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  1. As far as names, I figured the FK ID would be what I tied to not the name field. I always tie to the ID's (Get Number UUID) But I have more research to do. Such as the join tables. I thought my invoices were using Join Tables but I guess they aren't true JT. Thanks for the input folks.
  2. We are very familiar with limiting access/edit-view privileges to records, layouts, etc.. @Fitch in our case, records will possibly have more than one sales rep assigned though. (Another issue needs addressed as currently it's the FK ID of the lead/job record for the main rep, but sometimes the jobs gets split between two reps. That's another post lol) I'm not sure if we are going to need it, but we added a z_recordAccess field to the table. Maybe, instead, we were thinking that the show all could be based on the fact that either z_createdBy = Get (AccountName) but also need to allow ac
  3. Anything I need to know that is newer info from this old post? Have an fm17 solution that we will want to have sales reps only able to see records (contacts/leads/jobs) that are assigned to them. Thanks.
  4. I get that. I think i explained it wrong. We do it that way. i will think about how tore-explain it.
  5. I have a checkbook journal with a calc that figures the balance. I know this should be easy, but I am having a hard time figuring out how to capture the balance daily (the end of the day) and do a simple report, list, or portal that shows the daily balance. ((kind of what you see when logging in to your bank). Any ideas anyone? Than you in advance. Amy
  6. and THANKS Barbara. ive been reading many posts you have have been involved in. And others. Thanks.
  7. Package Maker (free, part of the Developer tools Where is this? You mean the ones on the FileMaker website? I didnt see it.
  8. __________________________________________ Thanks. I didnt know about the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package requirement. Still not quite sure how to do the "create either a standard Macintosh disk image " for Mac. And thanks for the EXE resource. Was wanting Brian Dunning's solution but its not in my budget just yet. Soon. I really would like the ToMarket course but thats not in my budget yet either. I have so much to learn. -)
  9. With FMP11 Advanced, how do I create serial number for installers and have trials expire? I assume trial expire would be a script. How do I create an EXE file with an installer? Do I have to buy Install Creator Pro or does anyone have any other ideas? Links, specific info, resources, would be appreciated. With 11 coming out, they said at the meeting debut something about with 11 now you can make it people cant just rename the database and copy it. I assume that is only for people using the database on FMP environment and I dont need to worry about this. But for future reference, how do you do
  10. "PK_Customer_ID" is defined to contain unique values only. Allow duplicate value? I click on NEW CONTACT in my custom solution and it creates a unique customer ID. Then when I click over to another tab such as Purchase Order or Work Order, and arrow down to that Contact I get the message above. Please help. Amy S
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