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  1. Hi, I am a newbie to php. I am having an issue with setLogicalOperator. I have the following scenario in FileMaker. I need to fetch all the records for which cDailySheetRecords =1. The value of this calculation field is set based on logic, If( (Upper(Left(Accession; 1)) & Final = "SN" ) or (cExpireFromDailySheet ≥ Get(CurrentDate)); 1; 0) --- (note: & is concatenation operator) where, cExpireFromDailySheet = VMIS_ReleaseDate + 5. This will fetch the below 20 records in FileMaker. It will fetch the records if any one of the above conditions are true. ---------
  2. Yeah, I googled that error message and found that the compiled version for JAR files is newer than the Java Run time environment on one my macs. I was testing on two clients, one has OSX (ver 10.6) and other OSX (ver 10.5). I was getting the error on 10.5 but 10.6 was going fine. I updated the older to 10.6 and it went through fine. Thanks for your reply. -venkat vallala
  3. Hi, As you said, I created a separate Table with only one record that hods the JAR file. But with that I am only able to connect from one client. I am getting error in load driver step when I try to connect from other clients. I used the jdbclasterror which has the following text in it: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in.class file The following is the 360 plugin log file dump: Dec 1, 2010 3:34:26 PM com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge doFunction INFO: === doFunction jdbcLastError called on thread: AWT-AppKit=== Dec 1, 2010 3:34:54 PM com.prosc
  4. Hi all, I am using JDBC driver sqljdbc4.jar in Filemaker 9 and connecting to SQL Server database using 360 Works Plug-in. I want to know if the following are correct: jdbcLoadDriver( "[color:yellow][color:brown]com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver" ; "file:///Users/admin/Desktop/JDBC/sqljdbc4.jar" ) jdbcOpenDatabase( "jdbc:sqlserver://16x.xx.xx.xxx:1433;databasename=training;user=zzz_yyyy;password=xxxxxxx" ) Is the class path mentioned above is correct or the one below: [color:yellow][color:brown]com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver
  5. Hi All, I am trying to connect to MS SQL server from FM-9 using 360 works plug-in. I am using MS sqljdbc4.jar in a global container field. I tested the connection from my mac and it got connected, but when I put it on server the driver does not get loaded from all the clients. I am thinking it is related to behavior of globals on the server. I followed the following to procedure: 1) Un-served the FM files. 2) Copied to my mac. 3) Created the global field and inserted the sqljdbc4.jar file. 4) Copied back on to the server and served the files. Is
  6. Thanks for your detailed explanation. I will try to connect to SQL server as you said and will update the post. -Pradeep V
  7. In the last step you mentioned, it should be like this ?? Set Variable [$open;jdbcOpenDatabase("jdbc:mysql://db.example.com/invoices [color:red]?encrypt=true")] -Venkat
  8. Thanks David for your reply. I have a question. Since I got 360 JDBC Plugin , I have plugin functions available in FM 9 Adv. The below is the sample code given in 360 Documentation for connecting to a DB. jdbcRegister("YOURLICENSEKEY123" ; "Company Name") and jdbcLoadDriver("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" ; "file:///Library/Java/Extensions/mysql-connector-java-3.0.11-stable-bin.jar") and [color:red]jdbcOpenDatabase("jdbc:mysql://db.example.com/invoices") So I just need to change [color:orange]"jdbc:mysql://db.example.com/invoices" in the above to something like [color:red]"jd
  9. Hi, I am are trying to push data from File-Maker Pro 9 (On a Mac-OS X) to Microsoft SQL Server 2008. I want to encrypt this. I want to enable SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for the connection. I have ZERO knowledge of Java, JDBC drivers, and Plugins, so I may be asking some things wrongly. Pls excuse me for that. I bought 360 Works Plugin (http://www.360works.com/plugins/JDBCPLUG/documentation.html#jdbcOpenDatabase) and Microsoft JDBC drivers (sqljdbc4.jar). By default in the JDBC driver the encryption is set as False. In the Microsoft-JDBC driver documentation, they mentione
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