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  1. I recently converted to using Office 2019 as a format for file import - previously I had used LibreOffice either as dif or Excel 95-2004 etc Now, however, when I import a file created in Office 2019 and try to import the records (say, 1000 records) FM thinks it is importing 65k records - I have resort to escaping during the import after a specified number which is hit or miss and then deleting the blank records. What's happened? Why is this an issue ?
  2. Thanks, TO? and... where does one find the cascading delete option - I never knew such a thing existed - surely not set by default?
  3. I have a large DB of over 400k records. I have a found set of records I want to delete - only 500 records. When I click 'delete' the db churns away for about 20 minutes and eventually deletes 40k records - that's to say all other records which match one field in the found set - this is a big problem. Is it a bug - what's going on?
  4. I have created a summary field which shows a number - say $434,567. I want the field to return $435 eg thousands of dollars. Not really clear how to do this... many thanks for any help.
  5. enquirerfm

    Useful pdf

    I have created a useful pdf report which summarises transactions by month. eg July 100,000$ August 200,000$ etc However, I want to be able to use this data in a spreadsheet but when I output the data to an excel file I get all of the transaction which make up the month's total. Is there a way to just get the summary totals in a spreadsheet?
  6. Thanks for your interest. here is the file in v12adv. All I want to know - is there a quick way to copy the contents of the fields which show in the portal. eg button to copy contents of R1F1, R1F2,R1F3 etc and then if I want R2F1, R2F2 etc (R=Row, F=field). PortalEx.fmp12 OK, thanks everyone - sorted.
  7. Please see the attached FM file (v8.5). Basically I am using this to try and adjust commissions payable. I want the portal to show the later entries which I import from a web download - both the file and portal sort so that the latest created records are either first or at the top. I am using a self-joined DB. I could just add the fields manually - not terribly onerous but would be nice to copy and paste using a button... Therefore the record created first, which has the earliest creation date is the main record for processing the adjustments since this would have been the record which created the original posting for commissions. The later records imported into the file provide the basis for adjustments. Sorry if this isn't clear. I have set up the example with 3 records. The first created record is the base record from which the original account postings are made. The other 2 records provide the adjustments. In the real world these are likely to be weeks apart. I have completed the entry for the second adjustment. The portal needs to show the adjusted totals with the latest at the top - obviously the first record (base record) doesn't show in the portal for the base record which is good. PortalEx.zip
  8. I have set up a portal which correctly shows the records I need. I want to be able to select the data from one of the fields - say there are 5 fields across one row of the portal and there are 5 rows of data showing. Is it possible to create a script which I can assign to a button which would copy the data in field 3 row 2, say? Thank you.
  9. So... I fixed this (my way) by writing the variable to a global field and picking this up for the calculation.
  10. Thank you very much for the file. I have implemented it and it seems to work fine for a selection where there are only 2 formats, but when one introduces more eg ad in a 3l and 5l the calculations don't work. In fact the first calculation, the base price is wrong... then it follows all the others are too but I'm not sure if that is the whole story because without checking it with a correct base price I can't see how the other figures are calculated. I am attaching the spreadsheets so you can see how the DB calculates the figures and the actual figures it should have calculated. Thank you again for taking the time - much appreciated.
  11. Thanks for your help. So, I created 2 new fields - let me use my naming - p_sAverageCost and p_denominator p_sAverageCost is a Summary field calculating the average of the cost field I am trying to find (it does this fine) I have set p_denominator as a Calculation field with the formula: (GetSummary ( p_sAverageCost ; Bottle size ) - $$p_denominator ) / $$p_denominator (I have ticked box saying Do not store the result and it is not stored in the global field either) I have created a report with a script: GotoLayout (that I want) Sort (to give the correct base wine price based on std bottle sizes) Set Variable - $$p_denominator | Value: GetSummary (p_sAverageCost;Bottle size) Enter Preview Mode However, the report outputs the sub-totals fine for each format but the formula and $$p_denominator fields are zero. Any idea where I went wrong?
  12. So.. if you look at the values of 1.5l they are higher than the 75cl because they are twice the size eg dividing by 2 : date4 1.5l $43 converted size 75cl = $21.5 per 75cl date5 1.5l $45 " = $22.5 per 75cl date6 1.5l $48 " = $24 per 75cl and: av of 75cl prices = $16.67 av of 1.5cl prices = $22.67 'PREMIUM' = (22.67-16.67)/16.67 = 40% I created a table which had summary values for those that I found but can't figure out how to create the denominator.
  13. I'd thought I'd solved this but looking at the background data it's not calculating properly. Any ideas much appreciated. I have a file with a date, bottle format, total cost and converted cost for larger formats (so, for example, 75cl might cost $20 but 1.5l costs $45. The converted cost of the 1.5l is $22.5). Assuming one beverage and just one bottle of each, I want to output a report which looks at the costs and converted costs over a specified period (eg 1/1/2016...12/31/2016) and outputs a 'premium' for, say, the 1.5l bottle. In this example, let's say I have 6 records: date1 75cl $19 date2 75cl $19.5 date3 75cl $20 date4 1.5l $43 date5 1.5l $45 date6 1.5l $48 Then searching between date1...date6 would give etc. However, it is not working out the totals correctly eg it is not calculating the premium properly for the 1.5l format - it appears to group all of the values together.
  14. I'm having trouble importing a file which has the odd double quotation mark dotted around the xls file. eg T-shirt, "logo" (M). The quotation mark messes up the import and I've tried using Substitute (field;["\"";""];["( ";"("];[") ";")"];[" ";" "];[" ";" "];[".";""];[",";""];["-";" "];[".";" "] etc) but it deletes everything between the quotation marks - I just want the marks removed. Obviously, I can do find/replace in the spreadsheet but I would like to do this on import and in case I forget. I have looked around at this without much luck. Also, worth noting that I have another field in the spreadsheet which has lots of quotations because the contents are made up of a formula eg =a2&" | "&c2 &" | " &d2 etc Maybe it's not possible?
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