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  1. Just ran into this tonight on FM13.0v3. OSX 10.9.4 Was thinking i'd spent too long away and forgotten how value lists worked. But LaRetta's tweak fixed it for me. Thanks LaRetta
  2. I've done it a different way in past. Create another temp table(s) in Filemaker between the XML source and destination FM table(s). I put my temps in a standalone 'Importer' FM file to keep destination clean. Then can create necessary logic btw the temp holding table(s) and destination table(s) in Filemaker scripting record creation based on whatever logic you want. (Also lets you write checks on data before polluting the main database).
  3. Thanks Dan thats a neat technique, esp speed wise. I have a need along similar lines, I was going down the path of convoluted, complex looping scripts building up vars but this should help speed up the process (and development).
  4. Yes, i'm getting issues with your demo. Might have stumbled across a bug? I can't pin down when summaries go wrong but clicking into the summary field updates summary field with correct value until click out again. I'm on FM 12.2 Mac / OSX 10.6.8 (i know, should get with the programme)
  5. Yeah I use this workflow as get hundred of assets separately from associated metadata to those files. As long the filenames are in the metadata its all good. ie. - Chuck those files into shared folder (or onto CDN if so wish) - Import metadata - Check / fix any which don't exist. - Display files container with cross plat calc. web-viewers etc I'm looking at external containers in 12 & import folder as an option - pain point is the not being able to store those files away from the FM file on server. Note: folder import seems to support more file types in 12 - but not all ie. word.doc , text.log files didn't import in quick test - however most movies, audio, pdfs, images did. Cheers Olly
  6. I'd use the free BaseElements plugin. http://www.goya.com.au/baseelements/plugin (or scriptmaster) function: BE_FileExists ( $path ) result: 1 or 0 (true or false) you could test in a script and set fields based on that result cheers olly
  7. One way to fix is change relevant fields to auto enter calc: to remove format TextFormatRemove ( Self ) to remove format & trim whitespace Trim ( TextFormatRemove ( Self ) ) to remove format, trim whitespace & remove returns (eg. only want single line) TextFormatRemove ( Trim ( Substitute ( Self ; "¶" ; "" ) ) ) Can extend enforce all sorts of rules this way. Asci only etc. and via custom functions Cheers Olly
  8. Had a brief moment when looked at similar last year in 11 - didn't get far and wasn't important enough to pursue but just had quick go with v12 scatter chart as better suited. Also lot more UI options in graph help - see attached - not ideal not miles away. note: couldn't find way to turn off the graphing area border - doesn't seem to be a way? overlapping points bit of problem ( print on top of each other ) - might need some data massage if duplicate points data i.e amend y axis data a bit just for graphing so point shows on graph. Rgds Olly Matrix Chart.fmp12.zip
  9. Note: Matt Petrowsky has just released a couple of excellent videos explaining a lot of whats going on in the themes.
  10. I know a little CSS but I'm gonna step up the learning now. What I do know is not all the power available is editable through FM's UI. I'm sure it won't be long before we see some tools to help leverage that power. I regards your questions: - 'Blue Highlight': suspect via box-shadow property thats in many of the selectors (can currently only edit this in the CSS not via FM UI). You can get an idea of with how it works here http://css3generator.com - you can have inner (inset) and outer shadows with a ton of potential results, it seems usable with most objects (untested). Note: seems FM ignores 'text-shadow' property in initial tests (might have done it wrong?), they don't have that property in any native themes which seems to confirm that. 'Scroll Bar': It is in a few places in the theme, need to be sure you edit the relevant selector. It changed for me when i made 5pt all occurrences of that property in the css file. Note: seems FM might have some non theme specific icons for scroll arrows/ calendar (seems internal to app?) - couldn't work that one out in a quick dig around i just had. 'CSS in general' in FMs Themes: Not too sure how FM selectors work yet (need to get reading) but seems to be along the lines of Pseudo Elements and Pseudo Classes http://www.w3schools...o_elements.asp. However FM seems to doing fair bit of its own thing in the CSS which is understandable to replicate previous functions in the new webkit world. If anyone else has deeper understandings please do let us know.
  11. Just spotted your link to Google API above, Turns out can also get batch of stocks in one hit from Google API in JSON. (including from multiple exchanges) Example: http://finance.google.com/finance/info?client=ig&q=NASDAQ:GOOG,NASDAQ:YHOO,LSE:TSCO,TYO:6758 e.g. TYO:6758 = Sony as listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Needs prefix of each exchange & stock symbol to work - makes sense as TSCO symbol in UK is diff company form TSCO in US Imagine there's is a limit on free calls via Google API - not had a look through Google's Terms Seems to be a list of relevant Google exchange prefixes here. http://www.google.co...nce/disclaimer/ Cheers Olly
  12. Was looking at this myself tonight - first play had with FM12 - pretty cool! -- Used new 'Insert from URL' FM12 script step - see file attached note: for FM11 could use BaseElements plugin or Webviewer scrape -- Notes - quick google showed yahoo URL method using Yahoo's CSV results - Yahoo don't seem to offer a REST service - imagine due to licensing restrictions with exchanges - the chart is a standard yahoo api. Cheers Olly GetStockQuotes.fmp12.zip
  13. also this plugin can evaluate vars/calcs/lets in calc box on fly http://www.dracovent...y/developer.php
  14. http://www.truecrypt.org is cross platform / open source ( win / osx / linux ), slicker on PC eg. mount at login, mac bit more manual, mount-as-go but sure there are command line workarounds. I briefly tested with Dropbox while back, worked well only updated changed bits of encrypt disk ( like sparse disk ) - seemed to work fine across Mac/pc but no more than a quick test.
  15. Totally second that, not really an active engager but use frequently for reference. Feels way better now. Due another tip in the jar. Many thanks for all your efforts Stephen. While I'm at it thanks to all the posters (esp. Comment who i have a suspicion maybe 'The Architect' ) who spend so much time helping, documenting and posting here, it really is appreciated, you are doing wonders for the Filemaker community. Thanks Olly Groves
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