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  1. Hi all I am trying to create a function similar to Proper but the difference being if a space is followed by an apostrophe then a character, I do not wish the character to be changed to uppercase. I am trying to avoid recursion but everything I have tried has a 'knock-on effect' when the apostrophe is used in a different way. Any ideas? Thanks in advance Lee
  2. Hi all Wasn't too sure if I should've added this to my last post as they are vaguely connected. Anyway, I have added a cancel button to my layout that cancels a new record request. This effectively deletes the current record. I have also added a cancel button to my search layout which basically exits the current layout and switches to another. My issue is bypassing validation on clicking cancel. If I have a date field for example, that contains invalid search criteria, I would prefer it if validation does not take place so as the user does not have to change the field contents,
  3. Thanks for the tip. Will read up on that now Lee
  4. Sorry Comment You don't by any chance know how to do any of the following? (1) Change the tooltips - I have read the help page but I am not able to alter the tooltips as the option is ghosted in the inspector. I would prefer it if I didn't have the default Value:1, Value:2 etc. (2) Remove the border when selected - I have removed the border when not selected but on mouse click a black border appears. Lee
  5. Thanks Comment Works a dream. I should've investigated creating pie charts more thoroughly. X-series From help: As ever, your help is greatly appreciated. Lee
  6. Thanks Comment From help: I had been using Show/Hide to try and acheive this - oops. The pie chart now displays. Having trouble with my data set now. I'm using field Table::cRecordsFound as one value and calculation Table::cTotalActive - Table::cRecordsFound. Performing a data watch: Table::cRecordsFound = 1 Table::cTotalActive - Table::cRecordsFound = 2 Yet pie chart displays one series as 100% BTW the legend shows I am using two series. I expected 1/3 and 2/3 to be displayed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance Lee
  7. Hi all I am trying to replicate the native Filemaker status bar. Two reasons for this. My aunt who I'm developing the database for wants certain extras on the toolbar and I have used an archiving system that makes the found set and total record data inaccurate. I am having trouble with two things: (1) Disabling the small toggle status bar icon in the bottom left corner (2) Replicating the green found set pie chart I have tried creating a chart using my total live records calculation field and my total found calculation field. In value data I have specified the two
  8. Hi LaRetta Thanks for the test file. I have been asked if possible to validate field by field rather than on commit. I have used a technique quite similar. In my solution the user cannot exit certain layouts unless a submit or cancel button has been clicked. I ended up adding the mandatory field check within the script attached to the submit button and also OnObjectExit to warn the user if they are tabbing through. Lee
  9. Thanks Comment I have opted to use three triggers, OnObjectValidate, OnObjectExit and OnRecordCommit. OnObjectValidate - All validation apart from mandatory field validation OnObjectExit - Mandatory field validation when tab is used. OnRecordCommit - Any mandatory fields that have been skipped using mouse. Lee Edit: Sorry and thanks LaRetta just seen your post - will investigate
  10. Hi all I'm having a little trouble here trying to validate fields using the OnObjectValidate Script Trigger. All aspects of my validation script works well apart from my test if a field is empty. If a field has not been modified the OnObjectValidate does not trigger the script when tabbing out of the field. I have used on OnObjectExit Script Trigger to run a script that solely checks if the field is empty which solves the problem to an extent. The problem arises if the user never actually enters that field by using mouse rather than tab. I do not wish to use the native validat
  11. Hi Comment Digging up an old post here. I was wondering if there was any way of using a similar method to the example file in browse mode. I have tried, but the code never gets executed. I have been informed that error may not get thrown until the validation has taken place. An example would be to test for uniqueness of a field in browse mode. Set a field to validate unique values only. The following script attached to that field's OnObjectValidate script trigger enabled in browse mode. Set Error Capture [On] If [ Get (LastError) = 504 ] Show Custom Dial
  12. Hi all I have an issue where my layouts are starting to get sluggish on load and there is noticable flickering as scripts are executed. I'm unsure what element of my construction is causing this to happen. I am developing on the Windows platform. All my tables are joined to two TOCs of themselves. One an equality join which checks for uniqueness (which I could do without and use native validation) and one a cartesian cross product join which is used for my archive. I have four calculation fields in each table. cActive = not Archived Automatically create indexes when needed
  13. Thanks for the demo file Comment This approach allows me to achieve exactly what I require. I forgot all about using the False parameter on Exit Script. Lee
  14. My requirement is to only allow valid search criteria for a certain field type to be entered in Find mode, and to display a custom dialog if invalid search criteria has been used for that field type. Earlier in development I was asked to a display a custom dialog when validation fails on data entry. I was asked to do this to allow more options than the native 'OK' and 'Revert field' and also to display a more meaningful message in respect of which aspect the validation failed e.g separate message for out of range or invalid data for field type. I have scripted all my validation rather tha
  15. Thanks Comment Does exactly what I would like. As I am validating a field in find mode, what method would you suggest to allow operators? I don't mind coding this using substituting or pattern matching. Maybe you are aware of a native or custom function that already caters for this though? Thanks again Lee
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