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  1. I have a 3 tables: work orders vehicles parts I have a layout with two portals on it: one with work orders which matches a certain vehicle (Only shows work orders for the vehicle indicated) one with parts for the corresponding work order (or at least thats what I would like) right now I have 3 work orders showing for a certain vehicle). Can someone point me in the right direction as to when I click on a work order in one portal ONLY the parts used for that WO populate the other portal? Sorry if none of this makes sense. I'm sure there's an example on here some
  2. Hello all. I have a line items portal, and I would like to be able to give a total price of all items in the portal on a per-item basis. It's easy enough to total up all the extended costs to show a Unifid total, but I would like to show a total for just "ICE" and a total for just "SHOVELS" and so on, all on the same layout. How could I go about doing this?
  3. I have 3 tables "cars" with: carID, driverName "drivers" with driverID, carID, and misc. fields and "deliveries" with orderNumber, fk_carsID I'm trying to get the driver name to pull up when I choose the car ID on the deliveries layout, but it doesn't work. I can use a drop down with the cars ID and driver's name shown second on the deliveries layout, but when I choose one, the driver's name field will not auto-populate on the deliveries layout. I'm sure I'm overlooking something here. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. What Im seeing here, is that when you restrict access to one layout, the restricted user has no acess to the database itself at all.
  5. I didn't explain myself clearly. I have 2 files. One has complete full access. The other has 2 tables, one of which I would lke to restrict complete access to, but still be able to import records from the other table. I would like to have access to the database to be able to make changes to the available table, but not the restricted table. Is that possible? Whenever I try to work on the restricted file, it grays out "database".
  6. No, I haven't looked at the EDS model. I will. I'm trying to make it as esy as possible for someone to add a table to their existing database by just importing the whole table, but that user doesn't have full access to the database they are trying to import, so it won't work.
  7. Is there a way to set up a file where I can allow a user to import a table from a file in which they don't have full acces privileges? They have complete access in the file they would be importing FROM except for some scripts, but they are not able to import a table into the new file. Shouldn't this still work?
  8. Hello everyone, I'm a little confused over some script issues I have regarding modifying them. Quick rundown, Account: Supervisor Privilege set is set as follows: Records: create, delete, and modify in all tables Layouts: all modifiable Value lists: all modifiable scripts: custom privileges Under scripts I have 2: 1. Start, which is set to executable only 2. Authorize, which is set to modifiable However, when logged in under Supervisor account name, I am NOT able to modify the "Authorize" script as "Manage scripts" is grayed out. Can someone poin
  9. Hey Guys (and Gals), I just installed FM Server 11 advanced trial on Windows server 2003 R2, and everything went fine. FM server started up, and ran just fine. I restarted my windows server, and now FM server starts, but gives me the error message that the database engine hasn't started, and needs to be started by administrator. When I click on the start button, nothing happens, but a long wait, and then the start button becomes unavailable, but database engine still not working. Any suggestions or help in identifying the issue? PS...Yes, fmserver is started under my "Services" o
  10. I have a one row portal which contains a container field. For the life of me,I can't figure out how to script placing a photo inside that container field. It's simple enough when the field isn't in a portal, but how do you do it when it is? Thanks in advance.
  11. What OS and version are they using?
  12. I think he's trying to say that he would like his users to be able to sort by whichever his users choose, for example: Sort by (field one(Name), field two(Pet), field three(Equipment)) or if they choose Sort by (field one(Equipment), field two (Name, field three (Pet), and so on. He wants the user to be able to sort in order by whatever information that they add to the fields. Not sure why he needs this.
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