnect.php Using this, I figured the method I need to use is: mc_issue_add WIth that said, here is the calc that I constructed: Let ( [ url = "http://mantis.twosouthpaws.com/api/soap/mantisconnect.php" ; act = "mc_issue_add" ; xml = List ( "&l
  12. Hello, Is there a way to post more than one name pair using PostDataToURL? I need to post 6 values for one page. Then 11 for another. I don't think XML is an option. But I'll look into it. Thanks, Jeff
  13. I am aware of RemoteScripter. Since RemoteScripter, and most of 360Works plug-ins, share the same codebase ScriptMaster, I was hoping to only distribute one plug-in, not two. Any thoughts?
  14. I have a non-FMP solution that needs to call FMP and isolate a single record in a table. I like the fmp7script method available to FMGo, but it doesn't appear to be available on the desktop. One the desktop, is there a way to have a browser (or another app) post to the following URL: fmp7script:// With FMGo, this will run the script "JeffTest" with the parameter "1110305". Question, can ScriptMaster listen for this type of request and act? If not, anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Jeff
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