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  1. I have the same problem and removing the folder fixes it, but how do you prevent that folder from being created?
  2. Code-X is nice and I used it in my Runtime solutions. However the security isn't 100%. When a user reinstalls for example a trial version and the trial is over, all he has to do is to reinstall the trial and he can use it again from start.
  3. Yes, I mean the window itself, which then also would eliminate all that white space because the field is anchored on all sides. Ah yes, this is an unneeded step. I took it out, thanks for noticing that. btw. What's the difference between Lock On and Lock Off in the Zoom step?
  4. I am stunned why I cannot get rid of the white space in a text field. I created a note window for my solution that runs in a separate window. I want to be able for the user to resize it as small as possible, the same way it can be done with the native TextEdit app the Mac. But even with the layout settings set to the minimum, I get this result, I cannot drag the bottom windows side higher: This is how the layout looks like: Any idea what causes this?
  5. It’s a the amount of paragraphs, I need to know this for a story writing program that uses this to keep track of the amount of steps written for a story section. Every step is finished with a carriage return.
  6. You have a valid point there, something must be wrong. I will check this.
  7. After a zoom setting I add an Adjust window step so the layout of that window will be shown correctly without scroll bars, however this also places a window in a way that it always stays inside the visible area of the screen, even though it was half off screen when saving the windows settings before closing the solution. Is there are way to avoid this from happening?
  8. How can I count the amount of lines in a text field? And is there a way to get a live update of the line count while typing in the field without it slowing down or interrupting the typing?
  9. Thanks. I got it to work. All windows are now remembered on position, zoom level and also size.
  10. All the windows are now being restored after restarting the solution, this is great! Thanks so much for the help. Only one thing to do is restoring the zoom level from these windows. I know how to set the current window zoom in a variable, but how do I restore it? I cannot find a zoom script step that can be defined by a variable.
  11. I found out why not all windows were listed. They were listed but I didn't see them, because... the custom dialogue window was not resized long enough to show them to me! 🤫
  12. Yes, I did that by using a custom dialogue window which is being run after a restart and immediately after the preferences are being read. Even with all windows open saved, the result is always different. Also, when only having a single windows open up till 3 extra windows, everything works correctly. It goes wrong the moment I add that 4th extra window. This can be any kind of window, it doesn't depend on which window.
  13. What I miss now is actually that their positions are not being saves, so I probalby do need a looping for this to make that work. It seems also random on which windows are being saved AND openend even if the names are saved in a variable. According to the custom dialoge window that runs after restarting, only 4 out of 5 (main window and 4 extra) windows are being remembered, and it seems to be depending on in which order I had the windows openend. This is the save script: And this is the script that runs when restarting the solution:
  14. Thanks! This appears to be much easier than I thought. It looks like a loop script isn't needed either, right? Just the script step Windownames. Only weird thing is that this only seems to remember 4 windows in total. A 5th open window will not open with restart. But I cannot image that a user will ever have 5 windows open at the time.
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