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  1. it works but i can't report on it or use that field in a calculation as it only exists in the portal. -Erik
  2. I have a portal that is displaying a list of items. Each item has a dollar amount and an additional tag on it. Is there a way to create a total of the dollar figure of only a certain selection of the portal records. In my example i have a table called services. It is linked to a table called assets and that table is linked to a table called inventory. My portal shows all the inventory related to the service based on the assets that are related to the service. See the relationship diagram in attachements. With this relationship i can view a portal into the inventory table that looks like
  3. I opened the server that file is hosted on. I gave ODBC 32 bit the same name in System DSN as the ODBC 64 bit system DSN.... now it is working perfectly!! Thanks!!
  4. I have two tables. Expense Items And products The tables are linked by Product Name. So in the expense table i have a product name and a cost for it. In the product table i have the product table and a portal that shows me every expense that was assigned to that cost. How can i make a report layout that shows the product name from the product table and every expense underneath that product name that was assigned to it along with the grand total of the costs. Right now i only show 1 expense item for the product and then it breaks and goes to the next product name in the repor
  5. I have a script that i run that pulls records into a FM solution via ODBC connection. I can run this script fine and the ODBC import works fine when i run it locally and manually run the script. But when i set the script to run via the scheduler from the server that it is hosted on i get an 802 error Schedule "import lansweeper" scripting error (802) at "Inventory Dev 22APR2015 MASS UPDATE TEST : 0 Import Lansweeper Data : Import Records". I can see the ODBC connection on the script. What is going on here? Thanks! ERik
  6. How can i make a script run automatically every 24 hours. I have a database built using FM PRO Advanced 13 and hosted on FM Server 13. -Erik
  7. i don't get a match when using this function. it returns a blank value and i know that i have values in my value list that are contained in the fields I am trying to match against... heres another example of what i am trying to do.... Field1= Microsoft .net framework Field 2 is blank Value List .net framework windows microsoft Take the value list and go through each value and see if i can find a match within the Field = Microsoft .net framework since i sort my value list by length the first value i can match i will assign to field 2. so in this case i will find that the value
  8. I would sort the value list by length the fields that i am trying to match against by length so that if a match is found it takes the first one. For example. Value list Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Field to Match Microsoft Corporation It would come across Microsoft Corporation would be used first and stop looking for a match and not get to Microsoft.
  9. If i have a value list (approximately 2000 values) What is an efficient way to go record by record selecting a text field and see if i can make a match form the value list. Example.... Go to Record 1 select field contents (ex. DOG) go through my value list and see if I can find a value that has the word DOG in it. If i do find a match with the word DOG copy that value (even if there is more to the value than just DOG) and set another text field in record 1 with that value from the list. Example Go to Record 1.... Select field and set variable. Variable is equal to DOG Search thro
  10. If i have a checkbox field. How can i make a script that goes through the checkbox selections and creates a new record for each selection i choose. Example Checkbox field... A B C If I check A and C I want to have a script that goes to a new table and creates a new record for each selection New Table Record A Record C Thanks again for the help!
  11. I have 2 tables. 1 table is a list of products 2nd table is a list of expense reports The goal is to assign a product to each expense report. For example if i have an expense report that was to buy medicine i want to assign the product "Healthcare" to that expense report and have it saved as a unique record in a new table. However sometimes I have an expense report that is for two or more different products. So again for example i may have an expense report that was for buying medicine and also two pairs of shoes. In this case the products that should be assigned to this e
  12. In real life think of a CMDB (Configuration Management Database) If i have an application listed in the CMDB and i relate it to another application. For example Windows 2000 is related to Microsoft Word (another application in the CMDB) I should be able to search for Microsoft Word and see that it is related to Windows 2000 even though i only made that relationship from WIN2000 to MS WORD and not the other way around (MS WORD to WIN2000) Right now if i relate one record to another I can only see that relationship if i am on the one record. If i go to the record that i related t
  13. I have a table called services. I want to be able to create a portal inside that services layout that allows me to relate one service to another. I want the service that i related to also show that relationship in the portal on its record. So in other words lets say i have three services. A B C If i relate Service B to Service A in the portal I want to be able to click on Service B on the services layout and see that it is related to service A. Currently if I relate B to A on the A record, when i go to record B it does not show that it is related to A. Thanks for the help
  14. Ignore my last post. I found it online. Here was the problem. One of my portals had a field in it that was not part of the table the portal was referencing. I removed that unnecessary field and search started working again in filemaker web direct again. Gltich or working as designed.... very interesting that a field in a portal would cause the perform functionality in web direct to fail. Thanks for the pointer. -Erik
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