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  1. Great! Then we’ve got the deal. I am sure this is a rare problem Language problem
  2. I think I should clarify what I said Relational graph, ok? I’ll let you know if there is any problem. I suppose we have a deal, then. En içten dileklerimle
  3. It seems to me that we had better Can you give examples of the demo file. It was a pleasure to discuss you these points.
  4. hi LaRetta ;    Anchor Buoy  My new ERD,Have you got anything to add / any suggestions?  En içten dileklerimle  Nuri
  5. Dear LaRetta; Â Will be my case. Â If not you sample an ERD. Â Thank You
  6. Dear LaRetta ;  As you can imagine in your Staff want to build a database related to transportation.  As seen in the picture below ERD, I yöndemiy right to begin with?   Turkish:  Sizinde tahmin edeceğiniz gibi Personel Taşıma ile ilğili bir veritabanı inşa etmek istiyorum.  Aşağıda resimde ki ERD de görüldüğü gibi, başlamak için doğru yöndemiyim?    language:Türkçe
  7. Wim Decorte;  Verdiğiniz cevap için teşekkür ederiz  Complex Many-to-Many Relationships  BUS SÜRÜCÜLER masa ve nasıl ilişki?  Ben örnek dosyayı başlamak istiyorum.  Bu sorun,  Teşekkür Ederim
  8. I apologize for my bad English. I've written a few times on this forum but I could not get a result. The staff of the company I work from home, I plan to move the database to work from home business. Where the job description as follows: TABLE: CUSTOMERS BUSES DRIVERS ROUTES INVOICES FATURA_LINES PAYMENTS Buses with the specific route, picked up from the office staff to the office in the evening customers are left home away from home in the morning. Pricing is done by time. Every day time are the same. Each customer is different, there are different routes and prices. Each custom
  9. Everyone Hi. A relationship problem I'm having for her help I need. My scenario is as follows. Car running buses var.Bu tools to companies and factories Personnel taşıyorlar.Otobüslerin distinct, separate unit prices var.Sabah and Evening fee in the form of fees alıyorlar.Bunların accounts and To keep the accounts of the companies they do business and a table how do I need to build relations. Nuri 1.Tablo Example: Tour 2.Table: Charter Buses 3.Table: Services of the Company or Factory
  10. I'm your help Thank you in advance. File Maker new kullanıcısıyım.Bir file planlıyorum.Fakat how the relationship should I help when I'd like. Companies have this company out of rent from you and also your own car with my service I give the car a daily basis çalışıyorlar.burada Company and of automobiles How do I keep the accounts. Thanks Nuri :)
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