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  1. FileMaker Cloud Support replied me with a work around and this works for me: - Tap the cog icon > Settings - Disable "Use Claris ID" - Close the app - Open the app and perform the same steps to enable "Use Claris ID" - You should now be signed out and be able to sign into a new account.
  2. When I try to sign out of my Claris ID on my iPad with iOS14.2 with Filemaker Go I get a error: Safari can't open the page because the address is invalid (translate from dutch) I can't logout of the claris ID now, so I though I delete the whole FileMaker Go app from the iPad and then I start all over again with the other claris ID. When I install the FileMaker Go 19 again and open the App, the Claris ID is still logged-in? When Apps are deleted, the whole content should be deleted?
  3. A client of ours started yesterday a mail loop. For one mail it went wrong. A person gets a extra mail that was generated for a person that should have get his mail. What I discovered is that person two had a invalid mail address (yes I should check this better in the script) but the mail was send to person one. What I do in the script: ---------------------- - I set a local variable $to to the mail address. - I set the $from, $to, $subject, $body - I do EmailRegister and EmailConnectSMTP Then I do: EmailCreate( $from ; $to ; $subject ) and EmailSetBody( $body; "html" ) and EmailBCCRecipients ( "administratie@xxxx.nl") - I add Attachments with EmailAttachFile - And then a EmailSend - And then EmailDisconnect ---------------------- I know I should have checked for a vallid mail address but I use a local variable in the script, how can the second mail end up with the previous mail address?
  4. This is what I did with the encryption process: - I did the encryption of all the databases - I noted the encryption password in a file (temporary) - After the encryption I opened all the databases on the Filemaker Server and checked the keychain box (easy for opening all the databases) - Then I saved the encryption password in our own database online. - I closed all the databases on the Filemaker Server - Then I copied the password from our online database and opened all the databases on the server again, the admin app wants to have the encryption password and now I pasted the password from our online datbase -> WORKED!! - OK, a couple days after that I cleaned up the encryption folder because everything is working Now, months after, I want to open a backup file. Of course the database wants to have the encryption password, I go to our online database, I copied it and pasted it in the backup file. And now the password is WRONG!! What I now found out on the server, when I close one database, I open it again, it asks for the encryption password, I put in a random password, it accepts it and opens the database !!!! It looks like the keychain takes over the opening process..... The problem now is that I don't have the encryption password anymore ...... Is there a possibility to get it out of the keychain somehow?
  5. When I take a backup file from the server where all the databases are encrypted (EAR) the encryption password does not work. The password is the right one because it opens the server databases. I copied the file to my own computer and try to open it with filemaker 17 and the password doen not work. Also tried to open the file on our test filemaker server 17 and also the password does not work. Can anyone explain why this does not work?
  6. Is it possible to use the Email plugin version 2.17 on Mac OS 10.13 with Filemaker Server 17? Or needs the client upgrade to version 3?
  7. The JRE instructions did the trick, thanks!
  8. Hello, We have a customer that has fmserver 16.03 with email plugin 3.06 but this does not load. Also strange is that the admin page Description of this plugin displays version 3.05 I downloaded the latest version again and installed on the right location but still does not load and version stays 3.05
  9. We have the same issue. Mac OS 10.11.2 with Filemaker Server 14.0.4. We can't use Running in standalone because we have references of the web viewers to port 80 and when we change the port number to 80 we get a permission denied:80 message.
  10. Hello David, Did you get SuperContainer working with Filemaker Server 14? Nico
  11. Is Supercontainer working with Filemaker Server 14? I tried to install supercontainer on Mac OS 10.10.5 and after no succes on Mac OS 10.9.5 but also no succes. The version i try to install is Super Container 2.9 When installing it 'stops' with installing 360Works Tomcat daemon and in the console we see every 30 seconds a crash report for httpd Is there a documented solution for installing Supercontainer with Filemaker server 14?
  12. We are going to deploy a new Filemaker Server 12 on Mac OS 10.9 We want to take our time with this to set it up correctly. Is it a good way to setup the new server completely and then at the end change the ip address to the right one? (after taking done the old one) We are also using IWP.
  13. When I want to load a Excel file and it contains a worksheet with chart I get the message:  java.lang.RuntimeException: javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException - with linked exception: ............ /var/...../xl/worksheets/sheet2.xml (No such file or directory)  When I remove the worksheet with chart there is no problem.  I use Filemaker 13 Advanced with Scribe 1.41  Can someone help me with this?
  14. Maybe this solves you're problem: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/de35658279?page=16 posted October 8, 2013 by TSFalcon Permalink @All: Thank you for the replies. FileMaker Inc. has released knowledge base article Answer ID: 12617: Software Patch: Instant Web Publishing stability hotfix. "This hotfix exclusively addresses the following scenario: • You have a solution published in instant web publishing using version FileMaker Server Advanced 12.0v1 or later. • Your solution utilizes FileMaker’s portal feature. • Your portals include container fields. In this scenario the Instant Web Publishing process may crash intermittently and you receive the following message in the event.log: 701 Instant web publishing process has terminated abnormally. Note: This hotfix will not address all causes of error 701. If you are experiencing stability issues, and the above scenario does not apply, please contactFileMaker Support." TSFalcon FileMaker, Inc.
  15. Hi Sarah, I have send you a private message with the XML output. I will setup a test account and send you a email.
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