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  1. I have a similar problem how can solve the problem? Where can I download word to FM?
  2. I was trying to replicate the hierarchy (I am new to merge variables) but still failed to do so. What is the issue here? Rgds SY Lim Hypercube_Sales_Management_System_3_.zip
  3. Thanks Vaughan, it worked. : But what is the difference between a calculated field and a calculation field? SY Lim
  4. Here is the file.. Hypercube_Sales_Management_System_3_.zip
  5. Hi Experts, I was just playing through the MAX function according to file maker Pro 11 advanced help. ( for repeating fields But it seem that there is a bug in the function. Please see attachment. Please confirm this. What can be the get around solution? Regards SY Lim
  6. Hi Experts, found a way to attached it. just change the extension to .7z and use 7zip to unzip the file. You may find a lot of relationships but just look at the relevant one thanks. Prospect_Management.zip
  7. The file is too big to attach to the forum
  8. Can I have your email so that I can send the file over?
  9. Hi Experts, I am using FM11 on Win XP I am a novice at filemaker and was having a problem wilh my script. This script is supposed to generate a pop up dialog box relating to the prospects met and the time due in a to do list but somehow it did not work. It takes the wrong record and shows the wrong time as well. Click the link to view the screenshots http://picasaweb.google.com/105518519749634360695/Desktop?authkey=Gv1sRgCPC6poP08rzwbQ&feat=directli... Please shad some light on this thanks SY Lim
  10. Hi I'm Lim here. Quite new at databases AND filmmaker I'm trying to create a mailing list field where my user can choose from the mailing list , when he or she clicks a button, Filmmaker is able to send the mail using outlook. Its some sort of contact management database I'm creating. How do I go about doing that? Cheers SY Lim
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